Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mittens, if you think Bret Baier was bad...

So the candidate from Central Casting was asked some hard-ish questions by Bret Bair on Fox News the other night, and he didn't like it.

Mitt Romney's cantankerous side emerged again last night during a Fox News interview during which Bret Baier pushed the presidential candidate on his several position changes over the years. What made Romney's frustration last night different from its past occurrences was that this time it happened in the comfy conservative confines of Fox News instead of on the debate floor.

So, did you happen to see what the MSM did to their favorite RINO during the last election- the 'maverick' John McCain?
If you can't even handle some semi-tough questions without getting pissed, how are you going to handle the hate-filled slanted questions coming from the sycophant of the 0bama media?
They haven't gotten close to being hard on you, because they want YOU to be the one running against their Chicago Jeezus- because they know you'd lose.

Because it's not worth it's own post.
Mitt Romneycare isn't even man enough to attack Newt.
He has to have a fellow Yankee RINO do the dirty work so he doesn't muss his hair- or something.
Yeah, show us more of that inner Mitt:

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