Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Just out of curiosity

Does anyone have and use OnStar?

I've been wondering for a while- why would anyone pay for that? If you listen to the radio commercials and their fake scripts. It makes me wonder if those operators really sound all warbely and distorted, like they're bouncing off seven satellites to get to the PD across town.

OS: "HellO PD tHIs iS ONstAR CaLLinG AbouT a SevEn yeAr olD kiD WhO sAys hiS Mom Is fREaking hIm oUT By drIVing sO CApPiLLy."

Officer Obie: Hello, son- I understand that you mom is a hazard right now.

Billy:" YEs oFFiCER obIE, Her eYEs arE gLAssy and SHe keEPs tRYinG tO SWalLOw hEr tONGue!
I'M oNLy SEVeN YeARs OLd!"

Officer Obie: "Is she a Diabetic? Or is she some kind of drug addled maniac?"

Officer Obie:" OK, Billy -we'll have someone ther in a jiffy."

Billy:"YaY! tHE poLICe arE HeRE!"
OnStar:" THanK yoU OfFIcer oBIe for PuTTinG up wITh my CrAPpy lANDlINe so We CAn shOW oFf hoW We SuCk as A SerVIce ProvIDer."

Doesn't seven year old Billy who programs everything electronic at home know how to call 911?
And why would you pay to get OnStar installed so the .GOV can track you wherever you go....and volunteer to pay them for the privilege?

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