Sunday, September 07, 2008

A slightly more motivated week-end

And the euphoria has dampened a bit on our only Reaganesque conservative in the race. Yes, I'm voting for Sarah. Too bad I have to put McCain in the top spot, though.

I got the rest of the lawn mowed (finished)and started in on the paddock so I could back the truck to the workshop.
I'm extending the loafing shed that I'm using as a shop.
It's currently about 12' x 12' and pretty much square. I say pretty much because the guys who formed it up weren't all that careful because cows and horses don't really care, do they?
When I laid out my string lines for the base, I half-assed the measurements and only checked to see if they were parallel. They were, the slab is cocked, so my 12' x 12' post and beam base is off square by about two inches compared to a square subfloor.
The slab isn't level, either.

It has an existing sloped roof that I'll need to decide what I can/ want to do without completely reworking the steel pipes it's framed with. I'll probably go with just extending the roof and lessening the slop by half.
Right now it goes from about eight feet to about seven in the 12', if I go from eight feet to seven in 24' it'll still work. It's not like I'm building for habitation, and I can leave the steel where it is. If I do that, I can even run some triplex overhead and get away from trenching and conduit.

Today, I'm finally changing the oil in the trucks and painting the new shop floor.

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