Saturday, January 07, 2012

Then there were six

Or five if you want consider actual Republicans* in the race.

Has your candidate changed with the recent shuffling of the deck?
Yes No I'm still waiting RON PAUL--Dooood!!!!!eleven!!!! free polls 

And in the last weekly poll that ended up being weeks long- our results are
two frontrunners separated by one vote between Gingrich at 24%/37 votes and "I'll Wait" at 23%/36 votes.

In the next tier we have a tie between Ron Paul and "Wasn't my guy at 20%/31 each.
Unsurprisingly since he couldn't pass money around here- Mittens came in last with 2%/3 votes.

As usual, you can still vote but it won't count.

* I meant real Republicans and not Obamas boy in China who's in this race for the Liberal vote.

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