Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doing a land office buisiness

I was in orientation for the Texas workforce unemployment thing today.

Someone asked a question that I was wondering about- how long between when you apply for benefits and you learn if you get them. The answer was that the way the Stimulus package was kicking ass so hard that the window opened up to about five weeks- four if you're lucky.

And I went to test to get my Hazmat endorsement back, payed the $11 and when (almost) everything was said and paid for- was given the Patriot act papers and told to make arrangements for fingerprints and a Federal background check, only $79 and a $9 processing fee.

So, now I'm stealing cable from my internet company and the four DirecTV receivers aren't probably worth putting on E-bay. I know that Sysco broadband modem (that's not compatible with my cable) isn't.

Lastly, I changed the trans filter in the S-10 and refilled with wally-world Dextron III equivalent, and now I lost 2 MPG somewhere.


  1. "I was in orientation for the Texas workforce unemployment thing today."

    Dude? Did you lose your job? If so, sorry.

  2. Yeah Ah did.

    Am looking into several things ranging from finally getting my electrical journymans to a website or two.