Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tyranny at the local level

The San Antonio city council (lead by guess which party) is moving forward to enact a ban on a legal product because the Texas Smoke Free Coalition doesn't like it.

I guess it's just smokes because chaw isn't mentioned. It kind of makes sense, because you can't sniff a whiff of Redman a block away- if the wind is just right.

I listened to a vapid spokes girl on a rock station last week talking about how "statistics" show how bad second and third hand smoke is for all living things. She also threw out some random numbers (without references) about how many people will just "DIE" from contact smoke and that people shouldn't be subject to the inconvenience of a stray whiff of smoke tobacco smoke.

So, what we get from these anti-tobacco zealots is that second and third-hand smoke is responsible for...DEATHS of THOUSANDS!!!! emphysema, cancer, stroke, lung cancer, Lupus, bad breath, rabies, asthma, strep throat, wrinkles, age spots, dog bites, car wrecks....

I want to know----Smoke Free Coalition of Texas----
What the death rate of the general population was in say 1950 (when almost everyone smoked) as compared to last year. Please break it down into your illnesses divided by first, second or third-hand smoke. You keep citing them, so you obviously aren't pulling numbers out of your @ss -right?

NEXT- Smoke Free Coalition of Texas - I want to ask, given your stand on a legal product that you don't like; what is your take on the Tx Ledge and their loosening restrictions on smoking weed?
I mean, anyone who's smoked Ganja knows how harsh that smoke is, and anything that bad can't be good for you- right?
We know that those burners who will be burning weed aren't going to be sure they're completely alone before lighting up---what about the CHILDREN???? What about me? I could possibly get fired for a contact high.

SPEAKING of intrusive busybodies- in reference to the pic, can you imagine how badly the EPA would be screaming if they did that today? Especially in Texas- with an Obama target on our backs?

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