Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey! About that monochrome teabagger thing?

Does anyone notice anything in this photo-op he went to El Paso for? today?

Before he flew back to DeeCee to give a primetime talk from the oral office that none of my usual channels carried.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Havahhhd graduates

You better keep her dry Barry- you *know* what happens when she gets wet,,,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

In case you're living under a rock

and don't have access to the news--today is the fifth anniversary of the Rovian hurricane machine destroying the physical part of Nawl'ns.

Prez Kickass will be reminding people of how badly BusHitler hates black people this afternoon.

After he plays a round of golf to commemorate his actions during the BP oil spill response.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I just got a phone call

Actually I just answered it because I got tired of them hanging up when my answering machine started.

SO --National alliance for life--...or whatever you call yourself here are the two big reasons I didn't give you money.

FIRST- You pissed me off by ringing my phone and NOT leaving any messages with a bogus name on the caller ID.

SECOND- I'm supposed to be in the National "Do not call" registry and I don't give money to strangers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Be the first

to put an ad in the new craigslist of guns in your state.

I'd really be interested in getting the Texas part going,,,,,

Ummm, looks like Tam(who I got the link from) isn't selling anything yet.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

QUICK! Somebody call the cops!

You know that bag lady who makes her own clothes from castoff rags?

Yes you do- you've seen her around.

The one who was mugged the other day and her dress stolen?

You know, just down the block from her favorite Dennies.

I think we have a suspect...

Coming soon

To a capitol on your east coast...yet ANOTHER unexpected drop in the GDP. Coupled with a surprising increase in the unemployment numbers and an unanticipated drop in home sales.

But hey, lets throw more money we don't have at Barry's union buddies in thr form of bailouts for the teachers union.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I have to admit

That when I saw this video of a PD dash cam, my first though was,,,'at what point did they drop the cell phone?'

Then I thought- "Daym, that's going to f*ck up traffic for hours. Sure am glad I'm not on that road."

Maybe I'm lacking any sympathy for the dumbass who was going at least 30 faster than the cop.............BECAUSE on the way home tonite, I watched about 5 cars blow past a school bus with it's red lights on just west of Castroville.

Well worth your time

All 5:47 minutes of it.

I'd h/t someone if I could remember where I found it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's TRUE!!!!!eleven!!!!!!

That Israelies really DO drink blood!

It's gotta be true because Double Tapper is showing it in his hot babes of the IDF post. Oh, including their sekrit weapon,,,SuperBoob.

Niles, Michigan

Does anyone know who lives there, or why I'd be getting Qwest hour long plus hits on my sitemeter along with up to 25 page views? It's the same ISP running FireFox with no referral site, so they must have me bookmarked.

But, why? I have a crappy blog with bad english and hardly any hits.

I know I've gone to some of your sites and got called away from the computer...all night sometimes, but that wouldn't rack up the page hits either.

Remember that $20 Billion BP "compensation" fund?

The one that Pez Kickass strong armed from BP when he finally decided the spill was hurting his ratings.

The one that the "most open and ethical administration" 2.0 put one of their apparatchiks in charge of doling out the money.

I knew then that ...somehow alot of that money wouldn't get to those who needed it, and would end up in D.C.
Well, guess what?

Yeah! That bureaucrat that's in charge of that fund is changing the rules!

That's almost as unexpected as the new weekly unemployment numbers.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another embarrassing anniversary date coming up

It seems like every time we have some kind of meaningful anniversary date- as far as I remember, there has always been a disappointment in the White house.

Remember who was president during our Bicentennial? Jerry Ford was an OK guy, guy, but not someone you'd really want your kid emulating, , , you know?

At the fiftieth anniversary of D-day, our president was the most powerful draft dodger in the world. He was there, with his wife, ordering around white House military personnel like house n1ggers at the time of the WWII victory ceremonies.

At the beginning of this month, we sent- for the first time in 65 years- a representative to apologise because the Japanese forced us to use nukes on them.

AND, next November 11, we have a president who wants a victory mosque overlooking Ground Zero and who made his first year a world-wide apology tour for what America stands for.

Now THAT's reassuring, isn't it?

The same political administration who is surprised monthly by increasing unemployment numbers and bad economic news is reassuring Israel that they don't have anything to worry about from Iran.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Showing again, just how good we have it in America

Is the current recall of some 389,000,000 eggs on the assumption that they might have caused salmonella poisoning in less than 400 people.
Even in the midst of a growing depression we can throw food away.

Because in most of the third world countries (the majority of the population)- they'd be fighting over those same eggs and still be glad that they ONLY had that infinite chance of getting sick from their food.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On a slightly ironic note

We're finally getting all that heat here in San Antonio, that the rest of America has been suffering for the past month.

The heat index was 115. It was even hotter in the trenches when we were putting conduit together.

On a related note to a post at Roberta's, I generally use a pair of lineman's pliers to strip my wire and the bigger stuff (#4 thru 500MCM) we generally use a utility knife.
But then, we're in the business of getting her the raw power to change into pulsed and stepped DC voltage which uses lots of high tech, finicky connectors that make your entertainment so entertaining,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"And this..."

..."is my grip for squeezing my miraculous oil out of a snake"

"is all they see when I kick ass".

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This should be interesting

Since Kalifonia was the leader in virtually banning a legal product in any public accessible area, and even private vehicles.

Are they going to just throw their anti-tobacco legislation out? OR- more likely, they'll ignore that pesky hypocrisy thing all together when they allow dope at work.

It's almost like I'm getting some kind of track record in posting about this cr@p before it happens.

The 8-28 D.C. meet-up

That I keep hearing when I listen to Glen Beck.
I'm not sure what it is exactly because I usually only hear parts of his program.

What he keeps emphasizing, though, is the need to let the ....Parks Dept.(?) know how many buses of people you're bringing.

Supposedly to know how many port-a-johns to order.
I guess that's a quick, handy way to do it (2 per bus times X buses= Y scattered around the Mall).

Why did they decide on buses? Are they so familiar with the old style of the Liberal protest machine that would bus their "spontaneous" crowd in for their anti-republican "Million [your cause here] Marches" that they can't estimate the crowds any way else?

Is that part of the reason the 4th of July Tea Party Protest was so under reported? That most real people don't NEED to be bused in if they really want to be heard/

Now that's a loop hole

That you could drive an explosive laden truck through.

If you're underage, you don't need an ID to board a plane- even if you buy a one way ticket with cash.

No word on whether they got scanned or groped- if they weren't exempt because they were underage.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out of curiosity

Is anyone else having problems loading Grouchy old cripple?

His site has been hard to get on the desktop for about a week now.

Tyranny at the local level

The San Antonio city council (lead by guess which party) is moving forward to enact a ban on a legal product because the Texas Smoke Free Coalition doesn't like it.

I guess it's just smokes because chaw isn't mentioned. It kind of makes sense, because you can't sniff a whiff of Redman a block away- if the wind is just right.

I listened to a vapid spokes girl on a rock station last week talking about how "statistics" show how bad second and third hand smoke is for all living things. She also threw out some random numbers (without references) about how many people will just "DIE" from contact smoke and that people shouldn't be subject to the inconvenience of a stray whiff of smoke tobacco smoke.

So, what we get from these anti-tobacco zealots is that second and third-hand smoke is responsible for...DEATHS of THOUSANDS!!!! emphysema, cancer, stroke, lung cancer, Lupus, bad breath, rabies, asthma, strep throat, wrinkles, age spots, dog bites, car wrecks....

I want to know----Smoke Free Coalition of Texas----
What the death rate of the general population was in say 1950 (when almost everyone smoked) as compared to last year. Please break it down into your illnesses divided by first, second or third-hand smoke. You keep citing them, so you obviously aren't pulling numbers out of your @ss -right?

NEXT- Smoke Free Coalition of Texas - I want to ask, given your stand on a legal product that you don't like; what is your take on the Tx Ledge and their loosening restrictions on smoking weed?
I mean, anyone who's smoked Ganja knows how harsh that smoke is, and anything that bad can't be good for you- right?
We know that those burners who will be burning weed aren't going to be sure they're completely alone before lighting up---what about the CHILDREN???? What about me? I could possibly get fired for a contact high.

SPEAKING of intrusive busybodies- in reference to the pic, can you imagine how badly the EPA would be screaming if they did that today? Especially in Texas- with an Obama target on our backs?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diversity in action

I noticed something in watching this vid of the N.E. bloggershoot over at Jays place:

Aside from all the different smokepoles and shoot'n arns, that I don't think I saw two people with the same ,,,um,,,,form shooting the same weapon.
The only consistent thing I saw was the pistol grips (sort of) and I'd probably be able to tell who got together with 75 of there closest friends to learn how to hit targets one day.

And I'm part of that diverse crowd too, as you can see by my unorthodox pistol grip if you look at the header. Hey, it works for me and I can put a dinner plate over my pattern at 25 yards.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, remember all the way back to November?

That November of 2008 and then January 2009 when the God-king ascended to his rightful place?

After he got his meaningless prize worth a cool million for what he was going to do. Now with his approval ratings where Bush was after eight years of the Liberal media bashing him daily...

How are those plans going to put his face on Mt. Rushmore going?
Have they found a prominence big enough for his ego yet? Is that the holdup?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

No comment

Woman Can't Even Back Into Space - Watch more Funny Videos

Doing the right thing

By now the initial hubbub is dying down about those wikileaks.
Not that there was a whole lot of earth shattering revelations in them, but the fact that names were named is, or should be troubling.

Normally when our covert help was compromised, a caring and competent administration would be scrambling to be sure our informants and their families were safe.

But we have the most bumbling and shortsighted administration in the last 20 years running things now. Do you think anyone has even broached the subject of evacuating those people? Because not only is it right- for their help, at least- but for any future clandestine help that might go south and need reassurance that we won't hang them out to dry.

But I'm not holding my breath on King Barry the Narcissist to do the morally right thing.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Oh! How kewl is that.

The Reverend has a new CD out.

Now to figure out how to make this a ringtone- I should be able to hear that over the backhoe.

Hunny, my Christmas list.

In the spirit of bipartisanship

I have an old sofa cover they could use for Michelle's newly commissioned dress.

You know, in the spirit of their well known humility and frugal ways.

Friday, August 06, 2010

More economic surprises

...Well to our betters in DEECEE and their apparatchiks in the east and Left coasts.

Us ignorant hicks in flyover country aren't surprised at the news, because we don't live in a Liberal echo chamber.

We live with the reality that actions HAVE consequences and the vast majority don't believe in magical Unicorns.

About this Ground Zero mosq

I agree with the sentiment that when a Luthrin church goes up in Mecca, then it's ok.

On the other hand, you have the Dhimmies of the Left saying- "it's NOT on ground Zero. It's blocks away!"

Yeah? How many blocks?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Editorial oversite and fact checking

The MSM haz it and us jammie wearing fools don't.

Because, since I didn't go to "J" skool to learn how to diagram a sentence- I know something is wrong in this report.

Biden was not delayed by the accident, who met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg earlier Thursday.

I wonder what the accident and Bloomberg had to say to each other?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Coming soon to a website near you...


Remember all those reassuring noises the .gov made about how only the operator was going to see your goodies?
Yeah, they lied. Are you gobsmackingly flummoxed by that?

Monday, August 02, 2010

Chesty Puller is rolling over in his grave

And I don't think Pappy Boyington is lying any more peaceful.

Because in this world of promotion by PC, a Marine suggesting the someone needs their @ss kicked is busted in rank and almost deported.

Not that his squad should have beat the sh1t out of a pair of recalcitrant Afghanis, but it's pretty harsh for a cadre who even today commits verbal, mental and physical abuse against their own booters (SiL was telling about the full body kicks by his Dis in formation,,,among other things...before he knew he wasn't supposed to talk out of school).

Cpl. Ahmad Siddiqi, who speaks Pashto, was questioning a suspect in Farah province, Afghanistan, in 2009 when the suspect verbally threatened him. Siddiqi got angry and made an off-the-cuff comment to two of his fellow squad members over the radio that landed several Marines in the brig.

“Hey, you guys need to come beat this guy up,” he said.

And they did.

Siddiqi’s careless suggestion was not an order, though, because he was not in charge.

But when his buddies came over to Siddiqi’s position, their squad leader surprised them by giving his nod to the idea, assuring the two Marines they would not get in trouble for the beating.

But they did. And so did Siddiqi for merely suggesting it.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Mossberg M500

It's like they're aiming to be the F-150 of the shotgun world.

In addition to the evil black ninja M500 we find a rifled 20GA version for long range goblin hunting and a way for the ladies to be designer co-ordinated when at the range or defending their homes.

If you prefer a shortstroke action, we have the M510 with an 18" barrel.