Sunday, May 25, 2008

WOW, reality bites...

I was doing the weekly shopping at Wally-world when it hit me...we could really be heading for some kind of meltdown- all centered on the spiralling cost of energy.

I just got done looking at all the meat that I was getting priced out of and finally grabbing a tube of the Salmonella brand of 27/63% brand hamburger for $2.20/lb. Last year I was paying that for GOOD meat. Got a loaf of my Sam's bread (twice what it was 6 months ago) and Karen's high dollar fiber bread-with the obligatory sawdust sprinkling) for almost three dollars.
Then the ketsup, and on to the baking aisle- when it hit me.

Lard was 88cents- soon that's all the family would be able to afford as far as meat flavor.
That's when I remembered my Grandpa telling about their meals during the Depression.
They would make tomato soup out of ketsup and hot water.
Three days out of the week, their meat would be whatever got sopped-up when they fried their cornbread -in lard.

AND the potatoes, used in everything as an extender.

I wonder when I'll have to start looking up more of these recipes?

This time, just like last time- part of the cause is speculation driving prices and the government being unable to cope with what's happening.
In this case, though, the government is almost directly the cause of the spiraling costs of everything because of their unrealistic energy policies.

The Ethanol boondoggle rewarding their donors at 'Big Agriculture' with my tax money.
AND the absolute refusal to let us use our own oil.

I wonder what our next 'Hoovervilles' will be named after? 'Pelosivilles?' 'Obamavilles?'
Most likely it will be a Republican, sine in this case too the Dems will refuse to accept blame.

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