Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They say

That the dog that yelps is the one that got hit.

Why has Barney Frank become the spokesflack for this taxpayer financed giveaway bailout scam?
What's in it for him? I haven't really heard about him making out like Barak Obama or Chris Dodd in the payola-by-.gov-companies...and his chief financial advisers- the ones who used the ENRON school of accounting.

I know he was instrumental in poo-pooing the findings on both Fanny May and Freddy Mac back in the day, but is that all he's covering for?

We'll never know, will we? Because there will never be any hearings or criminal investigations because the vast majority of this mess has Democrat roots, and their fingerprints are all over the shovels used to bury it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Note to self

A .22lr is *really* loud at night, be sure to reload with .22 shorts in dealing with the next feral cat problem.

Not a bad shot though, right behind the shoulder blade at about 35 YDs under a security light.
Now maybe I can stop electrifying my garbage cans.

According to the BEEB

The UN and it's assorted supporters from Bono to Bill Gates want to "do SOMETHING!!!" about malaria, and so they have ponied up $3 billion to eradicate malaria.

Boy, that's a lot of mosquito netting. Too bad it's only useful if you're not out and about living your daily life.

I didn't see anything about actually eradicating the root of the problem since all those Libs have glommed onto a book full of lies about DDT and the effects of other useful chemicals. We'd rather spend billions on developing a vaccine that is only useful against one disease instead of cutting off the vector of an assortment human and animal illnesses.

But, then again, it's not the results Libs look for- it's the feeling of "doing SOMETHING"- no matter how it really turns out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A quick question on this bailout

Of this gov't takeover of the financial industry is soooo good, why don't the Dems just ram it through Congress?
They have a big enough majority in both houses to do it.
Could it be that it's not really that good, and they want Republicans signed on too so they can take the blame when it craters, too?

And speaking of blame,,,,why haven't SanFran Nan and Harry Reid called for another Republican witch hunt on this fiasco? Maybe because it's mostly a Democrat led plundering?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In your daily dose of politics

Every time I hear the Dems and especially the top three money takers talking about this S&L lending fiasco they created and how they're going to fix it, I can't help but hear this:

And all the seriousness it brings forth.

And this goes to show that great minds think alike.

The internal combustion engine

Usually when people hear that, they think of a four stroke gasoline engine.


The gasoline engine depends on an external source of ignition, so it would actually look more like this:

So it can run in only one direction.

The basic diesel engine only sees the first four.
If your a bored non-rate with a Deuce-and-a-half that knows the above facts, you can make a six-by with one forward speed and five reverse gears.

Just thought you might need to know that if getting over-run by zombies, or something...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An electical tip

For all of you in hurricane land...and maybe blizzardland, too.
I just got done writing my sis in Conroe about her (and moms) power outages. They just got back on the grid.

She bought a gas generator, which was good,,,but had trouble keeping it running because of the gasoline supply problems.

Here's something to think about. Add a natural gas conversion kit to your generator.
Then add a tee and valve somewhere on your side of the gas meter with a coupling for a flex hose to feed your generator.

the reason you want to do that is because unless there is a huge leak, or a major malfunction, the gas utility will try to keep it's lines pressurized. During a hurricane, they might reduce the pressure, but won't shut the gas off for the simple fact that they don't want flooded lines(and the headaches that would cause). For you people up north, if you have gas the ice won't knock out your gas lines.
If you don't have gas, the local utility will be glad to get you onto an account that you can leave inactive until you need it. All the gas guy needs to do is unlock your meter and you have gas powered electricity while your neighbours are freezing in the dark.

Just another helpful hint from MEEeeeee!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

John! Stop while you're ahead.

Just because Sarah caused a huge increase in your poll numbers, she can't carry you when you're actively trying (again) to piss off conservatives.

First it's your pandering -in spanish- to the illegal community, and just this week-end he's blaming Bush for the Dems financial mess.

John, just shaddup and ride.
You keep opening your mouth with your usual Liberal cap and you'll loose anything you gained.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of course!!!

Why didn't I think of that earlier?

Board and batten siding!

Now I can use OSB and protect the edges from both moisture and delaminating.
At $7/ sheet it's 2/3 the cost of using plywood siding.

Now I can even make my own 12' roof joists with laminated OSB too.

All I need to come up with next is about 160' of #4 triplex, a short pole and a weather head and I'm in tall cotton!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Revolver mods

I got off early today...we're going through the 'no more O.T.' thing, so I got off around noon, chased my check and got the rest of my 2 x4's to finish the shop addition.

Then I stopped at the range so I could actually do 'sumthing' with the colts sights.
The Navy .44 really shoots high and to the left. I think.
I forgot to clean it the last time I was shooting and got run off by annoying gnats.'
Now it was so powder fouled that the hammer was dragging and not consistently popping caps. I don't know if that was the whole problem, but the last cylinder I shot felt weak,,,may have been the wind blowing half the powder away as I was loading. I even had one ball not even go 3/4 of the way through the 3/4" plywood target.

The Colt open top was a different story.
I was shooting high and to the left there, too. I thought it was just the guns design.
I was going to use Karen's jewelers file to work on the back sight, but decided to do the baby step thing first.
The front sight is a polished silver(ish) blade that reflects the light, so I filed a notch at the top and blackened it with my sharpie.
That made a difference, now I'm shooting level, but still to the left...when I noticed something.

The design on both guns make you want to put your trigger finger in to the first knuckle. It feels natural.
After changing my grip, I used the fingertip pull thing.
Boy was I impressed. I was almost on the aim point for all six.
I put about four cylinders to the test and my pattern tightened up to about a hand span at 25 YDS.
I guess I'm doing it right now because the trigger guard is rapping my middle finger, and I'm rolling my index finger into the trigger.
I also noticed the longer I shot, the more I'd anticipate the shot; so I called it a day after about two hours shooting offhand.

Pics later, if I remember.

I thought Democrats hated capitalism

Well, I guess they do and you could look at all these government takeovers, buyouts, rescues...whatever as some kind of backdoor nationalization- right?
The way Communist countries do it.

The had control of Freddy Mac and Fanny may, while getting a certain Presidential candidate VERY well heeled. Government bribing the same .gov- who much do you think we'd have heard if there was any kind of involvement with any -R's-?

Now we're on the hook for some $100 Billion because of Bill Clinton and his pals forcing lenders to loan to those who can't pay, the .gov taking over AIG and now we're fixing to get stuck with some kind of 'poison assets'...which doesn't sound good.

I guess instead of Bush=Hitler we should be equating the Democrats with him because his NAZIs took over the economy without any public input, too.

Hey, BARRY- Are you *EVER* going to condem those who broke into a private mail and posted the contents?
What about your "Leave the families out of this" speach you gave?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Left stoops to yet another new low

I was going to say something about those Obama supporters hacking a private e-mail account and publishing the details; but I'm too disgusted with that entire selfishly self absorbed immature mindset that could\would even think something like that was acceptable.

I hold the Obama campaign and the Democrat *anything goes if they're not in lockstep*mode responsible for giving the scent of legitimacy to this criminal harassment. They handed out Private e-mails and a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD'S cell phone number to unhinged lunatics who would love nothing less than violence against her...because her mom happens to be on the wrong side of the ideological divide.

Ok, MR. Leave-the-families-out-of-it...you sent your goons to dig dirt, your cur-dogs did the cyber equivalent of Watergate,,,what are YOU going to do about it?

I hope the FBI and Secret Service hang the b@stards, AND the Dems get booted from office for ten years, since they're the ones condoning this behaviour.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If they would work

They'd probably be less poverty stricken and less despised.

Those Gypsies broke into my apartment in Rota and stole about $500 and my favorite Buck knife. I couldn't sleep at nite because of the constant clomping on my rooftop as they did their illegal chit.

Yep, the EU is trying to figure out what to do with the permanent under status of the Roma.
And surprisingly, it involves money and more government.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On this day in history

Handel finishes his them for the Obama candidacy

And a one term, one year Governor who was Veep became president when the sitting president died from an assassination attempt. He was a Republican rabbelrouser, too.

Lastly, in 1940 the Democrat President FDR signed into law the first peactime draft in American history, which was sent forward by a Democrat Senate.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anybody else having intrawebz trouble?

I'm having a hard time loading new sites and I think IKE might have kinda flooded the intratubes when he hit Houston and DFW. Where there are major communications points.
And routers and servers.

I've been trying all day to call my younger sister in Sugarland, just south of Houston, but kep getting a busy signal. I guess it's better than all the lines are down,,,,but.

I heard the long way around that my mom and older sis and her family are ok up in Conroe. Still haven't been able to contact them diectly either.

Oh well, AlGore will have to invent another internet that's environmentally friendler this time, maybe he can get a matching Nobel prize for it and put it up on nis "I love me" wall.

Speaking of flooding, I hear N'awlins took on water. Where do you think the MSm is going to be dashing Bush about FEMA -again?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I guess you've all heard the newest Dem talking point

About Jesus being a community organizer and Pilate being a Governor.

First of all, what do those anti Christian Liberals know about Jesus?
Secondly, What did he do to "organize" them?
AND why are they always trotting him out when they think it will benefit them?

Now about this Jesus=Obama thing....Does that mean that Sarah is fixing to crucify him?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who would have thought

That a rock band would have the backgound narative for this election?

Playing hard is one thing digging up lies and innuendo is quite another
Heres to you Obaminator opposition researchers up there in Wasilla:

Picking on the girl.....
Isn't McCain at the top of the ticket?

Oh, yeah- can't forget Joe, can we?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looks like we're still here

And if you're reading this, that CERN ginormous atom smasher didn't create any earth sized black holes.

I didn't think it would, just more alarmists going off on hypotheticals.
When we tested the first atom bomb in New Mexico, the earths atmosphere was supposed to catch fire, too.
So now all you Tx gulf coast evacuees have one less (or more) thing to worry about.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And I bet he was their version of a republican

See, Thailand's P.M. was forced to resign for getting paid to be on a cooking show, which was some kind of conflict of interest.

Kinda like the witch hunts that are going on in Wassilla right now for a certain Republican by the coalition of nasty little people.

Chit, you'd think she was running for something important
...OR they're running scared and want to beat up on the girl.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I could do that

It would probably take longer than five minutes, though.

Karen was less than impressed, though.
Something along the lines of 'He couldn't find anything else than removing the clothes from a blonde?'

I heard this on the way to the Saxet gun show today

And realized it was the perfect Palin song:

Oh, Rhianna- there were kids of all ages there,,,so next time you're in the states you can bring the girls.
We didn't find anything we really wanted-especially when I found out that they were using wireless for their debit& credit card transactions. I got 100 rounds of reloads for $21, though.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A slightly more motivated week-end

And the euphoria has dampened a bit on our only Reaganesque conservative in the race. Yes, I'm voting for Sarah. Too bad I have to put McCain in the top spot, though.

I got the rest of the lawn mowed (finished)and started in on the paddock so I could back the truck to the workshop.
I'm extending the loafing shed that I'm using as a shop.
It's currently about 12' x 12' and pretty much square. I say pretty much because the guys who formed it up weren't all that careful because cows and horses don't really care, do they?
When I laid out my string lines for the base, I half-assed the measurements and only checked to see if they were parallel. They were, the slab is cocked, so my 12' x 12' post and beam base is off square by about two inches compared to a square subfloor.
The slab isn't level, either.

It has an existing sloped roof that I'll need to decide what I can/ want to do without completely reworking the steel pipes it's framed with. I'll probably go with just extending the roof and lessening the slop by half.
Right now it goes from about eight feet to about seven in the 12', if I go from eight feet to seven in 24' it'll still work. It's not like I'm building for habitation, and I can leave the steel where it is. If I do that, I can even run some triplex overhead and get away from trenching and conduit.

Today, I'm finally changing the oil in the trucks and painting the new shop floor.

Friday, September 05, 2008

What an interesting real life comparison

See the Republican convention had a Liberal union lackey guy fall asleep on the teleprompter.
I don't know if you knew this, but the teleprompter was supposed to stop during breaks in the speech when Sarah and Rudy were speaking, they didn't have a functioning telepromper...and you probably heard how they did.

More than one of the lamestream media said that she knocked it out of the park. Rudy ran long, because he had to go it cold and extemporize.
You probably heard part of it at least. I was wondering why she was looking at her notes so much... but hey, she didn't choke like the anointed one without his speech writers help.
What an interesting real life comparison between the 'veteran presidential campaigner' and the 'newbie'.

I wonder how much sleep Sarah had had in the last 48 hours before her speech?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jumping on the Palin theme meme

How about Thunderstuck?

She's got b@lls?

Don't stop me now!

Got yours?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Unless I missed it

I haven't heard another explanation about the VERY public pregnancy announcement of the 17 year-old Palin.

I've heard all kinds of excuses and contortions about the fact that it seems the McCain campaign got blindsided by this.
Maybe they did. But I'd bet my paycheck against Mo Dowds that i wasn't some kind of head fake from anyone. Gov. Palin was vetted and answered a VERY intrusive questionnaire.
Her whole family probably had to answer on, too. Which is all well and good ,,,until you remember that teen agers are -teen agers, and we all know how open they are.

I'd have to go out on a limb here and stretch myself to say that maybe little Bristol just discovered that fact herself, and being the usual teen, decided that it wouldn't be a good time to let mom know about her little secret.


Oh, sorry- I'm stretching, aren't I? Because we all know that teens are little bots of ourselves that would *never* think of doing what they were told not to do, and when things go pear shaped- run right to their parents to spill their guts,,,because waiting would just make it worse.

Yeah, I'd bet some info was lost on the way up the chain of command on that one.


It's been almost a week and all the Left can come up with is attacking the Palin kids?
Classy Dems, real class.

Where are those incriminating bikini pics that were supposed to shock the right and forever doom the Republicans to minority status?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Taking a look at the latest Leftist 'concerns'

Ok, we have the next Veep and her four month old Downs syndrome child.
The Left is all over it's self about their concern for his well being- because, somehow Palin will be unable to care for him in the White house,,,for some reason.

Let me see if I'm wrong somewhere.
  • She'll be Veep, which is basically voting as a tiebreaker in the Senate....Don't see much of that happening. It's not like opening federal offices and hanging in a secure undeclared location is going to be much of a strain, either.
  • She'll be able to make her own rules (pretty much) as to the nursery thing in her office suites,,,I'd think.
  • You'd think by now they'd have the NannyGate thing settled, so she can get competent help.
  • Right now she's actively doing her job as Governor of Alaska, somehow it might be a little more stressful than cutting ribbons in front of .gov buildings.
I'm sure I can think of more, but I'm looking for electrician/operators jobs right now.