Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've never seen Sex in the City

Never had the slightest inclination to- after I found out they kept their cloths on.

But that being said Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse.
In a cute marish way as opposed to a nightmarish way.

So does Bette Midler.

More racial healing from the Obamamessiah

This time in the form of Fr. Michael Pfleger- who I took as black when I heard his sermon on the radio. But then Foxnews thinks he's a protestant (if you read the caption).

So, are we supposed to get all racial now and start referring to him as some sort of food?
You know, like when the blacks want to act like normal Americans instead of some illiterate thug from the 'hood is called an *Oreo*- black on the outside and white in the middle.
Or a *Coconut* an Hispanic that wants to be mainstream instead of being some barrio vato?
I've hard of Bananas, too

What are feather Indians calling themselves? Dot Indians?

Back to Fr. Pfleger- are we supposed to be calling him a *Snowball* now, or just your average ...Communist Socialist agitator?
I'm not sure of the protocols here. I mean are we supposed to get some racial hatemongers to speak for us while we're shutting down Chicago?
Who do we hit up for extortion money?
Do we get a tee-shirt?

You wouldn't know it from this blog

But I scored five points higher than normal on this Civic Literacy test.

Although I guessed at quite a few, I at least had an idea to start my rationalization from.
Which is better than just taking a wild @ssed guess like it looks like most college students did.

I'd also like to take issue with three that I got wrong, but giving them the benefit of the doubt- I started this at 5:40AM, and also don't have their material to look at.

You also might want to take a look at the rankings of a certain Ivy League school who has graced us with a presidential candidate and his wife.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I told you there was something fishy- didn't i?

The more we hear about the thought police religious brown shirts Yearning For Zion Ranch and the legal questions makes me sure my media radar was right.

the vast majority of those "abused" minors who were mothers now turn out to be adults.
Under normal circumstances, the children would not have been automatically stripped from their parents and sent all over Texas- except that it happened to be a non-moslem fundamentalist religion. The state even held an 18 year old ADULT in custody until she gave birth and then sent the newborn to an unrelated group of people in it for the money. (ok, that wasn't fair- but fosters ARE getting my tax money)
Now the state has to return the stolen children to their loving family. Just another example of the state over reaching their authority in this religious witch hunt.

The more that dribbles out of the media black-out the less the state has to show. I heard that the wost charge the DA might be looking at is the polygamy thing- and minor violations like you could be charged with if anyone looked hard enough. It also seems that those pregnant prepubescent teens probably ended up there for a search engine hitcount more than -you know,,,there *really* being pregnant 13 year old girls there.

If you have a question on the MSMs take on things just feel free to ask "Mr. Media BS detectorman".

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Overheard at a Wall

Say Stephan, did you see anything unusual this morning?

Not really Gregory, did you?

Yes as a matter of fact. When I was picking up this months Bimmer, I saw a dog peeing on an Exxon pump.

Ohhhhh? So that means....

YES! Lets go bid up the price of crude $5 a barrel!

I never really liked those @ssholish dotcom millionairs back in the 90's, but I never wished for them to loose everything they made from their business like I do with those oil profiteers.
I'd love to hear sob stories about how badly their life is when the bubble finally bursts and they're holding millions of barrels of crude worth a quarter that they paid.

Annoying radio commercials

You know the ones. The ones where you just can't turn the thing off fast enough after you recognize the first voice,,,
There's a new one out by Verizon for their WiFi setup, or something. This one has a ditz in a coffe shop complaining about not being able to leave or she'll have to actualy close her laptop.

I think I was behind her this morning because whatever she was doing in that car didn't have anything to do with driving.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feminine hygiene spray

I went shopping the other day at our local Walmart, which I guess is at the end of the supply line if you look at their selection.

This Walmart always smells like something different. Usually it smells like whatever got broken in the grocery section- mayo, pickle juice, cherry soda...
This week-end it smelled like feminine hygiene spray. All over the store.

What is it with that?
Is it supposed to hide the fact that somethings happening down there?
Is it really that bad that your personal space needs to alter whatever is happening?
My nose isn't that good, so maybe I just can't- and never could- smell 'that change'- except when women (teen girls) took a bath in the stuff.

Or is it just something for aerosol manufacturers to make a couple extra bucks on a natural function?
I had to go to a middle school the other day for work and during class change you could almost see the cloud of masking odor raising from the preteen crowd.


Speaking of Wally-world, We'll be doing without the humungus red bag of Ol' Roy.
because the dogs like it too much. The humungus yellow bag will last about a week longer.

I'm mean, aren't I? I guess you PETArds need to tell Nany Pelosi to do something to lower my costs so I can AFFORD to buy something besides gas.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barack Hussein Quayle

Dan Quayle didn't make as many gaffes in his V.P. term as as Barry O. does in one week.
But then again, Quayle is a Republican and Barry is the new anointed one.

His Memorial day orations include a speech in which he referred to "the unbroken line of fallen heroes", and then mentioning all those sitting there listening to him. His (typically white) uncle somehow liberated Auschwitz (and those typically white Jews) during WWII- before being discharged to hide in the attic for six months.

And now he wants to force every servicemember to undergo pshyc testing before discharge.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Can't you just hear them?

"Danica, he really didn't mean to break your car- don't go down there and kick his @ss."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

WOW, reality bites...

I was doing the weekly shopping at Wally-world when it hit me...we could really be heading for some kind of meltdown- all centered on the spiralling cost of energy.

I just got done looking at all the meat that I was getting priced out of and finally grabbing a tube of the Salmonella brand of 27/63% brand hamburger for $2.20/lb. Last year I was paying that for GOOD meat. Got a loaf of my Sam's bread (twice what it was 6 months ago) and Karen's high dollar fiber bread-with the obligatory sawdust sprinkling) for almost three dollars.
Then the ketsup, and on to the baking aisle- when it hit me.

Lard was 88cents- soon that's all the family would be able to afford as far as meat flavor.
That's when I remembered my Grandpa telling about their meals during the Depression.
They would make tomato soup out of ketsup and hot water.
Three days out of the week, their meat would be whatever got sopped-up when they fried their cornbread -in lard.

AND the potatoes, used in everything as an extender.

I wonder when I'll have to start looking up more of these recipes?

This time, just like last time- part of the cause is speculation driving prices and the government being unable to cope with what's happening.
In this case, though, the government is almost directly the cause of the spiraling costs of everything because of their unrealistic energy policies.

The Ethanol boondoggle rewarding their donors at 'Big Agriculture' with my tax money.
AND the absolute refusal to let us use our own oil.

I wonder what our next 'Hoovervilles' will be named after? 'Pelosivilles?' 'Obamavilles?'
Most likely it will be a Republican, sine in this case too the Dems will refuse to accept blame.

Just click

That's what your mouse is for.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Overheard on "Reno 911!"

A mans best friend is his gun.

but, then again, a dog carrying his gun would be really cool, too.

Our Memorial Day week-end Nose Art

As we thank those who made it safe for us to field such a pathetic group of presidential candidates, along with the self-steering ship of state which takes more than one full term of hapless helmsmen to run aground.

We give you:

In honor of a Tanker

One of New Zealand's Avengers

Which says "We shoot from both ends"
H/T to Geoff

Walt Disney studios tribute to at least two former Marines on my blogroll

And my Air Force pals

Not to mention my little part of the Navy

A Thanks to all who made it through, and a special heartfelt thank you to those who didn't- Bless You.

Friday, May 23, 2008

John Cornyn,,,,Cares about your input?


This is the response I got back from J.C.'s bot-reader in response to this letter I sent him about a month ago.

Dear Mr. P:

Thank you for contacting me about the use of ethanol and renewable fuels as part of our national energy policy. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this matter.

In an effort to protect the U.S. economy and consumers, the federal government has made a significant commitment to encourage the development of alternative fuels. Many of the government’s enacted strategies and programs have worked to help Texas become a leader in the development of several renewable transportation fuels and the largest biodiesel producer in the country. As we continue to integrate these sources of fuel into the marketplace, we must ensure that any federal mandates are attainable, not burdensome to our economy, and do not adversely affect consumers.

Ethanol is a growing industry that is helping to revitalize the rural American economy, albeit with noticeable consequences for consumers such as a rising food and fuel prices. Recently, Congress passed the CLEAN Energy Act (P.L. 110–140) to expand the renewable fuel standard from 8.5 billion gallons in 2008 to 36 billion gallons of biofuels in 2022. As a result, ethanol will continue to be a growing component of our nation’s fuel supply for the foreseeable future. I understand that questions remain about the fuel economy and air quality benefit of ethanol, and we must continue to study the feasibility of adequately supplying and distributing ethanol. In addition, it is important to the economic stability of our nation to continue encouraging a variety of biofuels derived from sources that do not compete with our nation’s food supply. For these reasons, the expanded renewable fuels standard places limits on traditional corn-based ethanol while encouraging the use of advanced biofuels such as ethanol derived from plant waste and other cellulose. Research into these advanced biofuels is promising, and I look forward to swift commercialization of these alternatives in order to help alleviate the rising food prices Americans are facing at the grocery store.

My colleagues and I—along with stakeholders within the energy industry—will continue to conduct oversight on alternative energy policies to determine the most reasonable and cost-effective means of implementing alternative fuel technologies. I appreciate having the opportunity to represent the interests of all Texans in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.


United States Senator

John Cornyn--in touch with his base.

In looking at the showtrial of "Big Oil", you'd think that no one on the highly paid staffs of those ever heard the term SUPPLY ABD DEMAND in realtionship to anything except the demands of the latest PC class and the supply of new 'rights'.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

OH, I fergot this important news flash

One of our crack news/talk radio stations had this breaking news yesterday morning, and I forgot all about it until I read this.

In a surprising revelation, it turns out that the number one cause of identity theft in Texas is....

Are you ready for it?

It's completely unheard of...

The newsreader was surprised to find this out.

I mean, why would anyone suspect it?



I mean, all they want to do is come here and make a better life for themselves, not bothering anyone or using taxpayer money to enhance themselves, or fraud to get more American money.

And they get your personal info by picking through your trash.

AND in other news that's not-
I heard somewhere that since Cuba's allowing personal electronic toys- that people want to start sending cell phones, Ipods and the other goodies to the people of Cuba.

Ok, that's all well and good. Can someone tell me just HOW the peons who make subsistence wages are going to be able to afford a $75/mo cell phone plan?
How about $100 worth of batteries monthly? Personal computers/laptops? not going to work very well without electricity or telephone service, is it?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9.5 hours O.T,

in two days.

Ya- I know you guys make a 12 hour day normal.
I'm not you. See how much fun you have on a dusty, hot, bright, dusty calichi building site-K?

Any way, I'm looking at a 4 1/2 day Memorial day week-end.

Too bad we can't afford to go anywhere because the Dems got elected to "Do something" about gas prices.
Now they're going to sue OPEC and force oil companies to chit cheap oil without drilling.

Maybe this November would be a good time to let them know that they're doing it wrong.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long day

And it started out with a longer than normal ride to work.

People, that pedal under your right foot? It's called an accelerator. Your car won't get up to (or past) the speed limit if you don't use it.
It took us almost 8 miles to go from a red light up to the speed limit this morning. I know the girl (in the fast lane) was putting on her makeup and wanted a nice clear landing strip in front of her.
The guy not paying attention in the granny lane was playing with his radio.

Anyway, at 7:45PM when we were wrapping up for the day, I told my foreman "If there were any white men at the office- they'd say 'Kurt can take the bucket truck the 20 miles to his house instead of driving the 40 miles back to the office."
" 'Especially since he'll be using it here again as soon as he drives BACK again'."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've never owned a brand new gun

All the ones I've shot have been pre-worn in.
........Well, except the Bersa Thunder- which is an autoloader, so I can't compare it to anything.

This new Cimmaron 1872 Open top is going to take some getting used to.
It looks alot like my 1851 cap and ball Colt, but the mechanics have a different feel to them.
The cylinder is heavier, and I guess the internal springs need to be beefier, too- it doesn't spin like the other one.
It's a .38 SPL and so there is more metal in the barrel but it doesn't seem to be front heavy.
The hammer seems different, although a side-by-side comparison shows them to be pretty similar, except that the new one is missing the rear sight notch- it's in front of the forcing cone.
--------Which could be a problem. The first shot I took at a target 15' away (on a cowboy shooting range) went right over the top as I was sighting in where the rear hammer sight should have been.

I'll let you know when I've shot some factory rounds through it-and pics.

UPDATE...(with pics)

Ok, we got to the range and I found out two things.
ONE-- It shoots high, about 6-8" at 25 yards and to the left (not that you could tell on the pics...), but so does the 1851 Navy.


TWO--The way my shoulder is messed up, I don't know about shooting a rifle, even leftie because of the way my muscle is torn at the tendon- it was hurting on the way home.

First, the sight is different from the old(er) school Colt:
The B.P. Colt (brass/bare metal) has the rear sight on the hammer, and the open top(blued steel) has it in front of the cylinder.
The high shooting can be cured with some judicious application of a file, so I'm not too worried.
I also know that these old pistols were designed to be able to hit what you were aiming at past the 75 yard mark.

(click for bigger is better)

I can't call them "Old school" and "Pre-school", because then we'd be getting into
this one:

That being said, no matter how similar they look- there is 20 years worth of development between these two:

It's wearing in pretty well, and the recoil is hardly noticable with the 7.5" barrel.
The trigger has a nice light pull and the hammer leaves a nice big hole in the primer.
I'm happy with it and that's what matters, isn't it?
Besides it just looks cool.
There is amost no gap at the forcing cone, and as it wears in, it can be kept that way with the cylinder pin retaining wedge.
I think I spent my $429 pretty well at the Powderhorn (410 Acess rd.-N between HWY-90 and Marbach) with friendly people and decent prices.
If you're in the San ANtonio area, you might want to drop in and say "Hey" to the guys.

After several months of having this gun, I can notice the definate front heavyness compared to the .44 Navy.
No matter how I hold them, both shoot to the left and high at 25 YDS.
I had to notch the front site to be able to put some blackening on it, otherwise it was hard to see in bright sun.

If I could start getting consistant patterns with it, I'd like to try it on the 50Yd range and see what my elivation was.

UPDATE part dos---------
The pulling to the left was the operators problem, after I adjusted my grip it went away, but still shoots a plate size pattern about 6-8" high at 25yds standing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

As heard on the Grahm Norton show

"Why can a man never really please a woman?"

Because no man has a 9" d**k made of chocolate that spurts money.


This looks like a good way to get away from WinVISTA...and the rest of the cr@p that will certainly be forced onto us.

For our own good of course.

Because Libs like Microsoft and GOOGLE know what we want need better than we do.

Ok, sweetie- discipline me

Ahh...those innovative Canadians.
Now, in Toronto they have roaming bands of Catholic teens at speed traps to give you a lecture about how speed kills.

Speeders have a choice of a $90 fine or a lecture by Catholic schoolgirls in short skirts.

What a hard choice.

Friday, May 16, 2008

When recycling goes bad

Nope, it's not about stealing, or other illegal things.

I just happened onto something that would make most peacenik Libs beat their heads against a brick wall.

Just think about this-
In the Liberal world, the most Eeeevil thing is the U.S. military -with their scary tanks.

Farther down on their Top Ten Eeeevil things list is Atomic power - and the spent fuel.

What happens when you combine them for the Libs worst nightmare?
You get depleted Uranium sabots (anti-tank rounds) and worst of all- depleated Uranium
frontal armor on the M-1 Abrams out there in Islamoterrorist-land defending tankers from the RoP IEDs.( About a quarter of the way down.)

Ya know, it really must suck to be so down on everything.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Someone got the wrong info

I wonder how he got Gay Pride mixed up with Zombies on parade?

My paycheck against yours Sen. Durbin

Yet another failed attempt at drilling ANWAR and making us less dependant on terrorist supporting OPEC nations went down in a party line vote.
The republicans puled the bill on a threat of a filibuster.

Chit- let the Dems (and their enviro-waco buds) explain why we have to pay more for fuel while not using our own plentiful oil.

They were saying back in the '90s that 'if we started today, it wouldn't be available for ten years.'
Hey, it's been over ten years since thy said that, we sure could use some of that oil now Slick Willy.

Oh, my wager?

But Democrats said an expansion of offshore drilling would do little to reduce Americans' dependence on foreign oil.

"We can't drill our way out of this problem," said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill. "We can't drill our way to lower gas prices."

I bet my next paycheck against anyone in D.C. that as soon as a drill bit bites into that frozen swamp in Alaska- that the price of crude will drop at least $10 a barrel.
And keep dropping from there.

More if they do something about oil profiteers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet the new boss...

Who's related, just like the other boss.

We had a sitewide drug test at the last jobsite and lost several people, including two Operator/laborers. Our new operator is the owners nephew. In the last three days he's had more seat time on the Cat backhoe than I have in the last three weeks.

Every time he's not on the backhoe, he's with the other three supervisors- leaving the five non-relatives working in the trench.

Like the company's website says "Family owned and operated"...just like the Mafia.

OH..on the good side, I got to order my birhtday present today- in .38spl. With any luck, it'll be here Fri.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down here in Texas

Union is a bad word.
But it looks like the Democrat Congress and a lot of RINOs are going to force people to join municipal unions, whether they want to or not.

According to Betsy and the WSJ, there is an almost veto proof bill slithering it's way through Congress right now. This bill will basically force all public employees of a municipality over 5,000 to live under collective (like Communism) bargaining, and put the taxpayers over the barrel for the excessive goodies they'll demand.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our 2nd Amendment weekend

After work Sat, we had a family meet-up at the range in LaCoste.
Thing-1 didn't shoot because "it's not my thing." but her boyfriend had a good time with the pistols -he's more of a shotgun guy.
Karen broke in her .38 Stallion and really likes it, so we'll be doing some talking to Dave at the Powderhorn again.

She doesn't like the Bersa .380 Thunder- the sliding kinda spooks her-
and the Taurus .22 has an awful heavy action compared to the SAA.
So it looks like we'll be on the lookout for a .22 for famfiring, my b-day present and an inexpensive reloading set-up.
We'll only be doing .38's, so we hopefully won't be going through what Steve is with his adventures in reloading.

Sunday, Thing-2 got dragged with us. Boredom works wonders in getting teens to do what they say they don't want to do. She finally ended up shooting the Taurus and wanted to keep her target when we left. and the verdict is the same, two pistols are getting traded off.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Barak Obama

Wants to be president of ALL of America.

Yep, he wants to bring all 57 states together.

Because he's so .....


ya know.

Because to a Liberal, reality is what you want it to to be.

Pretty much like a six year-old.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Had rangetime yesterday

My shoulder will never be 100%, so I need to start teaching myself to shoot leftie.

From the looks of my first set of tragets, I won't have to completely start over with the rifle, since I was stringing pretty much verticle from the center. Less than a palm in spread at 25 yards.

The pistols, on the other hand (oooh- a pun) need alot more work.
I don't remember the Taurus .22 having such a stiff hammer and trigger, but it is a DA I'm using as a single action.
I was going to take Karens .38, but wanted her to be the first to shoot it.
We'll be going to the range after I get done with work around noon.
It looks like we'll have to relearn where to aim with that one, because the front sight looks high compaired to the rear- so I guess we'll need to aim high to shoot low.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A gun geek question

I'm trying to decide on my belated birthday present and am wondering about the rifleing twists.
Does it really matter if it's a right hand or left hand twist?

I mean, it probably would if I were going into Quigley style long distance shooting or a sniper knocking people down a mile away it could make a concern with and the rotation of the earth- and all.
But in real life does it really make a difference which way the bullet spins?

To the only democracy in the Med.

Happy Birthday Israel!

It's over, Dan


Now just stop resubmitting the same lawsuit and wasting other peoples money.
You and Mary Mapes got busted for selling a false story.

And in something almost completely unrelated (except that it happened in that article).
What IS it with all these unrelated links that pop up and ruin your reading train when your cursor crosses it?
You think I'm that out of it that I don't know about "60 minutes II" or "President Bush" or "the Viet Nam war"? No! I don't need a bubble popping up if I accidentally touch something.

The same thing goes for those bookmarks, digg this's and the rest of those f*ing annoying "enhancements" in blogs.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another alternative to nose art week-end

We'll call this "How the other half lived." Starring Willie and Joe:

"Able Fox Five to Able Fox. I got a target but ya gotta be patient."

And I even found one that could have come fron Chris Muir's computer:

Since he's into tats

A special shout-out to Old Scratch and his 'tart tats'.

Just for you buddy!

What would you call that? Hello Darthy?

And it didn't need a new hard drive.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Things that make you go,,,oook

Baba Wawa had an affair back in the 70's.
He happened to be a black Republicam from Mass...but still Baba Wawa?????

Dude, what were you smoking?

I usually don't buy into conspiracy theories

And I sure hope I'm not starting one here, but I haven't seen it anywhere else....

Ok, we all know that the Libs and greenies have always wanted to force people to use mass transit since at least the late 60's, right?

Last Thurs. I heard the S.A. Metro is seeing a massive increase in ridership ,,,because of record shattering prices. Now I read about the massive increase in AMTRAC ridership (about halfway down- right before they start crying for more money) -because of fuel costs.

The light truck market is tanking and eco-friendly boxes are taking their places.

So, am I out of line in thinking it's *NOT* just Democratic 'sloppiness' in managing this energy fiasco, and it being some kind of planned thing to force America into doing their will?

AND, on a slightly similar theory.
I did the weekly shopping and gassed-up at Wally-world at $3.41 and was glad to see it going down.
I never came close to liking anything involved in psych. classes, but I am an observer of people.
I wonder if the oil companies had this price hike planned to make us happy to see gas in the range of $3/gal without massive revolts?
See, keep raising the price way above where you want it to stay, and gradually reduce it to your target price and people will be glad to pay increased prices- with the benefit of extra cash and goodwill for dropping the price to something less outrageous.

Waddya think?

I see by my sitemeter

and pervs people searching for Chelsea nipples- that somehow she was in the news again.

What did she say this time?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Mothers Day, hunny

I know it's early, but I know you were wanting it- in a .38.

I traded an aftermarket rifle for it at The Powder Horn, which was appraised about $10 lower than the pistol. Dave, let me have it as an even trade and threw in a box of50 cartridges for it at no cost.
So If you're ever looking for a good buy on a gun with helpful courtious people, stop in. Just as an aside, they have better prices than Drurys gun shop.

Since I found out that Karen's not really to hyped on her Bersa .380 Thunder, we'll be trading that in for something for me! When's fathers day? OH- that's right, I'm still owed a B-day present!

Will this happen if a Dem gets elected?

The flight was supposed be for stranded women and children but as soon as the plane landed in Da Nang, it was swamped by South Vietnamese soldiers attempting to flee the oncoming North Vietnamese forces.

There were 260 people aboard a plane which is designed to carry 105. The plane was overloaded by 20,000 pounds. The baggage compartments were loaded with people. Some of the problems during the flight included, the rear stairway remained partially extended for the entire flight, the main wheels would not retract, a hand grenade damage to one of the wings causing fuel loss, and the lower cargo doors were open. The plane had to fly at 10,000 feet because of lack of pressurization thus fuel consumption was three times greater than normal.

It depends, I guess on who it is.
I mean not that there won't be a general American retreat from Iraq- leaving them to their own devices.

I'm wondering if there will BE evacuation flights.
Hillary will send some- not for her humanitarian instincts, but more for political ideals.
Barrack, will probably just abandon them in place because they're not worth saving in his elitist mind.

And in surfing those vids, I found this truth of Democrat military policy.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Im not sure what to title this one

At first it was going to be "Reason #5793 to pack heat" until I read further and thought about something like "When seconds count, cops are never sent".
Then I read the final line:

Norwick said he was investigating the incident and reviewing whether policies should be changed and employees should be disciplined. But he also said, "I don't think there's anything to apologize for at this time."

Now, I think the subject should have something to do with uncaring, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

Oh- Dane Co. is the site of one of the most Liberal cities in Wisconsin.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

We've definitely got summer here

The dogs are full of fleas and Scootard has a skin reaction to the shoulder drops, soooo everyone just got done with their bi or triweekly drip.

I'm really glad that Goliath- the Danish thing- isn't watershy.

Meg just endures it.

Have a happy and productive

Celebration of Commie workers, and illegal immigrants rights day!