Monday, August 29, 2022

Gawd, what an expensive week

 But first, your Monday Rule 5 puzzle.

Yeah, it's a jumble, kinda like the weekend was.

Borrowed the neighbors backhoe about two weeks ago (or three?) got the trench from the new meter to the house dug and threw the conduit in and started covering it up before the sky opened up on and off for the rest of the week- when I found that forgot how shallow I buried the animal water line and electric.
Then, when I got close to the house, I found a tee from the main water from the well to the house *fuck!*

Yesterday I got everything else for the run- and 100' of 1/2" PEX to replace the bent and expose old water line.
$500 for 210" of #2 stranded and #4 ground.

So I got everything dug up (without hitting the conduit) and reburied and reconnected.
Animal water -good
Outside electric (and internet by the fence)- done and coming out of the new main box.
GVEC came in and hung a new meter box and complete 150 amp panel when I just asked for a new meter and main cut-off for $350  because we already have a house.

Then I found out we had no water. Fuck!
Looked at the pressure switch and no spark when I moved the contacts. Walk 100 yds to the shed for the Fluke and find out I have no power in... sometimes
So back to the hole that's still open for the fiber installer to see what's down there and see a break in the insulation of the underground romex. It was hot but corroded. HMMmm one reason for the bad phase leg....
Cut it and tied the two legs together and rang it out at the switch..... nothing. CRAP! Now I have to run a new power wire out to the well for domestic water.

This time it'll be in conduit and buried more than six inches deep..... Next weekend because I'm working for the rest of the week.

The puzzle you want is below the fold


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  1. That kind of week sux. Seems everything is connected and everything is rotten. Pull on one string and it breaks another one some where else. I've had years like that.

    When we bought this old rent house to live in, I redid the electric. Knob and tube in the attic and no less than seven fuse boxes on the wall. The service drop was cloth covered and sheet metal screws from the roof had penetrated it. A little bit of scorching and burn, just enough to fuel the nightmares....

    I went back with oversized aluminum feeders in the meter loop to keep the current heating to a minimum. It was gobs cheaper than the copper. That was 2012. I can't imagine what it would be now. I did the same when I helped some one else out with a trailer house a year later. IIRC 30% the cost of copper.

    The joys of farm life...