Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another embarrassing anniversary date coming up

It seems like every time we have some kind of meaningful anniversary date- as far as I remember, there has always been a disappointment in the White house.

Remember who was president during our Bicentennial? Jerry Ford was an OK guy, guy, but not someone you'd really want your kid emulating, , , you know?

At the fiftieth anniversary of D-day, our president was the most powerful draft dodger in the world. He was there, with his wife, ordering around white House military personnel like house n1ggers at the time of the WWII victory ceremonies.

At the beginning of this month, we sent- for the first time in 65 years- a representative to apologise because the Japanese forced us to use nukes on them.

AND, next November 11, we have a president who wants a victory mosque overlooking Ground Zero and who made his first year a world-wide apology tour for what America stands for.

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