Monday, December 12, 2011

Before we go any farther

Who can identify this flag?

Does it bring any visceral reactions up?

I'm asking because people are having a hissy fit about another flag that they say represents all that's bad in old America.

That one flag represents slavery and should be banned- because they don't like it.
That would be this one:

But others say it represents history and shouldn't be censored.

But if you're going to ban the second one, then you should also ban this one- because it, too flew over a growing country who supported slavery even after the civil war.
Longer than the two dozens of flags that flew over the Confederacy.


  1. There were dozens and dozens of Confederate flags, and I am very proud of my dozens of ancestors who fought under them. And I will fight to keep that heritage alive. sad that so many are ignorant about the war, and its causes.
    Thanks for posting this

  2. You might enjoy this if you haven't seen it.

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