Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first thought

When I saw this picture, was 'What's he doing in uniform?
Because- waaaay back in the dark ages(under the thumb of Ronaldus Magnus) it was against regs to wear the US military uniform to any political rally.
Or any other kind of partisan or rally of dubious virtue.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Before they jammed the $timulus down our throat

Do you remember how the Won was standing in a Caterpillar plant and telling us how we need to pass that thing to save jobs?
That they'd get their jobs back and be fully employed?

Yeah you do.

Except that now, after stimulus has happened, and the .gov takeover of health care AND the new taxes coming down the pike- those new Caterpillar jobs will be in China.

Black babys

Because they work so much better than rotten chicken.

You *know* this has to be next:

You can always head back to that peaceful African country inhabited by our former slaves. That way you won't have the white man trying to keep you in slavery.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It must be a Teabagging terrorist

Because DHS has declared right wing gun clingers as a terrorist threat.

In breaking news at the UT Austin, we have one gunman dead and another on the loose. It's still on lockdown.
But...that's unpossible.

Aside from Austin being the Liberal magnet for the entire state of Texas, it's against the law to have guns on campus.
So, when this is all over and the angry Lib is taken care of...and we find that he has a beef against "The Man"- are we going to slap even MORE unenforceable laws on the books?


I guess their was only one shooter.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to send the head newsguy- Jim Forsyth an informatory e-mail about the CIVILIAN version of an AK.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just how fast was he going?

A 16th century Scots castle arch was destroyed by a contractors van- today I guess.
It was a famous castle, even I've heard of the Scone Palace -where Scots kings have been coronated ...forever.

Judging from the pictures of the debris field, that driver must have been hauling @ss on that narrow twisting road. I wonder if he had to take a drug and alcohol test like we would here?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tam finds the best chit

Go see what gold she dug up this time.

Of course it was an honest mistake

We're coming to expect that the bunch of amateurs at 1600 Penn. Ave. could f*ck up pouring water out of a boot it the directions were written on the heel.

It took me about 9 seconds to find an image of the Philippine flag.

Too bad the Dept. of State can't figure out how to use a laptop, then look at a picture to hang it right side up.

But then, I don't have a staff of hundreds of .gov bureaucrats working for me, either.

You know, with word of all those clowns leaving the White House, I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any cartoons of rats fleeing the 'USS The Won'.

Seafood anyone?

It looks like there are going to be some well fed crabs in the gulf at Galveston.

AND -in a somewhat related item.
[That being it's close to the water]

Is this AP article about those trapped Chilean miners and their rescue pod.
With a sidebar showing their layers and layers of editorial oversight and fact checking:

As always click to embiggify if you can't read the map.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ooooh! Cat fight?

Pulleeez.. .
Sigorny Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis....

If you were a guy in the early '80s that would be spanktillicious.


You would in a heartbeat.

Hey, is it cold in there?

You weren't supposed to hear that

That's what the racist Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez really meant when she said "didn't intend to offend anyone" when...

She "...used a poor choice of words that some people have taken as offensive" in a Spanish-language interview ....

And that "...she apologizes if she offended anyone."

For calling a Vietnamese refugee from a brutal Communist country anti-immigrant and anti-hispanic in an interview that was only carried on a Mexican-American TV channel.

And if you're a Whereon and you call her on it- you're the racist.

Guess who?

You can see more of her uncropped here.

Doesn't help?

How about these this?

Friday, September 24, 2010


THAT, if you're not a hitchiker- is the answer to the universe.

Joanna discovered this.

You can go thank her...and don't forget your towel!

Not that I'm into conspiracy theories


Who do you think is responsible for those E-bots running around jacking the bids on E-bay?

Because I'm looking at a good solid cell phone that I had before and does everything I want, when I decided to put down a holding bid of $10.
It wasn't 12 hours until that phone- which had no interest before was at $10.50 with the bidder of m***v at almost a 0% buying record, and his buddy i***l with about the same success ratio.

Is to just coincidence that you have such imaginative names making one or two bids on an electronic item just to push the bids up?

I mean E-bay -who makes money on how much an auction ends at wouldn't have any reason to send bidding bots out, would they?


Turns out, if you click a link explaining E-bays privacy policy, they do that to protect from scammers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh, the horror

Where were these teachers when I was in school?

Well, I guess it's good that I didn't know them ....otherwise I'd be mentally scarred for life >/rolling eyes>

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doing a land office buisiness

I was in orientation for the Texas workforce unemployment thing today.

Someone asked a question that I was wondering about- how long between when you apply for benefits and you learn if you get them. The answer was that the way the Stimulus package was kicking ass so hard that the window opened up to about five weeks- four if you're lucky.

And I went to test to get my Hazmat endorsement back, payed the $11 and when (almost) everything was said and paid for- was given the Patriot act papers and told to make arrangements for fingerprints and a Federal background check, only $79 and a $9 processing fee.

So, now I'm stealing cable from my internet company and the four DirecTV receivers aren't probably worth putting on E-bay. I know that Sysco broadband modem (that's not compatible with my cable) isn't.

Lastly, I changed the trans filter in the S-10 and refilled with wally-world Dextron III equivalent, and now I lost 2 MPG somewhere.

Oh noes! The poor Polar bear

It must have drowned after its ice cube melted off the coast of Cornwall (the UK) and washed up on the beach!

OR- was it swimming away from the melting polar ice caps, looking for a cooler place to live?

Neither, it turns out that the "polar bear" was a bloated salt bleached, beached cow.
Although at first glance it does look kind of Polar bearish.

The comments show just how well the church of global warming is converting the Brits.

A lot of people are glad

that our SecState Hilary didn't make the presidential cut-

so am I....

BUT, then again, how could Zippy be worse.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Karl Rove, you're an ass

I caught part of your diatribe when Christine O'Donnell won against the entrenched politician you backed.
You had the reputation of being on top of things, and of being a king maker through your political prowess. But in reality, all you are is another cog in the leadership machine.

You'd rather let the Tea Party candidates loose to the Dems because you're more comfortable with them than you are normal Americans who actually want to do better for America than keep your party in power.

John Cornyn, you're right up there with your knee-jerk reaction when you heard about her victory and your grudging backing after you got a buttload of phone calls.
The way it looks now is that you're going to have a fight for your seat next time, and Kay-Bailey isn't the only one I won't be voting for.


VIVA La Witch!!!

And having fun with another thing that's got the Libs all flummoxed...
No it's not the Eagles, but she's cute-with her own take. Like Christine!

Yes you would.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just leave it alone

Just because you Liberals have ruined it's value doesn't mean you have to ruin it's looks, too.

I personally LIKE seeing my bills printed green- on paper- with dead white guys.
Even if it's not worth what it was when you took over congress, "rebranding" won't change anything. Except to make your favorite money design firm richer.

Not that you will, but if you put those ideas out before you implement them, you'll find that your new money will be just as popular as the Susan B., the two dollar bill and the newest failure known as the Sacagawea dollar.

I want money that doesn't look Euro, or like an entrance ticket to a museum.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry about that, Wally-World

I mean, I'm more sorry for the people who'll be putting the perishables into their basket after the staff discovers my abandoned cart after five hours- and puts the eggs and pork sausage back in the reefers.

I did that you see, because I wasn't going to wait in line back in the women's clothing because the parking lot was full- on a rainy Saturday at 5:39 in the afternoon- when you had TWO checkout lines open.

AND here's something you can pass on to DiGiorno pizza- if I'm going to spend $6.00 for a pizza, I'll get one that I don't have to cook myself. TYVM.

Acting like Democrats

And your ruling class entitlement mentality.

Yes Mike Castle, who is still pouting like a spoiled kid from his loss to one of "them"- I'm looking at you. The same RINO who's first action- when he lost the primary was to take a call from his elitist pals in Washington D.C. and still refuses to endorse O'Donnell.

Now Lisa Murkowski, who also lost to another peon in her primary is going to do whatever she can to keep telling the little people how to live their lives.

You're both sore losers. Now just go away and live off that really nice pension you'll be getting for the rest of your life- along with that royal health care plan that only your super rich buddies can match.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dude, you wanted the job

You've been trying to get it since you first got to DeeCee as a senator.

Now that you got what you wanted, you don't want it anymore?

The guy who voted "present" more than his "yea" and "nay" votes combined is having trouble making presidential decisions?
So if Obama doesn’t appear interested in the job of president, what does he do day after day? Well, he takes his meetings just like any other president would, though even then, he seems to lack a certain focus and on a few occasions, actually leaves with the directive that be given a summary of the meeting at a later date. I hear he plays a lot of golf, and watches a lot of television – ESPN mainly. I’ll tell you this – if you want to see President Obama get excited about a conversation, turn it to sports. That gets him interested. You start talking about Congress, or some policy, and he just kinda turns off. It’s really very strange. I mean, we were all led to believe that this guy was some kind of intellectual giant, right? Ivy League and all that. Well, that is not what I saw. Barack Obama doesn’t have a whole lot of intellectual curiosity.

That's what a campaign insider is telling this interviewer.

Ok, back to President Obama then. In just a few words, how would you describe him these days? Like I said, it’s been a while since I was last at the White House, but I don’t have a problem saying that the president is losing it. I don’t mean he is like losing his mind. I mean to say that he is losing whatever spark he had during the campaign. When you take away the crowds, Obama gets noticeably smaller. He shrinks up inside of himself. He just doesn’t seem to have the confidence to do the job of President, and it’s getting worse and worse. Case in point – just a few days before I left, I saw first hand the President of the United States yelling at a member of his staff. He was yelling like a spoiled child. And then he pouted for several moments after. I wish I was kidding, or exaggerating, but I am not. The President of the United States threw a temper tantrum.

I'm not sure how accurate is, it might be another Onion, or an unknown Breitbart- you make the call. But from what I see from here it matches my thoughts on Prez kickass.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's something positive- I guess

I had no idea that Meechelle Obama had ever heard of The Reverend, but apparently she's even digging on their songs:

From the 'Where are they now?' files

Riff Raff, after leaving the employ of Dr. Franken-N-Furter went to college at Amherst and began his political metamorphosis from a fun loving conservative who liked to sing and dance into an angry Liberal Democrat. He even wrote an article for his college paper about his conversion in that cradle of democracy which is Kenya.
It looks like Riff Raff is running for the Delaware Rep seat against O'Donnell, adding yet another Kenyan Marxist to the D.C. swamp.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now there's an opportunity

If you're any kind of a water/utility developer to find a way to supply a ready made infrastructure with potable water.

It's got city pipes and everything- just not city water- anymore.

Because the City of Rock Hill, SC is playing dirty to get annexation, , , and tax money.

You know, Dave Grigg of the Miller Pond HOA- if this happened to me, I'd find a way to cope.
I wouldn't be scared, I'd be pissed.

One more reason

for me to get away from Bank of America and go to Wells-Fargo.

On top of the monthly fees they started taking out when Karen got laid off, and the delays in crediting my account for my paychecks- AND the $35 overdraft fees when THEIR online banking or their ATMs can't keep up with a daily ballance...

We have a whole new system of user fees coming at us.

Hunny, I hope you changed your PayPal account, because this one is fixing to go away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So,,, Some British kid e-mailed 0bama

and called him a prick. Then the Secret Service got involved and told the English to do their harassment thing to him and tell him that he's on double secret probation banned from entering America for life.


Barack Hussein Obama you are a prick.
Actually you're a thin skinned PRICK!

Dude, you're the whiner in chief. You have the entire mainstream media running interference for you and you send your thugs to strong arm a seventeen year old kid.

You are a prick.
George Bush had the entire world throwing shit at him for eight years and you never heard him whine that "they talk about me like I was a dog."

You are a complete prick.
How could someone so thin skinned rise to the top of that backstabbing, dog eat dog Chicago political machine by being such a whiny little bitch.

Look Ciro!

I can see November second from my house.

I just got my third call this week from Ciro Rodriguez today. I guess he's either polling behind Quico Canseco or not far enough ahead that he fells that taped calls bothering people in his district are needed.

Well Ciro, let me tell you how ypu and Mr. Hope-N-Change changed my voting habits.
I have never voted a straight ticket, but after seeing how you wrangled your communistic bills through Congress- I'll be checking that little box at the top left og my ballot marked REPUBLICAN. Not that I think the majority are much better, but their NOT the party that cut up the Constitution for toilet paper.

...And since I have plenty of free time because of your policies since 2007, I'll see if Quico wants any help.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A quick quiz

Aside from the internal head covering support system, can anyone tell the major difference between these people

...and these people?

Democrats luuurv the first ones.

...And want you to forget they invented the second one.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just couldn't help it

Txgungeek included this video of a chithook driver ,,well- not exactly landing to pick up some of our guys from a hill I wouldn't want to have had to climb, when I heard in my mind,,,,

DUM dudy dum dudy dum

"Awlroight geton wii it.."

AND no, I'm not saying the troops are just bricks. It just seems like every time I hear this song on the radio it's the helicopter version.

Daym! Lookit all those lawyers

I'm reading more about that PG&E gas pipeline explosion in Cali.

It looks like PG&E really fell down on their gas leak investigation procedures.
...And the trial lawyers are going to have a field day asking why they didn't do anything about a leaking 30" pipe.
Yeah, weeks worth of gas spreading out under asphalt, sidewalks, storm drains and into peoples houses via their sewer lines- just waiting to mix to that magical 4.5- 14.5 percent gas-in-air mixture with the right ignition source....

If I wanted to set foot on Kalifornistan, I know that I'd have a job in the entirely vacant gas leak investigation division.

Or, I could apply now for the greatly (soon to be) enlarged Office of Pipeline Safety .gov.

Which do you think would be more damaging?

Having a corrupt felon who used to be the mayor endorse your Mayoral candidacy?


A corrupt politician who hasn't been caught yet endorsing your candidacy for Mayor of a city that expects their pols to end up in prison?

Well in this case, since we're talking about Democrats in DEECEE- either would probably be seen as a positive thing.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

So, the big question here

That I see- after hearing about how traumatized the Woods Hole Oceanographers were after confronting serious evidence of man made catastrophe on the surface of the RMS Titanic site was...

Did they pick it up?

OR, did they look at it and whine like a bunch of pantywaist Liberals.

The article doesn't say.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Google and you

They're calling the newest automatic search a feature, but I consider it a bug.
If you haven't heard about Googles newest breakthrough in search tech, it's an automatic search that launches and changes the search results as you type.

How absolutely annoying is that going to be?
I don't even like that stoopid search assistant that every website has anymore, and I usually try to turn that f8cking annoying thing off whenever I can.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Man that sucked

The internet went out Friday morning and I just got it back today.

A tech came by and threw on a new filter at the pole- without letting anyone know he was there, or checking to see if we were fixed.

We weren't.

I finally went out to check the co-ax and cut out a bad section where a branch rubbed the outer insulation off. BUT, since we had a filter for Devine instead of our Hondo server, I still didn't get service until the cable guys came out to troubleshoot the thing.