Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tired of politics- newest poll

Our Ramen poll was pretty much evenly split between the ones who like their noodles whole (18/30%), halving the blocks (18/30%) and the smart asses/rich Liberals (15/25%) who said they didn't know what Ramen noodles were.

As usual, you can still vote, but it doesn't count.

So now, we'll go into the Whovian meme of your creepiest Dr. Who monsters.

Which DR. Who monster creeps you out the most?
Cybermen- don't rip out my brain and stuff it into a robot! 
The Daleks- "Exterminate!!!" The Vashta Nerada- this is why you're scared of the dark. 
The weeping angels- Don't BLINK! The Empty Child- "Are you my mummy?" free polls 

The Daleks
The Vashta Nerada
The weeping angels
The Empty Child

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  1. Not to throw off the results, but that's the way it's trending anyway- but I don't think I'll ever be able to walk past a stone angel without....wondering.