Wednesday, August 31, 2022

How long till this one is banned

For outraging SJWs?

Because it's somehow GBLTQ-phobic...or sumpin.

Maybe they tried, but Aerosmith told them to pound sand?

Monday, August 29, 2022

Gawd, what an expensive week

 But first, your Monday Rule 5 puzzle.

Yeah, it's a jumble, kinda like the weekend was.

Borrowed the neighbors backhoe about two weeks ago (or three?) got the trench from the new meter to the house dug and threw the conduit in and started covering it up before the sky opened up on and off for the rest of the week- when I found that forgot how shallow I buried the animal water line and electric.
Then, when I got close to the house, I found a tee from the main water from the well to the house *fuck!*

Yesterday I got everything else for the run- and 100' of 1/2" PEX to replace the bent and expose old water line.
$500 for 210" of #2 stranded and #4 ground.

So I got everything dug up (without hitting the conduit) and reburied and reconnected.
Animal water -good
Outside electric (and internet by the fence)- done and coming out of the new main box.
GVEC came in and hung a new meter box and complete 150 amp panel when I just asked for a new meter and main cut-off for $350  because we already have a house.

Then I found out we had no water. Fuck!
Looked at the pressure switch and no spark when I moved the contacts. Walk 100 yds to the shed for the Fluke and find out I have no power in... sometimes
So back to the hole that's still open for the fiber installer to see what's down there and see a break in the insulation of the underground romex. It was hot but corroded. HMMmm one reason for the bad phase leg....
Cut it and tied the two legs together and rang it out at the switch..... nothing. CRAP! Now I have to run a new power wire out to the well for domestic water.

This time it'll be in conduit and buried more than six inches deep..... Next weekend because I'm working for the rest of the week.

The puzzle you want is below the fold

Monday, August 22, 2022

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 Showing off her new Henry steel side gate rifle.

The big one below the fold

Friday, August 19, 2022

So I got a text from the wife yesterday

*Have yo ever heard of Indianola?*
"IIRR- it was wiped out by a hurricane over 100 years ago."

So she comes up- she's been reading the history of Seguin, TX and I guess a lot of survivors migrated from there and apparently Indianola is a thriving tourist trap now, and she wanted to know if I'd want to visit..... or move there.

"Last time I was there (about 20 years ago) it had one badly maintained two lane road and all the sewer manholes in the entire county were towers about 5' high."
*Why so high?*
"Because that's how high tidal surges get normally. It floods a lot."

*What about going out on a boat deep sea fishing?*
"I'll pay for you to go if you want."
*Why won't you go with me?*
"I get sea sick."
*You were in the Navy....?...*
"I was a SeaBee"
*That's part of the Navy.*
"Seabees don't go on ships."
*We've been married all this time and you never said anything about that."

"I was a Dirt Sailor."
*I've never heard that before*

That's one reason this tat doesn't have fouled anchors or cannons and my green field jacket says Navy on the tape and a Seabee patch on the pocket.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Gwad, Liz....

 Abe Lincoln tried to save the Union by using one half to attack the other hal..................
OMG! You are like Lincoln.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Lets see if I got this right.....

 The Leftists locked the country down for almost two years for an airborne respiratory virus.
Everything and (almost) everyone.

It had the force of law and people were fined and arrested for breaking curfew.
They tried to force a questionable vaxx on the entire country with almost no exceptions- medical or religious.

Now the newest thing down the pike to pie elections id Monkeypox.
Which for some reason is RACIST!!! ....because monkeys- or sumpin.

But nobody is doing anything to stop the spread because doing so would be homophobic, and we need to let them do their thing and not be so harsh about slowing the spread.

Oh! And it's spread through bodily fluids and open sores, so be sure to wear a mask.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Your Monday Rule 5 puzzle for today


As usual -the big one below the break

Sunday, August 14, 2022

So I got a call

 Actually it was a text from the wife telling me she ran over a mattress and it was wrapped around her wheel.

"A what?"
*A mattress I ran over and it's wrapped around my wheel*

"Send me a pic, which side?"
*Passenger side- wait, DPS just showed up..."

-I get a call that Roadside help (state funded) is on the way, but I'll need to come up and see what I can do, or get it towed back-

"Where are you?"
*At mile marker 449*
"On 35?"
*No, 130 toll road*
"You took that toll road to Phlugerville😦?"
*I was following Siri....*
"Let me grab some cutting utensils and I'll be on the way."

*Okay, the roadside guy took the tire off and the metal is wrapped all around the axle and he can't really do anything*
"I'm on my way, about an hour/45 minutes from you now."

~~I get there and see basically...this~

So I get the sawzall, which isn't doing shit because I loaned it to someone and I think he used it for a hammer because you have to hold the battery in with one hand while trying to cut .... springs... with the other.

I went to the cutoff wheel on the grinder and made some progress- until I couldn't go any more because of  the freed springs.
So here I go with the Lineman's pliers for a good 45 minutes just to clear up enough to go to work with the grinder again.

Oh........ did I mention we were on a bridge?
The cement shook and the truck wobbled whenever a steering wheel holder in a semi in the granny lane went past.

So I get enough  cut that it would clear the brake line and hooked a strap to whatever I could reach that looked like it wouldn't just unravel- and put the lose tire under the cab step because I was positive that I'd pull the truck off the jack.

The second time I reattached it, down the truck went, but we kept pulling.

Third time - JACKPOT!

So nothing got accomplished yesterday at all.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Who said Brandon was too senile to read a TelePrompter

 I wish I knew how to embed this:

Monday, August 08, 2022

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 Sailor Jerry


As usual, the big on below the fold.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Black and white jigsaw puzzles

 Are a lot harder than colored ones.

Take this example-

Move it to here and give it a try,
It took almost half an hour to do 130 pieces.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 The predators stare.

The big one below the fold.