Sunday, August 14, 2022

So I got a call

 Actually it was a text from the wife telling me she ran over a mattress and it was wrapped around her wheel.

"A what?"
*A mattress I ran over and it's wrapped around my wheel*

"Send me a pic, which side?"
*Passenger side- wait, DPS just showed up..."

-I get a call that Roadside help (state funded) is on the way, but I'll need to come up and see what I can do, or get it towed back-

"Where are you?"
*At mile marker 449*
"On 35?"
*No, 130 toll road*
"You took that toll road to Phlugerville😦?"
*I was following Siri....*
"Let me grab some cutting utensils and I'll be on the way."

*Okay, the roadside guy took the tire off and the metal is wrapped all around the axle and he can't really do anything*
"I'm on my way, about an hour/45 minutes from you now."

~~I get there and see basically...this~

So I get the sawzall, which isn't doing shit because I loaned it to someone and I think he used it for a hammer because you have to hold the battery in with one hand while trying to cut .... springs... with the other.

I went to the cutoff wheel on the grinder and made some progress- until I couldn't go any more because of  the freed springs.
So here I go with the Lineman's pliers for a good 45 minutes just to clear up enough to go to work with the grinder again.

Oh........ did I mention we were on a bridge?
The cement shook and the truck wobbled whenever a steering wheel holder in a semi in the granny lane went past.

So I get enough  cut that it would clear the brake line and hooked a strap to whatever I could reach that looked like it wouldn't just unravel- and put the lose tire under the cab step because I was positive that I'd pull the truck off the jack.

The second time I reattached it, down the truck went, but we kept pulling.

Third time - JACKPOT!

So nothing got accomplished yesterday at all.


  1. I always thought that the "my wife ran over a matteress" story was an urban legend.....

    1. Actually it hit the car in front of her and it ended up around her back wheel.
      I'm glad it wasn't the front.

  2. Never in my wildest dreams of Crappy stuff that might happen would I have ever even Considered that one. Lousy place for such a mess. At least it was on the passenger side. Good going on winning that.

  3. My wife hit a crab trap, but it was made of chicken wire so a little while with a wire cutter got it off. Had to replace the CV joint boots though.

  4. Hands down the best one I've ever seen.
    We related?
    Sure do have the same luck.