Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So, the Republican establishment candidate

Refuses- again to call 0bama a Socialist.

Last night on O'Reilly, he refused to call him one- again.
Just like he refused on Hannitiy's show.

Where have we heard this before?
Oh, yeah- just like the LAST Republican LOSER to Obama.

I guess we can hope that at least the next Republican loser won't be calling him 'my frieeeend.'

But hey, at least candidate Good-hair can sik his lackeys on Newt.
Right Ann?
Right Chris?


  1. Yes, he is not a Socialist, he is in fact a Marxist, although Socialism invariably turns into Communism as Bastiat avowed.

  2. I don't see what purpose it serves to call him a Socialist. Everyone knows he is one, if Romney says it, it'll just turn into yet another "Those mean spirited Republicans" stories in the media. Instead, just keep talking about his record.

  3. But Mitt isn't man enough to do that either.

    He's probably not man enough to stand up under the MSm scrutiny and badmouthing he'll get when/if he becomes the nominee.
    Just look at how he was crying about those 'not' softball questions he got from Cavuto.

    AND look at how the media isn't going after him. Who do you think they want opposing their Lightbringer?

  4. There's no sense in getting into the gutter by hurling epithets such as "socialist." It just invites retaliation by having our guys called "fascist," then you really get down in the mud with "communist" and "Nazi." If you're going to allow that you might as well have them in a genuine, literal mudhole heaving dirt at each other. While that may be entertaining to cretins, it's not how adults are supposed to behave. You'll never have good candidates for office if the main requirement is the ability to wallow in the mud.

  5. Jesus Christ could run as a Republican and the Democrats and their MSM allies would twist his words to say whatever hateful things they wanted.

    McCain tried to play nice and look where we are now.\...AND what his 'friends' in the MSM did to him- remember he was the 'Maverick' they so admired.

  6. Newt has the right angle/strategy on this. It's nothing but MSM shit-stirring, trying to foment hatred and discontent among the Republican rivals. Instead of falling for it, the MSM needs to be challenged on it.