Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So the Establishment guy won in Fla.

I'm really not surprised because of the massive firebombing of Newt and the fact that few bloggers have mentioned the fact that FLA is full of Yankee snowbirds.

So it's not like Mitt winning Kentucky or Texas, it's like the East coasts southern bedroom where all the Mittens voters will be home in time to vote for Mitt again in their home state's primaries.
Or just have an absentee ballot mailed down to them.

Thr Green President

The one that up in my header right now admiring the Volt. The one who wants you to pay on the plus side of $5/gal for gas was at the DeeCee auto show today where he was admiring all the fuel efficient eco-skates available to the non-buying public.

He then came across some makes from the one company he couldn't buy off.

When informed that it was a Carol Shelby Mustang he's reported to have said "I am really glad you told me that! Imagine a girl designing a car like that. We've come a long way, baby."




No he didn't really- that was Joe Biden....

Well, if Romney wants to play hardball

We can return the favor to all his supporters.

Kevin Dujan over at Hillbuzz has a nice payback in mind and to be effective it needs all of your support.

I’d like you to consider doing something novel in conservative politics:  let’s hold everyone who’s pushing Willard Mittens Romneycare toward the Republican nomination responsible for what happens on November 6th, 2012.

None of the people doing this should work on political campaigns ever again if, as expected, Romneycare goes on to defeat in November.
If any of these people are elected officials — such as Nikki Haley and Kelly Ayotte — they need to be primaried the next time they are up for election.
The people pushing Romneycare as the “nominee in all but name only” and “the primaries must end with Florida!” talking points who work in TV and print media need to be removed from the air.
Large donors who funded Romneycare’s primarily campaign should feel the wrath of a public disgusted with the GOP running another loser in the fashion of Bob Dole and John McCain in an election year when he was the absolute worst candidate to put up against the manufactured zeitgeist the Democrats had prepped to secure Obama’s re-election.
My thinking is this:  should Romneycare actually win the nomination and the general election, all of the people who’ve pushed for him so aggressively during the primaries will be handsomely rewarded in his theoretical administration. Haley and Ayotte are under the delusion they may even be considered for VP (when Romneycare already signals he wants Pawlenty…or if forced otherwise, will accept Marco Rubio).  Others in the Cocktail Party GOP establishment have bellied up to push for Romneycare in hopes of landing everything from Cabinet slots to ambassadorships.
If these people get to reap the rewards if Romneycare wins…then why they heck aren’t they held accountable when soggy cucumber-and-mayo candidates like Romneycare, McCain, and Dole LOSE?
Go over and read the rest.

You want scorched earth Mittens, you and your fellow RINOs need to enjoy it just as much as we are now.

Well said Kevin- it's about time WE peons did something to show our disapproval to the Establishment  Republicans...the Ruling Class.

On this day in 1865

Over the unanimous opposition of House Democrats, a Republican controlled Congress passed the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery.

Almost 100 years later Republicans finally pushed through (over the almost unanimous opposition from Democrats) the Civil Rights Act to protect blacks from racial discrimination and the Voting Rights Act which did away with the Democrats Literacy tests and Poll Taxes.

In November 2008, blacks voted themselves right back onto the plantation.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Awwww.......pooor little Liberal

We just can't understand that real life actually has consequences.

But hey Oakland Mayor Jean Quan- go ahead and try to find the leaders of #OWS.
I'm sure they'll talk to the thugs in the #OWS-Oakland branch and tell them to go against their nature.

Quan plans to ask leaders of the national Occupy movement to convince their Oakland cohorts to shun violence during their protests over economic inequality, officials said Monday.
"This splinter group inside Occupy Oakland - the ones who advocate violence - are not in sync with the rest of the movement," said Sue Piper, Quan's spokeswoman. "People who have been involved with the national movement - and a lot of people who live in Oakland - are really fed up with this splinter group. This is not what Occupy is supposed to be about."

Well Sue Piper,I really hate to break it to you but this is what the #OWS movement was all about. Your President told them to do it in some of his speeches to the masses.
If you don't believe me, just listen to their money man Gorge Soros.

But we don't want to hear that, do we? So lets all join hands with the people who want total anarchy and sing "We shall overcome."

The thing that makes satire funny (if you understnd the concept)

Is that it's based on truth. As is most humor.

So that is why I'm bringing this to the front now:
...And wondering, in the aftermath of the Florida fiasco of 2000- WHY there is no paper trails in a lot of states(besides Texas where our paper ballots are fed into a scanner...to be promptly lost)

...AND just for those of the Lamestream Media who might wander over here on a tip-
The Onion is a satire site, not as you've reported before a legitimate news aggregater.
...Not that you'd really want this news out anyway- unless your Boy King loses in November...

I remember her!

Way back when Dr. Who was on PBS- or something, along with Monty Python.


You may now go back to your blog-surfing.

I sure hope the establishment Republicans

go after 0bama as hard as they're going after Newt.

But then again, with the backing of the last two LOSERS to a Democrat- the only scorched earth policy will be to a real (ok more conservative-ish) conservative candidate and they'll put the suede gloves back on when it comes to the Smartest Negro in the World.

...Because we want the MSM to like us, you know. Can't treat the enemy like we did newt.

She's really doing it *for* the little people

Because somehow with the logic of the Left- dropping some $50K in NYC is helping the 99% of wage slaves, or something...especially if it's the Queen of mean.

Ooops, lets make that two Queens-
The First Lady is better known for shopping at more modestly priced High Street brands. *SPEW*...What???? Really, when?

But along with the the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, she closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend time in the luxury lingerie shop. 

Umm, yeah- can you imaging this in a Teddy?

"The glamour of the AP brand is really powerful – it has a luxurious quality, that means people have a sense of walking away with a special purchase even when they are buying a pair of knickers,” says Mr Hogarth.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yet one more reason I will never vote for Willard Romney

Not only is he rounding up hit men (and females) to go after Newt in person and through a news site that used to be conservative -but fair. Sorry Matt Drudge, no more links from me, but I'm sure all that Romney/GOP Establishment money will make up for it.

Now Mittens is not only going for the win, he's going after Newt with lies, innuendos and everything the Left makes a habit of using against us. Hell I bet we'll see the MSM joining in and bringing their own buckets of tar without being asked.

F*ck you Mittens if you're on my ballot in November- The highest my arrow is going to be is Ted Cruz, then on to vote against every DEm with a challenger.

Because we've had enough working across the aisle-
Look how well that worked for your buddy John -I'm a Maverick- McCain or the other winner on your team Bob Dole.

Are you Establishment Republicans sure you want to do that?

According to sources in Fla. Romneys spokesflack, Florida Representative Will Weatherford is pushing a redistricting map that will force Col. Allen West out of his Congressional seat.
And since Col. West will be at loose ends, someone with a real conservative outlook would be smart to have him as a running mate.

But we don't call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing, do we?
I think I can safely say that I'll vote for whoever is smart enough to get Allen West on their train- since it won't be the Mittens ticket....

I'm looking at this fiberglass bodycast

Actually it's a kind of NSFW if your boss is a dooshnozzle-

It's a fiberglass girdle molded from some French singers naked TaTas.
I was looking and it looks like it would really be uncomfortable around the edges.

Because anyone who's worked with fiberglass knows how rough that transition area is.
I wonder what kind of chaffing rash she had at the end of the night?

Even the DokTOR can't get away from windows

I mean srsly?
Bill Gates has an outpost on Gallifrey?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is anyone else having blogger trouble?

This time with the blogger blogroll?
I try to add blogs, but after hitting save, it sits there and spins it's wheels- with no result.

It happens in F/F 9 and in Explorer.
I still can't see comments in F/F 9-

Guess with all this 'enhancement' for our 'benefit' that Google is doing, something unexpected is happening.
...Like it is always unexpected when Liberals start tweaking shit.

I guess I'll be needing to look for a new blogging platform...except for W/P who censors you because a bunch of islamatards don't like what you say about them.

Ladies? A word please....

You know how some of you go to enhance yourselves to make you feel better about your looks, or to please that certain someone?

Just a bit of advice that no matter how much you try, there is no stopping time and the change age brings.

I just wanted to let you know that some times it's time to try undoing those enhancements for the betterment of humanity.

I don't know what language this would be said in, but

Hey y'all- watch this!

Yep, that's almost three minutes you won't get back.

For your Saturday morning listening

Drive nice-

Yep, that's who I thought it was

A quick view of a lower Englanders life in the early century.
As a boy learning the ropes in Englands maritime trade- and the usual daily tasks (that would be called hardships today).

How long did it take 1till you knew who he was?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Excuse me, but didn't anyone pick up the obvious RACISM?

Because we have two rich Republicans and one black Democrat in a story that involves a privat RICH club called the Alfalfa Club...

It's a good thing - with the chocolate Jeezus -they didn't call it the Buckwheat club...

Not that I really need to know what two "Compassionate Conservatives" are doing at the "Bash Bush" White House, anyway. probably helping him stop any "real" conservative from getting that high up.

A quick driving PSA

for anyone who might be around bridges that have BIG ships or barge traffic.

I know you just can't 'stop', but if you can- look at the waterway you're crossing and see if anything down there looks like it might ...make your day interesting.

Because you should be able to tell if the ship looks maybe too tall for the bridge, or maybe too close to the supports for comfort.

You could pull over and whip out your cell-cam for an instant million hit You-tube video of something massive hitting something immovable.

Just for perspective

A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?" "No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied.
"Will you use it to go fishing instead of buying food?" the man asked. "No, I don't waste time fishing," the homeless man said. "I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive."
"Will you spend this on hunting stuff instead of food?" the man asked. "Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't hunted in 20 years!"

"Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a shower and a terrific dinner cooked by my wife."

The homeless man was astounded. "Won't your wife be furious with you for doing that? The man replied, "That's okay. It's important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up drinking, fishing and hunting ."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'd like to ask Ann Coulter a favor

And that would be to just StFU on Newt.
Ok, we get it- for whatever reason you sold out to the Romney train.

Maybe it was to get your fellow Yankee Chris Christi as the other Yankee on the N.E. Atlantic coast "Moderate" ticket- but it's not playing well in Texas, or for certain gays in Chi-town.

You know, don't you Ann- that Americans are a stubborn breed. Most independent Americans  like to think for themselves and find hate-filled and demonstratively false accusations a reason to vote FOR the one being unfairly attacked---
Just like YOU and Drudge (who I wonder got paid what to) demonize Newt, and bury any reasonable answers except that he's Da Debbil!!!one!!!

Just to let you know Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge- I will NEVER (and you are re-enforcing my resolve) vote for Willard Romney.

I forgot the obligatory Romney signature picture:

Have we had enought of the ever more intrusive Google spying?

You did know that huge Liberal machine was tracking you didn't you?

You do know that unless you turned off your web search history, that it has EVERY site you've been to since you first opened that GOOGLE search engine- right?

And now everyone is surprised that the huge LIBERAL entity known as Google has been tracking you and using what it knows about you for *koff* advertising enhancements.
-Until the 0bama administration wants to know your surfing habits...

But here's a handy article to try taking control of some of the information that's stored on there ever increasinly huge memory banks in your name.

Or you could just go cold turkey and delete (maybe) your history on Google and close accounts if you want to go all back-to-nature and have to hunt and gather your information all by yourself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It looks like a different browser on the horizon

Blogger still can't play nice with the mothership.
I think I noticed it a little over a week ago when Google started tracking even more of your internet experience, and it's getting worse.

I was just over at Motzarts place, trying to view a comment I made, but got the Google white screen of  nothingness.
I tried by signing out, but nada.
I copied the URL and opened Explorer and went right in.

So, is my FF 3.(whatever) at fault, or every FF user?

Bring it on Nancy, you lying Communist biatch

You, the leader of a party that gave a standing "O" to Barney Frank(D- mASS) for his boyfriend running a gay prostitution ring out of his house?
The leader of the party who last year had to censure Rangel (D- NY) over tax fraud?
The leader of the party who was directly responsible for the housing collapse?

YOU have something on Newt Gingrich that no one else has?

Bring it on you delusional skank!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to make a cat run over a dog

First you need 1+ cats and a sleeping dog.
Or a dog that's eating and not paying attention, and most important- one of these.

You need to get the cat(s) wound up and running from one end of the kitchen into the living room and around the corner at full speed.
Then, when they're concentration on the dot, veer off and over the dog.

Tonight is the big SoTU speech

It should really be called the STFU speech.

Is anyone going to actually watch this nationally televised FREE campaign speech?
How many of you are going to be playing drinking games with it?

Even though we're more religious than Libs

Surprisingly we don't believe in electing a Messiah from Chicago, unlike the godless atheists on the Liberal side of things. How's your Unicorn Rider working out for you guys?

Some Republicans believe that we can get a Hero to decide -at this late date- to join the wannabees in the primaries. So that this unknown hero can be brash like Newt, business savvy like Mittens, conservative like Santorum and Constitutional like Paul.

It's not going to happen. So quit wishing for Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio or Col. West to jump in.
What we have is what we have.
Lets learn to live with it.
Any one of them would be better than what we have right now, and the MSM will hate our nominee just as badly as the rest and dig for the dirt that they didn't on their Chicago Jeezus.

I don't know if I'll even bother voting in our primary because it'll be in either May or June.
Thanks to the politics of race driving the Federal judges in their redistricting clusterf*ck.
Because if it's in June- the candidate will have been elected and it'll be someone I can vote for or someone I'll not vote for in November.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Some people say tennis is boring

Because most of the time you're watching a yellow ball go back and forth.
But then again there are really good plays that make you want to see more.
But then you go back to watching the same boring thing.

Fritos corn chips

Did you know that cats like them?

I'm sitting here blogsurfing and using the dippers as my salsa delivery system and being stared at by the littlest dog.
Then I had to give her one.

And the real dogs wanted some too.

This is the littlest dog in "her" room-

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I keep reading about how Newt can't win

Because all the 'smart' people living in either DeeCee or "Da City" say Newt is unelectable because he turns people off with his combative style.
That independents will run to president Everyman because newt is too scary...or something.
Right S.E. Cupp? Right Ann Coulter? Right Jennifer Ruben?

I'm not a Newt voter- yet. I still have another guy to look at and decide -if I have a choice once we have a primary here in Texas.

But, one thing for sure; I and a lot of other Americans love the fact that Newt is taking the fight back to the Liberals trying to force our election ...AGAIN.

Which reminded me of this speech that's now unfortunately wrong (in some places), but still has what's left of American spirit:

And here is the unedited original.

I have also heard Newt being compared favorably to Churchill. I don't know if I'd want to go that far, but I'd much rather have a fighter with baggage than a weather vane with the 'right' connections to the establishment.

"I say, Randolph- have you seen the Orange Juice Futures today?"

No Mortimer, but I am assured that we will make a killing once our DEA and 0bamas EPA kill the Brazilian imports.

Yes, Randolph-we know this administration will not allow any possible contaminates into the public consumption- like Bush did when we tried to corner the arsenic sequestration of drinking water.
 Remember when he forced them to put arsenic back into drinking water?

You now Chris Christi,

The only people who think Newt is an embarrassment to the GOP is RINOs like yourself.

So go and keep attacking the one guy who's actually taking the fight to the people who are completely against any Republican- even an east coast 'moderate' like your buddy Mittens.

And, Chris- What you call "reserved" we in flyover country cal elitist...
While Christie has pointed to Romney’s difficulties in connecting with people before, he said Sunday it’s due to Romney being a “reserved guy.” 

Brigid? Sam?

Could you relay to EJ that blogs don't write themselves.

Good morning

Enjoy something semi-religious:

FWiW- Margaret Cho (the semi-funny comedienne) doesn't like Gwens grils.She says reinforces a stereotype of Asian women.
Like what Marge? That they're hot..with several glaring exceptions...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So, #OWS had a protest in DeeCee the other day

They were chanting the usual drivel, including "this is what a police state looks like." (@ about :19 in)

No you f*cking inbrede morons-
THIS is what a police state looks like.

And those are YOUR buddies that YOU want to act like if YOU could take over. (the ones shooting, not the protestes- they would be the Tea Partiers.)

Darth Canis?

A question for PETArds out there

Is this animal cruelty?

Dog vs. Leaves - Watch More Funny Videos

Stolen from IoTW -who has lots of good stuff to steal.

2000 words

I found on FB this morning.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's the conflict between Google and Blogger now?

It seems that lately, no matter where I'm coming from- my bookmarks or a link to a specific posting in Blogger, I get half a second of that page, then Google sends me to a complete white screen and the bottom says DONE!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember back when "W" was creating jobs back in the early 2000's?

This was after the 9-11 attacks that shut down the airline industry and everything associated with them- including tourism.
The Left and their Lamestream Media co-conspirators sniggered about it being only McJobs and not 'really' worth counting as *real* jobs.


But now, we have President Hopey-Changie in DISNEY LAND shutting down Mainstreet America so he could get a photo-op with Cinderellas castle as a backdrop.

He's touting tourism jobs.
Because those minimum wage jobs will be better for America than 20,000 oil patch jobs.

AND what I haven't heard anywhere....the TAX REVENUE from that oil as soon as it crosses the border.

It's like I can read their minds

I put up a post a little over a week ago asking when an occasional thing becomes a pattern.

And now that random thing we never heard of before Iran started rattling its scimitar in the Straights of Hormuz just happened again.
Isn't it amazing that all these Iranian sailors never needed our help until someones 'smart diplomacy' kicked in and we're getting exactly what weakness brings in the mid-east?

Is it a pattern yet, or am I going to be posting next week about us rescuing another Iranian?

So, Warren Buffet gave $49K to the Treasury to pay down the debt

Because he's challenging Republican Congressmen and he'll match it- I guess.

Does he know it would be useless to challenge the Democrats to do the same?

Well good for you Warren, If you *REALLY* want to help- maybe you should tell your company Berkshire Hathaway to pay that almost $1 Billion in back taxes it owes.
Of course now that you made the $49K donation to the deficit, I'm sure your fellow tax cheat Tim Gethner will call of his T-men and let it slide away just like his tax bill.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The same Federal agency who hasn't stopped a single terrorist yet

In the ten years they've been steadily increasing their intrusive behaviour on private citizens.
Just let another weapon get on board a flight in DFW.

But that's ok, we found it before granny could hijack the plane, and now she's under arrest.
...AFTER she boarded and they were in the taxi line.

This in addition to the same bungling bureaucracy that let Scott Atwater get on a plane in Tenn.  and fly with two blocks of C-4 into Midland, TX.

But hey- it's cool, we found it before anything bad happened.
...So our record is still 0-0and0, right?

I'm really surprised that it's taken this long

I heard about Microsofts new 'Avoid the Ghetto' app about three or so months ago.

Only now are the usual suspects starting to make noise about it.
The as-of-yet unnamed product is being referred to as the “Avoid The Ghetto” app by those who are concerned with where it will guide users.
“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.
Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there, but fears the app may project otherwise.
“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

Of course YOU felt safe there Juanita-
  • It was MLK Day
  • it was daylight
  • there was probably a huge police presence
  • they know you
  • they wre in a happy mood
How do you think Dr. King would feel if the first thing you thought about when you were talking about the ghetto was a street named after him?

You know guys, it's not a stereotype if it's true-MK?

Got nothing

Everything is the same as always.

Republicans are going to put the only one who can lose to King Putt out as their nominee.

The MSM are covering for the Chicago Jeezus.

Europeans are showing that they're just as mature as a 13 year-old girl in a crisis.

Democrats want to tell you what to do in your bedroom.

More junk science forcing legislation on those who didn't make the laws.

FoxNews is still making me turn off WOAI at the top of every hour because they can't get enough soundbites of president white-guilt.

Monday, January 16, 2012

So here I am rubbing Stompy-the-cat's chin

(She's the wife's new cat that I had NO say in allowing- whatsoever)A smooched-face ferrite-like thing who would be a dachshund if she were a dog.

Anyway, she let me scratch her chin when the littlest dog* started rubbing my other hand and purring because SHE is the one that adopted me.

*The littlest dog is some kind of tail-less black cat that chases balls, begs and licks plates clean...

...AND fearlessly checks out plates being cleaned by the reals dogs in spite of the growls.

My dad had a favorite quote when it came to odd things

"Follow the money." And when you do, you'll know *why* they did what they did.

Which is probably the reason the TSA is letting you airline travelers and their own employees get hit with over the limit gamma rays at their scanners.
They're not even letting the operators wear dosimeters because they know there criminally badly designed machines would put them over within a couple days.

So who made the descision and what kind of connections do they have to the makers?
Who got the money?

I don't know a lot about cruise ships

But I do know that they have to have some compartmentalization.

Right? Most modern ships -especially those designed for passengers almost have to have safety at the top of their list.
-If not because they're concerned about passengers good health, but at least so they don't lose the company to lawsuits.
So, what I'm wondering is why the Capt. didn't counterflood to keep the ship upright so as to be able to launch his life boats?

Well, that's good...I guess

At least I won't have to try to not intentionally leave off Gov. Asterisk anymore.

Because according to the sycophantic NYT- Gov. * "struggled to live up to the soaring expectations of his candidacy,"- nooo they seriously said that.

The decision from Mr. Huntsman came on the same day that he received the endorsement from The State, the newspaper in the capital of Columbia.
Columbia? Is that one of the extra 7 states his boss thinks we have in America?

Yeah,,,whatever there Jon- and I'm sure Mitt will appreciate the 0bama supporters you give him in your endorsement to be the next establishment Republican to LOSE to the Democrat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I see Gods other son went to church today

For the third time this year.

He took an 11 minute motorcade ride to an #OWS-DC supporting church so us bitter clingers could see him talking to dad.

The third time this year,,,that makes six times in three years now?

I admit it, I'm shallow

I know I should look at the person behind the appearance.

But I guess that's one reason I can't see getting behind Rick Santorum right now.
I'm still up in the air, except for refusing to vote for the "President from Central Casting" and one other.

A sweater vest as his trademark? I'm not the only one who feels that way, either.

Besides, remember who else was noted for wearing a sweater?

Yeah, HIM!

It's poll time again!

Which western could you watch more than twice in a day?
High Planes Drifter Open Range
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly On a Pale Horse
3:10 to Yuma
Trinity is still my name
Lonesome Dove   
pollcode.com free polls 

In our last poll I asked if you changed your vote after the last go-round. The answers were about what I expected- including the Paul-bots hitting him every time they could vote.
So the results were Still waiting the clear winner of the votes that mattered at 14 votes and 39%.
NO at 7 votes and 19% and yes at 2 and 6%.

As usual, you can still vote, but it won't count.

I know human faces are hard to draw

But- daym guy are you blind or just ...stupid?

And you actually PAID for that?


More money sinks here.


This is a $220 tat that I kind of regret having the blue done on, but he was the expert...

What do you think?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liberals and unintended consequences

I know, conservatives have them too, but not as unexpected and as often as Liberals.
Because Liberals usually don't give a thought after they have some brilliant idea to "better" someones life.

It's the feeling they get from "helping" someone rather than the results they suffer.

Because a Liberal will almost always make someones life worse after the good-feelings law takes effect.

Like the TeeWee show "Extreme Makeover" on HGTV (I think) who helps the downtrodden by rebuilding their hovels into McMansions.

I always wondered just how someone who was struggling to make it before they  had a brand new and bigger house would handle the extra utility costs, property taxes and maintenance.

Well now we know- they can't.

The producers, touched by her selfless plea, hatched a bigger plan. In addition to renovating the cancer ward, they would tear down the 1,800-square-foot house (with its leaky roof and problem plumbing) that Kassandra's family was renting and rebuild a dream home.
The project generated enormous interest in the Valley. Nearly 4,000 people stood outside the home on a cold and rainy February day to watch the unveiling. The episode aired on March 13, 2005, with the stunned Okvath family reacting with smiles and tears of joy.
And the home's owner, who had okayed the renovation, had signed the property over to the Okvaths, giving the family full ownership.
It seemed like exactly the type of happy ending the show was famous for, but after the cameras left, reality intruded.
Utility bills skyrocketed, reaching $1,200 during the summer months; property taxes increased from $1,625 in 2005 to more than $4,100 in 2006.
Bryan, who was unemployed when the show was filmed, worked sporadically as a truck driver and fire fighter, but none of the jobs paid particularly well. Strapped, the couple used the house as collateral for a $405,000 loan in 2006, but payments on the adjustable-rate mortgage soon became unmanageable.

Am I the only one who'll say why Obama wants with his consolidation?

...Other than the fact that he wants to nullify Congress.

This .GOV consolidation that he wants to do to *koff* make the Commerce Dept leaner and less costly..or something.

The only reason he wants to get rid of waste and redundant efforts is so that the separate splinters aren't slowing down his anti-business goals by creating friction in slapping Stalinistic laws all over businesses.

For those who can't understand the Liberal thought process

Or those of you who just don't get those sneaky nuances from the "Smartest Negro in the World",
I found a translator for you white people:

There is a reason I sometimes don't believe in co-incidence

And I'm sure that this new and happier MEchelle 0bama is one of them.

Ever since we heard about HERSELF being seen as an angry black woman- we're seeing her all (ok, even more than usual) smiles and breaking out into a happy dance whenever she has a captive audience.

To be truthful MEchelle- I don't see you as a typical angry black woman, just a regular beatch.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I had the .MIL over on my site from Google looking at CATS?

You came to my blog for cat pictures?

Do the guys in the Signal corps like to hang out at the hair dressers too?

On the way to work this morning

I had to listen to some arrogant asshole talking about how gutting the military is going to make it stronger and more adaptive.

...And that's a good thing.

Ok Mr. budget-cutting middle class warrior- lets try that with the Dept. of Ed or some of your social services bloated bureaucracies.
Better yet, lets make the EPA a shining example of how much can be done with absolutely NOTHING.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little unsolicited advice to you military guys

...and chicks-

When I was in, and probably when most of my ex-military readers.
...and probably everyone else, We did stupid shit. We did stupid shit that could have gotten us killed- even.

You're going to do stupid stuff- it goes with growing up. We did stupid stuff in uniform, but that was then.
Back before PC grew into such a monster AND more importantly- before everyone had a video camera in their pocket.

Here's the advice-
When you do something stupid (and you will)- no matter how cool it is....

DO NOT take a video and post it to You-Tube.

Because at one time this was worth nothing but a slap on the wrist:

Now it would result in Federal penalties.

How many have ever heard of the Hollywood blacklists of the 50's?

That's back when Sen. Joe McCarthy rightly was naming names of Hollywood and government Communists.

The hidden Communists in H`wood refused to hire known Communists- unlike today where they're celebrated.
The Socialistic insider bureaucrats were pretty much left to grow and fester into the bloated anti-American public sector unions we see today.

Anyway, today it's not the Communists that are being blackballed by their H`wood producers- it's global warming sceptics being blackballed by the Japanese copy and electronics maker Kyocera.

,,,And the Leftist Ad Agency types in NYC.

We have always been at war with EastAsia

The criminal Emmanuel Goldstein has always been National computer ID #2012.

Because it makes sense in an Obamaesque way that to enhance your computer privacy- you need a national computer ID.

Because it's just too much of a PITA to remember all those different passwords you have on a cheat-sheet next to your computer.

Besides- who would evAr want to hack your ONE identity that lets the .GOV track your entire intratubZZ wanderings?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't understand

Who is this OSHA guy?
And why was he freaking out?

San Antonio owns the local power company- CPS

The initials stand for something like Citizens Power Service- or something close.

CPS wanted to build another nuke plant down in Three Rivers- but didn't because it wasn't 'green' enough for the city council and Democrat Mayor.

But, guess what? San Antonio ratepayers will be buying a state of the art Solar array!

Because we all need to pay our fair share- or something.

...And in other news that WOAI decided not to put on it's website--oh noes...that nasty drought we're going to have for the next five years is going to cause problems with power generation.
Because we need water to cool the power plants or we'll be having rolling blackouts.

Except that Charity McCurdy forgot that we won't HAVE power plants that need water because Obamas EPA is going to shut them all down next year.

A question for y'all

Why is it that no matter what I drive, or what I'm hauling someone just HAS to ride my bumper?

I could be driving the fuel truck, a 45' drop-deck trailer with a broken back-hoe dripping hydraulic fluid all over your windshield, a bucket truck or a pressure drill- you always pull up so I can only see a shadow where your 4 wheeler is- or one side mirror tip or the other...because you can't hold a lane position either.

I stay in the slow/right/granny lane as much as I can, and there are almost always two, three or four lanes to the left that are going alot faster. It's not that you're waiting for the next exit, because I've had you tailing me for miles- with an empty lane immediately to your left.

The trucks I drive aren't the ones you want to draft, because I don't drive a dry van.

Anyone want to venture a guess?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you ready for your IQ drain?

Because, as usual after hearing the ever chubbier bleached blonde- you will feel even less smarter than Sarah Palin...or something:

What is an emoticon of privacy?
:-P ?

P-p ?

:-X ?

X-][ ?

Don't put those candles away yet

We have another, even more deadly menace to (try to) stomp out!

This menace- which is probably sitting unguarded right now in your HOUSE!
I bet even Joan Peterson and the Bradies let their grand-kids near such deadly items as these without a second thought.

Yes, there are things more deadly than GUNS! These things are responsible for 24% of ALL toddler deaths in the area studied and it affected minorities in a more damaging factor than whites (again! just like blk-on-blk violence!).

This study, done in the time honored style of our betters on the Left shows that these items should be locked out off reach and maybe even some kind of competency class in their use!

So, this Saturday, I want you all to take pics of you holding a candle and standing in a 5 gallon bucket.

Ladies, in respect to the water ruining your good clothes- please wear your skimpiest suit.

How many times does it take

For some related random occurrences to become a pattern?

Is there a set amount, or does it depend on your expectations, and who those events are happening to and the participants?

I started wondering about that when I hear about our second rescue of Iranian sailors in about three days.
And given the way "someone" who is basically a pussy wants to be seen as some kind of Savior so He can talk to our enemies with an open hand and no preconditions. I wonder who and where the next Iranian to be saved/rescued will be?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Unlikely conservative views

I was reading about the newest greatest thing in Gaia friendly car tech over at IoTW just now and realized just how conservative some 'alternative' bands really are.

See- illustr8r was showing the latest Smart ummm.....pick-up and I just had to drop a comment from one of my favorite bands. Because this urban pick-up couldn't even haul a bale of cocaine hay, much less deliver it where it was needed.

So we have this song from the Rev. proposing actual conservative ideas:

...in the idea of don't tell me how to act and I won't push you to act like I do...
Unfortunately the lyrics ask too much of Liberals in asking for empathy.

A good point by Shaky Pete

That is a perfect contrast between the capitalism we (think) are in now and the socialism that the Democrat party wants for us.

All you have to do is ask the Liberals (who are much smarter than you) if or what they know about the two Korea's.
All they probably know is what they've seen on MASH and that Kim died the other day.

H/t Shaky Pete (who'll probably go on the blogroll if he writes enough).

Sunday, January 08, 2012

If I was a Presidential candidate

And I was standing up in front of the TeeWee cameras answering slanted questions from Democrat operatives...

I would have to start out almost every answer with some variation of... "I'm glad you asked that, since asking us is the only way it would be asked."

OR- "At least one side is getting these kind of questions, and here is what I think about...."

How about :"Yes, I'm glad you're at least digging into the past of at least SOME of the candidates who are going to be leading this great nation."

And one that would never make it past the cameras- "Are you going to ask Obama any of these questions?"

Lighting the candle

Against violent guns..or sumething feel-goody like that.

Today everyone is supposed to light a candle to shoe how we're against gun violence (whether it's defensive or not they don't say). But I'm all for helping out, and Weer'd has more links to people who are against violent guns, too.
Here are my contributions because I *REALLY* care:

I hope you have a peaceful Sunday and your guns behave themselves.

A breakfast for champions

I just had a Western Omlet  with a good (what other kind is there?) side of bacon.

I didn't quite finish my coffee before scarfing it down enjoying a leisurely breakfast.
After I was done, I tried the rest of the coffee and remembered *why* I took my liquids before eating eggs.

I like eggs, but anything I drink -milk, coffee, OJ leaves a weird and bitter aftertaste during or right after eggs.

Am I the only one? The way it looks, everyone else has no problem eating and drinking.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Here we go again

An Afghani Abu Graib, or so they want us to believe.
Now we have the ruling warlord of A-stan calling for the US to hand over the prison we're holding Islamic terrorists in- which happens to be right next to Bagram Air Base.

Ok. Tell ya what there Hamid, not only will we hand over the prison, but our airbase too!
We and our allies will leave you the entire infrastructure we built in spite of your backward population.

Just as soon as we're out, we'll be sure the Tailban won't be able to use our fortified bases against your badly trained troops...IYKWIM- and I think you do.

Have fun staying in power Hamid, and good luck!

Then there were six

Or five if you want consider actual Republicans* in the race.

Has your candidate changed with the recent shuffling of the deck?
Yes No I'm still waiting RON PAUL--Dooood!!!!!eleven!!!!   
pollcode.com free polls 

And in the last weekly poll that ended up being weeks long- our results are
two frontrunners separated by one vote between Gingrich at 24%/37 votes and "I'll Wait" at 23%/36 votes.

In the next tier we have a tie between Ron Paul and "Wasn't my guy at 20%/31 each.
Unsurprisingly since he couldn't pass money around here- Mittens came in last with 2%/3 votes.

As usual, you can still vote but it won't count.

* I meant real Republicans and not Obamas boy in China who's in this race for the Liberal vote.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Looking at the latest polls

About the "widespread popularity" of the Central Casting candidate, and the ...love people are throwing at him.

Up in Yankeeland (no offense to the people on my blogroll :-D ) where he's one of them....

I'm going to see how far the moniker "Platte River Mitt" will go, since his support is a mile wide and an inch deep.

All bought and paid for by the Establishment Republicans.
Besides, he's next in line!

My, what a difference two days make

See- on Weds we see the wise elderly negro accepting the results of the Democrat Iowa Caucus.

The very next day we see an invigorated social crusader gleefully cutting the ONLY Constitutionally mandated cabinet Department that's not going to see a budget increase.

Nose putty and pancake make-up does wonders....?

Your tax dollars at work

Don't worry if you're a .GOV just looking around- I won't call you out.

When you search for this...Yes I will:

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A liberal wet dream come true

How many Anti-American Liberals do you think wet their pant(ies) in excitement when they found out that president Peacenick was going to cut $1trillion from the Defense Dept and almost half a million troops?

Yeah, someone wants to go all Gen. Turgidson on his skinny butt.

...And now we have the kiss of death

For the Romney campaign.

Can't you just feel the man-love.
Look at his adoration of "moderation" and bi-partisanship.

But- Hey! We have the last big loser endorsing the next loser because it's his turn to lose to the Democrat.

Seriously. The ONLY reason I bothered to show up last time was because "Maverick John McCain" was smart enough to put Palin on the ticket.

...So- do ya think Big John made Mittens promise to NOT  throw any hard punches against his frieeeeeend Barack for his valued endorsement?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The chubby one speaks

No, not that one- the one who got invited to be a political commentator based on her dads losing to President White Guilt.

Notice how they had to cut off her babbling about SantoRomney?

That's good to know

That I'm not going to have to not vote for Mittens come next November.

Romney 30,015 25%
Santorum 30,007 25%
Paul 26,219 21%
Gingrich 16,251 13%
Perry 12,604 10%

and the also rans.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Iowa Caucuses

To steal the whole Seinfield thing- A caucus about nothing. That produces nothing.

Or- if you're a more literary bent- MacBeth (scene 5/act5)
...That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Because after all is said and done, and the winner is announced, and the delegates go to the convention- none are bound to vote for the winner in Iowa.

For you history geeks

Who are into old WWII comic art as practiced by the warmonger Walt Disney, you'll find a wealth of stuff here.

What I was surprised about was that there were over 1,000 insignias and patches drawn by his artists for  newly commissioned military units.

...Of course that was back when Hollywood supported out troops and patriotism didn't mean spitting on owr flag.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Dear Mary C. Curtis of the WaPo

You decided to spew an article going after the overheard words of a Republican in a (so far) major mouthpiece of the Obama administration taking him to task.

I'd like to take the time to help you out here (just between us girls- you know) about how we in flyover country see your article.

Lets start out with your opening paragraph:
Can you imagine how the incident would play out if an African American congressman made a crude remark about First Lady Laura Bush’s body? It certainly would have taken more than an insincere apology to wash that sin away. That scenario never happened — hopefully because those congressmen were raised with a measure of common decency....
How do we know they didn't? We all know what the Black Caucus thinks about whitey- the Ofay, and how the MSM loves to cover up ...mistakes and "mis-statments' from their friends.

Then you go on about Rep. Sensenbrenners overheard statements about- basically her hypocrisy.

You then go on misstating the outcome of her 'satments of concern' about our food intake-
What is it about her simple message that gets some folks in such a tizzy? Michelle Obama isn’t advocating a diet of roots and berries, only moderation in a country suffering the effects of an obesity epidemic, with diabetes on the rise in young children. She is sharing the advice in a way that emphasizes healthy eating and exercise, rather than the deprivation diet of a photo-retouched supermodel.
You would think a message to take a little care with what we consume would be welcomed. But no, folks like Rush Limbaugh and Sensenbrenner prefer to inspect every item the Obamas put on their plates. Those two might better spend that time looking in the mirror, but self-awareness has never been part of their package. Of course, if the first lady were a size 0, they would be saying she encourages anorexia.
Yes, maybe- except that everything she looks at ends up having the manufacturers change their ENTIRE food chemistry to adopt her 'suggestions'.

How about you making the statement that she has a fat-@ss and finding a racial statement in it. As we all come to expect from a Liberal-
Not only is this disrespect crude, it also proves yet again that you can’t go wrong disrespecting a black woman in the United States of America, even if she lives in the White House – and in some constituencies, especially if she lives in the White House. Sensenbrenner’s nasty rant made me sick and sad because it brings to the surface the ugly history of how black women are viewed in America, stereotyped and dehumanized, our bodies everyone’s business except our own.
Soo...it's bad to disrespect a black woman because it turns her into just an object?
Or only when she's not a conservative?

But, you're right, no-ne ever called Bush a monkee or his daughters drunken sluts- did they?
The personal criticism of the latest Democratic occupants of the White House started with emailed jokes showing the White House lawn as a watermelon patch and went downhill from there. If ever there was an off-limits rule for politicians’ families, critics have definitely invoked an Obama exception, ironic when the one thing even political foes should be able to praise is the illustration of “family values” they hold so dear on display at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – mom, dad, two children and grandmom.
And in the "Do we *really* want to go down that road is this peach_
Sensenbrenner had to know that what he said was inappropriate when he first let loose at his church – of all places – to a woman who had complimented the first lady. It’s frightening to witness animus so deep that a sitting congressman can’t stop himself from repeating insults in church. Maybe he knows he won’t suffer serious consequences and might even gain a few points from those as dumbfounded as he is that the Obamas reside in the White House.
Because I could waste A LOT of electrons in digging up what YOU people had to say in country and to our enemies about a sitting President about five years ago...

And finally we get to the whole "The Obamas "LOVE" the same military they were badmouthing some 40 months ago...
. First Lady Michelle Obama has taken support of military families as a signature cause. I wonder how long it will take critics to find something wrong with that.
Not long, because to most Americans in flyover country- OUR history doesn't start whenever the new meme comes out about what's the new aim point this week- and know what was said before they became first couple, and just how cynical and HYPOCRITICAL most Liberals are about facts.

Which is probably why most Liberals I've seen are so angry- cognitive dissonance.

#OWS had a "PeacekeepingTeam" at the Rose Parade today

Wow, how...adult sounding.

How many did the TEA PARTY have?
Oh -NONE. Because the TEA PARTY didn't need to have self appointed authority figures making sure they acted like RESPONSIBLE adults.

BTW- they had millions of dollars and weeks to prepare for their version of the "Deathmobile" and all we got was this?


In case you ever wondered

What happens to your checked in airline baggage.
Here is a nicely edited tube to show you (some of) what happens on it's trip.

Yeah, notice they missed the part where they opened it up to see if anything was worth steal.........Oh! That was why the TSA part was black?

Via Mr. G.

I don't know anything about this group

So I thought I'd throw this FEMA Camp story out and see where it goes...

I remember hearing about something like this a year or two ago. It was designed so citizens could be "housed" there during whatever the administration called an emergency.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Does this remind you of anyone?

Some pompous, droning Senator who was a war hero, maybe?

The State in all it's wisdom deciding the fate of the 1%-

And the #Occutards showing their individualism and compassion at the end.

I don't think Hollywood today

Has what it takes to make anything like the Twilight Zone.

They used good writing, made you use your imagination and used new talent- who you still recognize today.

Nope- it would be all Seinfield and edgy and all white guys would be morons...with a laughtrack.

The establishment candidate is ahead in the Iowa polls.

Which -in a way is a good thing.
Also it would be a good thing to see the 2012 version of Ross Perot win...hmmmm same initials, just realised that.

Anyway- the reason I'm saying it's a good thing is because \, historically the winner of the Iowa polls doesn't usually go on to become the nominee.

Over the past several decades, the Hawkeye State has rarely voted for the Republican candidate who went on to win the nomination. In the league of early primary and caucus states, only South Carolina has an unblemished record in selecting the winning GOP candidate.

So their might be hope to still kill ROMbamacare yet.