Monday, January 30, 2012

She's really doing it *for* the little people

Because somehow with the logic of the Left- dropping some $50K in NYC is helping the 99% of wage slaves, or something...especially if it's the Queen of mean.

Ooops, lets make that two Queens-
The First Lady is better known for shopping at more modestly priced High Street brands. *SPEW*...What???? Really, when?

But along with the the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, she closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend time in the luxury lingerie shop. 

Umm, yeah- can you imaging this in a Teddy?

"The glamour of the AP brand is really powerful – it has a luxurious quality, that means people have a sense of walking away with a special purchase even when they are buying a pair of knickers,” says Mr Hogarth.

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