Friday, September 30, 2011

GMAFB Puleeeze!

So, we're supposed to believe that MEEchelle decided to stop at the local Target- all by herself- with no prodding because she missed being with the common people?

And that no-one noticed a parade of black limos being driven by guys wearing sunglasses at night- escorting a black woman hidden by a ballcap?

Did anyone notice that the huge store suddenly only had white guys wearing shades and suit coats and a few carefully chosen "shoppers" to mingle with?

Yeah, those hicks in flyover country think I'm one of them now..

Gawd are they stoopid!

OR is this a store that's used to drug dealers and pimp-biatches doing their shopping like this- so it was unremarkable until a photo was 'leaked'


I honestly can't remember EVAR seeing a Target store that empty...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tell ya what Beverly

Lets suspend those pesky Congressional elections AFTER the citizens have a say in the 2012 elections.
That way the ones who got us into this mess won't be around to continue f*cking it up.

Still feel that way?

...Or will your lapdog media accuse Republicans of usurping the Constitution?

A change in the postal service

In a new money making idea, they'll be putting living people on postage stamps.
This is a way to make money by selling stamps to collectors (so they don't have to actually - you know- deliver the mail.

I wonder who'll be the first one to be honored?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Robespierre, how'd that changiness work for you?

The next three months Robespierre reigned supreme. he nominated all the members of the Government Committees, placed his men in all places of influence in the commune of Paris, and assumed complete control of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

However, as his power increased, his popularity waned. On May 7 Robespierre, who had previously condemned the Cult of Reason, advocated a new state religion and recommended the Convention to acknowledge the existence of God; on June 8 the inaugural Festival of the Supreme being took place. Meanwhile, the pace of the guillotine grew faster; public finance and government generally drifted to ruin, and Saint-Just demanded the creation of a dictatorship in the person of Robespierre. On July 26, the dictator delivered a long harangue complaining that he was being accused of crimes unjustly
(It was Bushes fault!). The Convention, after at first obediently passing his decrees, next rescinded them and referred his proposals to the committees. That night at the Jacobin Club his party again triumphed. At the Convention the following day, Saint-Just could not obtain a hearing, and Robespierre was vehemently attacked (the 9th of Thermidor). A deputy proposed his arrest; at the fatal word Robespierre's power came to an end.

He fled to the Common Hall, whereupon the Convention declared him an outlaw. The National Guard under Barras turned out to protect the Convention, and Robespierre had his lower jaw broken by a shot fired by a gendarme. The next day (July 28, the 10th of Thermidor), he was sent to the guillotine along with Saint-Just, Couthon, and nineteen others.

So they had an "undie" run today

To make a point about Utahs "uptight" laws.

Participants donned bras, panties, nightgowns, swimwear or colorful boxer shorts — and some added political messages by expressing support for causes like gay marriage on their chests, backs or legs.

Looking at the picture, I'd say they need to rethink the whole semi-nekkie thing unless they want re-enforce that whole 'cover that fugly up' ideas.

BTW- who's Les?

No Barry,

Don't even think about it.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, we're watching TweeWee

And this Subaru commercial comes on:

...And I asked her- "Did you notice the front end?"

"No- why?"

"Because if he wasn't texting, he'd have seen the car in front of him was STOPPED."

So, I'm looking for different recipes

Actually I'm looking for something to make carrots to go with stuffed pork loin and cottage fries. has a thing that you put in what you want and they give you a list.
There are some surprises in there.
Some of them are a real stretch- so much that I can't see anyong getting past the visual to actually taste the dish...

Really, sorry but I think I picked that up last time the dog barfed.

For you electricians out there

Stolen from my cousin

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorry, some things just jump out at you

Ya know? And then you just can't help but run with it.

Just like Slick Willey is doing with his newly unleashed Republican h8ing.

"Then I took Monica's head ..."

Political polling again

Now we have a blow-out for the creepiest Dr. Who villain in the Weeping Angles at 55% an 18 Votes with The Empty Child asking 6 voters "Are you mu mummy?"

As always, you can vote here, but it won't count.

Which question will hurt more?
Which question will leave a mark?
How many people did Watergate kill? 
Who do you want to answer that 3 AM call? 
Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Are you better off than you were four years ago? free polls 
Yes, three of those questions DID come from Ronaldus Maximus.

Now if we can only get our candidate to remember how Reagan took the fight to the Dems...
Instead of "toning down the rhetoric" and having a "civil discourse with our friends across the aisle..." Gag. Me. John.

Just to clear things up about those $16 muffins

That you thought were costing too much for .GOV functionaries.

The source I heard on the radio said it was for a whole breakfast.
There now don't you feel better?


Why does the .GOV have to have it's taxpayer funded conferences at the HILTON hotel anywhere?
Don't we pay enough for lavish buildings for them to find unused space built and maintained by the taxpayer?
-Or are they too good for some public venue?

Overall, in 2008 and 2009, the Justice Department held or participated in 1,832 conferences at a cost of $121 million, the report said. The conferences examined by auditors, on topics from drug enforcement to violence against women, were held at elite hotels — including the Omni Shoreham and the J.W. Marriott in Washington and the Grand Hyatt in Denver — that added service fees of roughly 20 percent to the food costs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paging Dr. Hanson, Dr, Hanson of NASA...

Just curious here Doc-

This is your NASA satellite, that you put into orbit and have (supposedly) tracked as long as it's been up there. Now you can't figure out where or when it will land.

Because the flightpath is complicated by it's tumbling.

Maybe you should have put more money into those tracking computer programs than the ones that supposedly can predict how an exponentially more complex climate will act.

That and the whole pie-ing of the climate data that took your eyes off the things YOU put in the sky....

I forgot to mention that NASA says in the semi-likelyhood of something crashing through your roof tonight- DO.NOT. PUT. IT. IN. YOUR. MOUTH.

Because those college educated rocket scientists know that the first thing we do in flyover country is put something steaming and glowing into our mouths,,,just like an inbred five year old.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ok Jonathan Brian of Kennedy H.S.

Who Proudly proclaims that he's not only a teacher at Kennedy H.S. in San Antonio, but a government teacher as well.

Sit down and shut up- you just got burned by Godwins Law:

How many of you have done everything you can to ruin your country?

Just raise your hand:

It's amazing how he looks like he'd be a walk-on in South Park- doesn't it?
Trying to kill Kenny.

Waddaya mean we're out of money?

It wasn't two months ago that you people in DeeCee raised out debt ceiling by the unrealistic amount of some $1.5 TRILLION so President Zero could keep throwing it down the septic tank without having to do it again before election day.

Now you're telling us we're BROKE??!!??

And that unless we raise the spending limit AGAIN that the .GOV will have to shut down?

Before you let it shut down- pass a law that ties the military salary to yours, that way your betters will still get paid- just like you clowns who keep getting us into this crap.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey, who's that cute blonde in the back row?

The one that would have had the attention of the MSM- except for the classless "it's all about me!" of the boy genius.

Ya- dat's him right in the center of attention.

Where he thinks he's belonged ever since his typical white grandmother rescued him from an unstable communist mother...

Oh, yeah- I fergot

Happy gay daze to you military guys, and Chaz...

I guess the Air Force is the same all over the world- huh?

Umm, no guy,,, there are clues...

So, we had another speech today, huh?

Mr. Nobel Prize went up to the U.N. to give a speech about a speech he gave last year that said that last years speech wasn't really what he meant.

Or something...

Then somewhere before or after, he met with Abbas and talked about their not asking for a state- right now.

How much does anyone think that will cost us- in money we don't have?

Of course he talked at Israel, too, and they got the usual nothing.

Have we got any lawyers in the audience?

Because Legal insurrection has now way to email the Perfezzer for the likelihood of this being able to be used against the union bosses stirring hate in their members.

I was just wondering if this was workable for the next DoJ with a competent director.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So that makes it sooper tactical?

But we wouldn't really expect much more for GFWs, would we?

Found here

An urgent request from Facebook

Please copy & paste this to your status if you are constantly being asked to copy & paste something to your status by friends who copy & paste things to their status. Many people won't copy & paste this but my true sarcastic friends will copy & paste it because they know this was copied & pasted from a dear friend in need of more stuff to copy & paste...thank you! And don't forget the heart...♥

Monday, September 19, 2011

...And here I was thinking thos 'Gun Walker" FFLs were innocent dupes

who were forced to violate federal firearms laws under duress.

How gullible I am:
The tapes were recorded approximately mid-March 2011 by the primary gun dealer cooperating with ATF in its "Fast and Furious" operation: Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company in Glendale, Arizona. He's talking with the lead case ATF case agent Hope McAllister.

Because I was lead to believe that those FFLs didn't really want to sell guns to known felons, but you have all kinds- I guess old ANDRE HOWARD was one of those fast operator/low drag wannabe Fed who would do anything asked of him by those 'Agents' so he can get close to them for some kind of street cred- or something long as it doesn't worry his mind about that pesky 2nd Amendment

Because people like him have an "IN' with their buddies- until their buddies find that having buddies like LONE WOLF TRADING and ANDRE HOWARD are too much of a liability and find a way to slide them off to the ones they don't want to talk to..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

When the anti-capitalist revolution starts

It will be livecasted by the money grubbing site and captured by Sony, Motorola, LG and various other capitalist tools.

BTW- did everyone walk there, because using buses and airlines would only fuel corporate greed.

Dude! Did you just listen to what you just said?

Seriously guy, I know you're just mouthing things others poured into your brain the last time you were passed out over your bong, but....duuude....

Seriously? A cap on contributions to corporations?
Like who's going to enforce that and how much will it be?

H/T to 3 Boxes

Look! More teabaggers trying to starve kids

Because they couldn't just be greedy New Yorkers out to make millions by defrauding the .GOV in some  preschool meals program.

I don't know what to say about this

At an old Halloween article.

I mean "Oh my Gawd" get that man a top hat and a bike horn!

So could driving a car, Christine Michele

But on The Tonight Show, Bachmann repeated her claim twice. "Again, it's something that potentially could have dangerous side effects," she said.

You know, Mrs. Bachmann, you're really starting to get into Ross Perot territory with your continued harping on the HPV injections.
Not to mention the soundbites you're giving the Democrats when you finally lose most of your support for riding that Gardasil horse to death with your Jenny McCarthy-like lies truth-stretching about non-existent mental retardation.

Hey Michele O'Donnel- There were parental opt-outs built in!
Not to mention that Perry backed down on the thing when his constituants said "Hell NO!"
You on the other hand are dragging this out longer than the entire thing went on here in Texas.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was reading some old Q&A's

over at Jeffs Gunblast site, looking for something that caught my eye about rifles in .357 where I came across some questions from Oz about guns in America.
It's a long search down, so I'm grabbing the whole thing:

Hi Jeff I'm a gun owner and live in Australia. We hear all to often about these shootings in schools in the US, innocents killed many injured both physically and emotionally, good folk scared for life. You know more people are killed with firearms in the US each year than are killed on our roads in Aus plus firearms incidents! What is being done about this appalling loss of life Jeff? I'll tell you...... nothing because the average American ego is so large the average American cant pull their head out of their ass to see the light of day. Kids can buy firearms and ammo! What sort of appalling lack of CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY is this. Is the average American proud of this ability to arm themselves? And for what ? To people outside the US looking in, it seems that Americans are paranoid ! Seriously this is how it appears, so much for "living in the land of the free" I love your web site, but heads need to put together, laws changed and the penalties need to fit the crime, here's a thought Jeff. If the ruling was that if a felon commits a crime and has in their possession a firearm, weather it has been produced or not during the robbery/assault a mandatory 20 years jail sentence with NO CHANCE of parole is imposed PLUS time for the offence, I would think twice! Something has to be done Jeff, its all fun and games playing with "big boys toys" but passing the responsibility of owning firearms off to your Constitution is not any kind of responsibility at all!


Mike Hodgson

March 7, 2008

and Jeffs reasonable response (that would probably surprise Libs who think all gun owners are savages)
Firearms have been available here for over 200 years, yet it wasn't until our government created "gun free zones" that these tragedies started taking place. These low-life shooters are going to schools to do their shootings, where they know that no armed citizens will be present. When I was in school, many of us has guns in our pickup truck gun racks on school property, yet we never even thought about opening fire on our classmates. The availability of guns is not the problem, it is the evil that is in the hearts of some people. What you do not hear on the news is how many times lives are saved because someone was armed, and stopped a shooter from doing violence. We arm our police, as you do yours, yet in doing so we are just hiring others to do that which we should be willing to do ourselves. It is every citizen's responsibility to protect our own families, friends, and neighbors from those deranged, evil people who choose to do us harm. Adding a mandatory twenty years to the sentence of someone who has just murdered six people is not a deterrent, and most of these scum take their own lives anyway, after their deeds are done. The police cannot be everywhere at once, and usually they can only show up in time to write a report. If someone tries to do me harm, it is my responsibility, not that of the government, to protect myself. Our society today devalues human life, with the gruesome violence in movies, television, and video games. As a nation, we no longer teach our children the ways and teachings of Jesus, but allow them to do everything that they like, get everything that they want, and suffer no consequences for their actions. That some grow up to be selfish, disrespectful, hate-filled brats should not come as a surprise to any of us.

Then an apology like an adult-

I guess I may have overstepped the mark with a couple of comments I made, I'm sorry. What you have written does make sense to me. I guess we are from two very different worlds when it comes to survival and thinking about it, if lived in the States I would probably carry one myself.

I guess I went off half cocked so to speak!

Keep up that great web site.


Mike H :}

And a reasonable response-
No problem at all. I welcome differing views on any subject. I would prefer than people were nice to each other. It is shameful what some do to their fellow man. I do not think that gun control can ever stop violence. A case in point is our prison system. Access in and out is strictly controlled, and there are more police per capita in a prison than anywhere in the world. Guns are strictly forbidden. There are no guns inside the prison buildings, yet murders, rapes, beatings, and robberies still take place in that controlled environment, everyday. Without an armed populace, gangs rule. Evil people will always do evil things. Your comments are always welcome. It is good to hear other opinions on the topic.


So, all this brings up the fact that within half a century, no one can remember how their country was (U.K. or Australia) before their gun bans took affect.
Their laws were probably as loose, or looser than we have in America today, but even then there was no blood in the streets and disagreements met with gunfire.

Someone might remind them of what their country was like before those gun bans and the PC army turned the people into mindless emoting mouth breathers.

Because Liberalism is all about control

Someone controlling your actions.
Lets take a perfect example of a Liberal elitist in the form of newly elected Mayor Rahm-

Who is giving people a choice (yay!) to either-
Join his  fitness plan (boo!)


PAY $50/mo because you don't.(BOO!)

The program includes an initial screening that focuses on preventative care for asthma, heart disease and diabetes. City employees would then receive wellness training to achieve long-term health goals, including weight loss.
Smokers wouldn't be penalized,(YET-ed) but they would be encouraged to quit. Advisers overseeing the program will monitor progress on a bimonthly basis, and those who reach their goals could see their health care premiums reduced.
"We will help you be a good steward for your health," Emanuel said Friday, "but if you choose not to, you'll pay that price and that is the price you'll have to pay."

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Judge, we'll keep striking

Because we're the union and we're above the law.

Besides, it's 'for the children'...


I hope those striking teachers aren't surprised when their students start back sassing them and ignoring their orders.... because- hey teachers are immune, why shouldn't the kids be too?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I didn't know this about Rick Perry

And I'm sure if the newest loser in the Republican stable knew it, she still would have channeled her inner Liberal attack points to try to knock Rick down about his decision on HPV vaccine.

But because Rick Perry has integrity we didn't learn about this until a week after Michelle Bachmans libelous attacks showed us how she thinks.

...and why she's steadily moving into Ron Paul territory for me.

I had a post in mind this morning

But crappy drivers kind of knocked it off the back burner.

But that's ok! I scrapped most of it off the stovetop:-)

This EPA thing about making use pay more for everything because of some grass, or mouse or (in our case) endangered snail darter that'll cost us an extra $150/acre-foot of Edwards aquafier in the near future.

So, my question is-
Given that this administration and to be truthful- most of DeeCee and the environmental movement is made up of Liberals who take pride in their atheism.
Not only atheism, but viral and obsessive anti-religion in the worship of Darwinism.
The ones how view anyone who thinks Genesis might be a viable workaround to the beginning of man- to be anti-scientific trogs who think the entire universe was made in 144 hours.

Now- given their worship of Darwin and his "Survival of the fittest" theory-
and their knowledge of why things go extinct-

Why (besides the fact that they hate civilization) are they so adamant about not letting a non-viable species go where Gaia wants it to?
Are they busy playing God, so they can decide which species lives in spite of their evolutionary choices because they really know better than their god Darwin?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whoa, whoa...lets back this crazy train up a minute

In the news today, we have a snitch site that wants Americans to snitch about whoever isn't respecti'n the Chocolate Jeezus enough, and it's already an internet joke.

Didn't they already try this last year, or the year before with the same results?

Now we have Dems in Congress worried about gutting medicare and medicaid?

Wasn't it them that pushed through an illegal Obamacre bill that stripped $500 million from Medicare last year? In the middle of the night? In the face of rabid citizen opposition?

That's right Harry, you tell `em

You don't want just any powermad clown coming around and telling you how to pass legislation!

“It’s a pretty good way to legislate around here, be a dictator and say, ‘Either take this or leave it.’ That isn’t how things work around here,” said Reid, a Nevada Democrat. “We have to have votes on issues to find out how people feel. I’m convinced his issue would lose overwhelmingly, but he’s holding this legislation up. And we are in a position that . . . we cannot get to this bill prior to Friday when the FAA expires.”

You yong kids might need to google-image Oliver Hardy to understand that bad photoshop.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Does some body want to remind Ron Paul

That before 9-11 happened we WERE NOT bombing some fictional 100K innocent Iraqi civilians.
And that Bill Clinton was trying to get over on Israel with the Palies?

And as for Bachman using Liberal attack points (you know lies and distortions) about Perrys Garasil mandate ...that he rescinded. We'll be putting her on the decond tier of maybe votes now. Way to make a point Michell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grand Funk Railroad had a song about you Capt'n Obvious

Just to put it in context:
Brian Williams brought up the subject of record low approval ratings and disappointment among voters who supported him in 08. In response to this, President Obama likens himself as the 'Captain of the ship' who is just weathering a bad storm and 'when the ship is rocking and people are hurting, the people are not going to be happy, no matter how good the captain was doing'

So the scuttlebut about the debate tonight is SocSec and Rick Perry

According to those in the know, almost all of the contestants are going to try hammering Rick about what he said about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme.

You people throwing stones better remember what YOU have already said about SocSec, because it WILL come back to bite you in the ass.

The MSM will make sure whoever the front-runner is will make their own Democrat soundbite tonight. I'm not going to do it Mitt, but I'm sure you have some things you don't want me to do a search on as soon as you open your mouth, right Michelle?
And lets not even bring up the barge that is toting Newts baggage, ok?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking at the bright side

...Because they ARE the party of Hope-N-change.
That treasurer of most Cal-Dem campaigns who took them to the bank can give Di-Fi, Loretta Sanchez and the rest some street cred in the SocSec department.

As in "we understand how you feel to put in all this money to have it pissed away by some crook."
Except that I can't imagine them going that rout because, then they couldn't blame Republicans for putting in a farging IOU when they raided AlBores "lockbox" back in the `70's and early `80's.

Excuse me you Libs as I laugh my way to work and a 27% weekly deduction for your Federally mandated deduction crap.

I know Barry didn't grow up in America

But you'd think a Constitutional "scholar" who "taught" Constitutional law would know this.

But I guess they didn't have Schoolhouse rock in Indonesia...

I guess he really is the Anti-Christ

Lets see, we have all these things happening that would be called plagues in the Old Testament.
We're lacking frogs, boils and locusts, but just wait and see if He's re-elected.

Now the final piece of the puzzle from Guatemala. Yes, that's the Devils offspring (or a space alien).

Which has a lot of his dad in that picture, doesn't it? Same expression, same melon head...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tired of politics- newest poll

Our Ramen poll was pretty much evenly split between the ones who like their noodles whole (18/30%), halving the blocks (18/30%) and the smart asses/rich Liberals (15/25%) who said they didn't know what Ramen noodles were.

As usual, you can still vote, but it doesn't count.

So now, we'll go into the Whovian meme of your creepiest Dr. Who monsters.

Which DR. Who monster creeps you out the most?
Cybermen- don't rip out my brain and stuff it into a robot! 
The Daleks- "Exterminate!!!" The Vashta Nerada- this is why you're scared of the dark. 
The weeping angels- Don't BLINK! The Empty Child- "Are you my mummy?" free polls 

The Daleks
The Vashta Nerada
The weeping angels
The Empty Child

There's a kiss of death for Mittens

I wonder why the American MSM isn't trumpeting Meggy Macs endorsement for the guy who LOST to her dad?

Mitt Romneycare

He said 'I know how to drive this truck'

So pass the bill. It'll put people to work on infrastructure....again.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Well Big Sis did say to watch for middle aged white terrorists

Here is an example of one now :-)

Funny how he thinks that private property means something when it's HIS union halls parking lot, but it's Ok about breaking into private property and holding hostages while they destroy 10,000 tons of grain.

Daym, it's like Al Bundy in an episode of the Twilight zone when your personality changes 180 degrees- or something.

Hey Al, lighten up.

Look for the union label

Any time there's some kind of strong arm, illegal activity involving jobs and easy money- you'll find a union thug involved somehow.

But, then again- isn't that what our socialist-in-chief wants? Payback for 'the Man' keeping "the worker" down? I mean Keerist, those union thugs in Washington are going to defy a judges order to behave like civilized human beings because their bosses tell them to.

Leighton said he felt like a paper tiger because the International Longshore and Warehouse Union clearly ignored a temporary restraining order he issued last week with similar limits. He scheduled a hearing for next Thursday to determine whether the union should be held in civil contempt.

"The regard for the law is absent here," the judge said. "Somebody is going to be hurt seriously.

AND it's not like those communist sympathizers give a shit about anyone getting hurt or dying while they strike for everything they can grab.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The newest earworm

Thanks DaddyBear!

Oops. Looks like someone left something incriminating behind

Why else would the the anti-constitutionalists at Eric Holders FBI want to raid Solyndra- who got half a BILLION dollars from their 20+ visits to the White House?

It surly can't be that they want to prosecute a Friend of Barry?
It's not like their products killed any American LEO's, is it?

There's your army Mr. president

500 union thugs break into private property, hold the guards hostage and destroy tons of grain meant for Americans.

Because the union would rather people starve than give anything up for the common good.

Ohh, this oughtta be fun, it's union thugs against other union thugs fighting over jobs that should go to the unemployed.

My thoughts on Het iWONs job speech

all he has to say is two words and the stock market will rebbound and employers will welcome new hires with open arms.

It wouldn't take long to say

"I quit"

Oh...wait- shit.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just putting this out for the National News media

Those thousands of acres burning east of Austin are in Bastrop County- (pronounced Bass Drop) NOT Basdrip...Shep and everyone of you clueless east coast Libs who haven't a clue.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

i was wondering about this today

Does anyone know if Jimmy Hoffa Jr. holds any kind of Journeymans card endorsements on his free Class CDL- OR more likely, all his experiences are sitting behind a desk and talking tough.

You know, I REALLY wish jimmy Jr would have kept his mouth shut about his UAW union thugs declaring war on me and mine until I'd bought my new Ranger.

Now I'll have to go Jap or Korean. F the Unions. You declare war on me and I'll be damned if I give you any of my money.

Yeah, Jimmy Jr is a teamster union thug.
I'd really like to see him parallel park a 53" dry van, or back into a space in a crowded, busy truck stop in the middle of a blizzard.

You DO know....Jimmy Hoffa jr.......

That there are more of us than there are of you, right?

AND we also know how to lay `crete so nothing floats to the surface.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Texas Dove hunters

Try to remember rule four when you're trying to fill a hummingbird mouthful of dove with bird shot.

I know how exiting it is when you're trying to knock one out of the air- BUT- the fiber line of my cable internet isn't birdshot proof.

K?-Tnx, by.

The next president might be an ex-governor, John

But it won't be an ex-governor from Utah.

Just saying, and it's not because your a Mormon.

Enjoy the day off Mr. President

You earned it.

It's hard work destroying a country that's 235 years old.

Happy Labor Day everyone

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Did I really remember seeing that yesterday?

One of the TOTUS writers is heading off to Hollywood to do some screenwriting.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to write comedy and be creative,” said the 29-year-old, who is set to move west in mid-September. According to the Washington Post, Lovett has already fielded “interest from studios in a Washington-based political comedy and an updated version of “M.A.S.H.” Did Hollywood just get a little smarter? Or Washington a little less funny?

I didn't know Hollywood wanted someone who could write the same thing twenty different ways with the same blank meaning.

But, then again- I hardly ever watch sitcoms or pay movies, soo....

This looks interesting

Hsoi has a link to a place called Ghostery.

It's a download that tracks your trackers and lets you block them.

I wonder what my computer experts think about it?

This hardhat protected a steelworker cleaning up the WTC

It's going on display at the (extremely belated) memorial.

I don't have a problem with it being a union proud hardhat, but I do take exception to one sticker.

Can anyone identify it?

No, I don't mean the flag, because back then even the unions weren't so anti-American as they are today.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

On Tee Wee right now

on the Science channel we had Stuck with Hackett.
This is a kind of Junkyard wars with a guy (some kind of proffezzorial guy with drealocks) who can make useful things out of junk.

Now, normally I put someone with dreadlocks into the hippie (and useless) catagory- but I don't have a problem admitting I'm wrong (unlike most pols)- so in his last show, making a laundry mat out of an old Delta-88- I have to admit that in the EOTWAWKIT- that might be a good barter idea. Assuming you have the fuel to run a car that's not going anywhere for living supplies.

Me, I think I'll build my stock of always in demand adult beverages. It takes less resources and there's always some kind of demand.

Hey look! Mel Gibson is at Bartertown on the other channel....I wonder if I have a theme tonight?

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sorry, can't help it

From Zip:

This pic-
"Look hunney- they put white dude on the cross!"

UPDATE- Sunday

I just noticed something on his lapel.
Is he finally proud to be an American for the first time in his adult life, too?

I saw this and forgot about it

Someone asked if -when a battleship lets off a broadside, does it move sideways.

The answer given was that, no- the ship is too heavy to move sideways.

I think this picture gives the lie to at least part of that idea. (the "part" being that the bow has much less mass than mid-ships)

Oh look, some anti-American drug addict got himself booted from a plane

The front-man from the anti-American greenie group couldn't be bothered to stop posing as a prison biatch on SW Airlines and was escorted off.

Because acting like some kind of mature human being is an insult to his 'musical' psyche...or something.

Time for driving tips with Kurt

Because there are a lot of you people moving here from the states that you turned into a socialist paradise- and can't find work- here are some Texas driving tips.

  • We don't drive like you. We actually agree that using turn signals actually helps keep traffic moving a little better.
  • Yes I'm in a big truck so that means I can only go as fast as I can go- so when you're behind me think of these things:
                 A- There are other lanes (probably moving faster, too!)
                 B- No matter how close you tail me, I can only go as fast as I can go.
                 C- If you're following me so close that I can't even see you- how are you going to intimidate me
                       into speeding up.
                 D- I take a lot longer to stop than you do- hence that huge following gap you like use to shoot                              the offramp in.
                  E- Most importantly. I'm getting paid by the hour- YOU are obviously in a hurry. When you                                cause my wreck, I'll make sure to have our talk with Officer Obie takes as long as possible.
                       I might have even had my video working so I can show him how you cut me off with                         no  warning.
  • When I have my turn signals on and you're sitting six inches off my bumper- and I'm looking at you through my west coast mirrors---I really 'CAN'T' tell that your twitching index finger sitting on top of the wheel means it's ok to move over.
  • Do we even want to get into the whole 4-way stop on flashing (malfunctioning) stoplight?

Really people, get a clue!

More results of the law of unintended consequences

So we have Mubarik on trial in Egypt for doing what the Mullahs want to do under color of religion.

There is some kind of international agreement to bring 'to justice' anyone someone points a finger at and calls them a war criminal, or despot (except islamic terrorists)- no matter how long it takes.

...And some people are wondering why Kaddafi and Assad are going to die trying to hold on to what they have, instead of fading away to a lavish retirement in some friendly country?

Because you bleeding heart, do-gooders forced them to decide if they'll stand trial on (most likely) trumped-up charges and spend the rest of their lives in prison- OR go out fighting.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thoughts on something I heard today

In one of the radio segments I got to listen to Rush on.

If you watch the NFL pre-season game you're racist for not watching the smartest negro in the world.

Actually, you'd be LESS racist because there are a lot more blacks playing football than in the political side of DeeCee.

And they're all millionaires.

That didn't take long, did it?

President crawfish and his tough talking spokesflacks in the Whitehouse couldn't even stand 24 hours of Republican criticism before he decided to go up against the NFL.

I hope someone (besides our enemies) takes something home from this...Rick? Barbra? Herman?

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