Saturday, February 28, 2009

San Antonio's newest sports stadium

It's on the north side off of Wurzback Parkway.

The old quarry plant.

The end zone.

Visitors side

That's where they'll be housing the Christians

...And the other side is for the lions.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The NYC student take-over

Yep, this guy has a future in the new administration.

No, not that guy, the one filming.

Probably negotiating with Iran and the other terrorists. Don't want to harsh their mellow, ya know.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is this a new radio meme?

I mean, did anyone else hear about the new cuisine at the White House on talk radio this morning?
WOAI was talking about this on their morning news blurb and I was wondering if it was local, or a national fanboi forcing His voice on the air at every chance they get.

I mean really. What does the Teleprompter Messiah know about Soul Food?
His dad was a dark Arab who's family settled in Africa after they got tired of trading slaves.
His mom was white and pawned him of to live with his white grandmother in .... HAWAII.

Now 1600 Penna Ave is going to be serving chitterlings and pigs feet for supper. I wonder how that goes with a nice Arugula salad.

Michelle might have more familiarity with it, but since she was a snobby black princess- I'd bet she doesn't look at it with lots of love either.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heard on the radio this morning

On my usual talk radio station (who's lifetime is soon to be numbered).
I didn't catch which school, or school district it was, but it was in the San Antonio area.

This school (Fox?) had just completed their fourth year as a,,,basically failing school, and the superintendent -who still had his job- was explaining the situation as regards to teachers.

None are getting fired.
Some are getting reassigned (to schools who actually make the test).
Actually there are no bad consequences for them failing to do their jobs, and the teachers union is protecting these failures.

Four years, and only now is something being done, because the sitting Super is being forced to make changes because he's presiding over failure. AND he gets to keep his job.

And, I know I said it, but NO ONE is loosing a job, or even getting demoted.

I've been fired for less, and got a one-chance write up for hitting a semi-marked gas line, but I'm not in a powerful overpaid union.

$900 Million

Guess where the Unicorn Rider is sending that money we don't have.

It's not like he's wasting it on political rewards this time, unlike the $790 Billion Porkulous bill he rushed through congress.

Nope, this will be to reward the terrorists who live in the Gaza part of 'Palistine' - the country that never was.

Well actually, he'll be giving it to the U.N. where we all know it'll be used with the utmost care and selectivity to make sure that only the deserving are ........oh Gawd even I can't spew that Barbra Steisand like the teleprompter Messiah....

Yeah, it's almost like that number is small by comparison to the last money dump by our new Commissars standards of fiscal responsibility.

Hey, the dow is now what it was the last time we had a Liberal Dem in office, next time anyone in His administration opens his mouth we'll be back in the Carter era.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The new American anthem

Continually reinforced by The Lightbringer:

Except that according to the New York Fed, the depression will would have been over by mid year. But then we had this Trillion Dollar pothole in that road, so it might not happen. Thanks DNC.

Scratch another one off the list

I went to fill op at the HEB this morning and looked to see if it was 10% ethanol because I' put half a tank of the cr@p into my tank at Exxon before I saw the notice.

Yeah,,,Gasohol is supposed to be good for the planet and all that happy horse chit.

BUT the way I look at it is that I'm paying ADM and those other ag mega farms to grow corn so that I end up paying ADM to make the gasohol with their tax subsidies, AND I'm paying the same price as gasoline....So I get less MPG and ruin my fuel system in the process.

No thanks, I want to pay my $1.70 for gasoline, not $3 in hidden taxes, loss of performance and vehicle repairs.

Just to make some politician look good to some Liberal.

The return of "gravitas"

We have a Socialist in the White House who wants to turn us into Venezuela, who got his people to approve a trillion dollar spending bill without reading it (plausible denyability- I guess)and cannot utter an complete sentence without a teleprompter.

Bob Uecker is our vice President with his own version of the facts.

Now Hillary Clinton is deepthroating the ChiComs because it's a Pavlovian reflex from when her husband was president.

The Treasury Secretary is a tax cheat, he's taken the Census from where it's been for 230 years to give it to a political guerrilla.

There is nobody in his Cabinet that is untainted by fraud or scandal in some form.

I bet the Left is still dizzy from getting rid of Chimpy HalliburtanMcHitler and his
group of misfits.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My,,, what an interesting idea

Not that I'd want to make it.

While surfing for a new recipe for cabbage rolls, I saw this in the 'Recipe of the Day' spot.

The ingredients listed for this chili include:
# 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
# 1 teaspoon ground cumin
# 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
# 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
# 1 bay leaf
# 1/2 (1 ounce) square unsweetened chocolate

Ok, I know the cumino and I use a pinch of cinnamon in my chili, BUT my chili tastes like chili.
I don't want a chili that tastes like an apple pie - TYVM.

AND it's on spaghetti!!!!!11!!!

Elizabethan cannon p()rn

That's Queen Elizabeth of the Armada time frame and why England's navy was so feared.

After a shipwreck discovered off the channel islands, we find that her fleet was probably armed with uniform weaponry instead of the hodge-podge assortment of her fathers time.

These cannon and the new naval tactics were the foundation of the world wide English empire, and the same ones that Nelson used at the Battle of Trafalgar.

But I promised cannon p()rn didn't I?

But you actually wanted to see something more action packed, didn't you.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Is the anything it can't do?
(Aside from confronting totalitarianism)

Now they've found Atlantis.


Because the Google earth found a city like grid in the ocean near the Canary Islands.

Except that the 'modern' city with parallel streets and blocks as we know it in America has only been around for about 300 years.
If it was Atlantis, it would look like a bowl of spaghetti with the rabbit warren-like roads and alleys.

The cast

Prince George:
A clueless spendthrift with no leadership experience.

Edmond Blackadder:
Chief advisor to His Highness and self serving schemer.

Your 'umble servant and source of many ideas for the Prince.

Queenies chamberlain (think a 17th century Rahm Emmanuel).

Pitt, The younger
The loyal opposition.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

67 years ago

On this day the idol of the Democratic party signed Executive Order 9066.
This order forced hundreds of thousands of loyal Americans into detention kamps so as to better monitor their activities.

Yep, in addition to his governmental meddling that added 7 years to the great depression- he had no problem rounding up the undesirables.

Because he had to *Do SOMETHING!!!111!!!*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pepsi cola

And why I'll never drink their product again.
In addition to all those Hopey/change/we can improve/lets get together and *DO* something good videos we were flooded by-----with a Pepsi label strategically attached.

I saw a huge new billboard on the way home tonight.
One of these logos and a single communist campaign style word like *Taste* or *Flavor*.

Because, frankly it reminds me more and more of this.

And is it me, or can these lamestream liberals in the media NOT get enough of their boi?
I mean I'm hearing their Saviors voice more in this last month than I think I heard Bush in the aftermath of 9-11.

But then the Media wasn't in the habit of even acting like a group of squeeing fanbois for even Bill Clinton. I guess that's the new media taking over.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missed out again

All those tax breaks in the Unicorn Riders political reward scheme don't affect me at all.
Just like the one under Bush, and all the other tax 'fixes'.

Because I am NOT a first time home buyer. (I wonder just how many of them there are, really)

I am NOT wealthy enough to worry about the Alternative minimum tax.

My last tax write-off turned 18 a week ago.

I don't commute, so miss out on that slop.

I don't own a profitable business (yet)

I'm still employed (until I hit another questionably marked gas line), so can't claim the first $2400 of unemployment either.

Oh, I DO get an extra $13 a week in the Messiah's benevolence- which is $200 LESS than that greedy Bush and his tax cutting commercial recovery thing. AND $100 less than even the stingy first promise in the pork bill.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Contact information

You'd think that a political blog that has 12 contributors would have an e-mail for at least ONE of them, wouldn't you? The three with an AOL account don't count, since my windows didn't recognize the three who had one.

But being as it's a Republican blog, I can understand them not wanting unhinged Liberal hate mail as a matter of course. That's bad in that someone who left a comment wanted to let then know that their comments might be broken or just not work with FireFox.

Then again it could just be waiting for approval, it doesn't say.
I guess that whole 'contact' thing and communicating with your readers is kinda old school and unhip for Austin young republicans.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Texas on my mind

As long as I'm touching on things that directly affect this state:

Lance Armstrong, I call BULLSH!T on your statewide ban on smoking.
You say 'as a cancer survivor, I want to put a statewide ban on a legal product used by responsible adults who willingly associate because *I* don't like it.'
In spit of the fact that second hand tobbacco smoke has never been implicated in testicular cancer.
That dope that those Liberals you're always hanging out with smoke, however IS linked to testicular cancer.....

So when are you going to tell your Liberal buddies to put out the bong when your around?
Yeah, I didn't think so, because it's not cool to be anti illegal substance in your circle.

Tell you what Smoke free Texas-
  • And your 601 poll takers who gave you a 68% anti-smoking opinion
  • and your 27 Texas cities who already outlaw a legal product
  • and the rest of you Socialist who want to outlaw something YOU don't like
-if you lobby to just outright make tobacco products outright illegal, I'll be there behind you because at least you'll be honest about what you're trying to do.
And if it passes, I'm sure it will work just as well as prohibition did in the 30's and the war on drugs is working now.

Oh, look- Lance is working to force his Socialistic ideals on the citizens of Wisconsin, too!

The dyslexia of reality

And the Liberal mindset'

I don't know if anyone outside of Texas (or the other border states) have heard that the Pentagon has basically said that next to Pakistan, Mexico is the next country fixing to fail as a functioning state. If not a total breakdown, then the northern part anyway, and the results will cross our border.

Not that it'll be readily apparent because of all the illegals we have now....

In additional dysfunctional reality realization, we have the Democrat congress critters (last paragraph)along with the Texas border coalition STILL trying to stop the fence. I can't find the pull quote I heard on the radio, but it went something like this:
'That fence is now costing almost $7 million per mile, it's time President Obama cut the waste and put the money to good use elsewhere...' or words to that effect.

OK. Just look at it as a Bush pre-stimulus package! Hey, it does everything the Obama stimulus package does- wastes money on something you don't like, rewards political supporters and does absolutely nothing for the average taxpayer.

Look, America wants that fence and will need it soon. If you don't want it impeding your interaction with your cunyous (coonyows?) across the border, we'll build it behind you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Back blast, it's as Allah akbars!

Via Rusty

Kinda sucks for him that Harry Callahan wasn't there...

This so called 'stimulus" bill

I've seen bits and pieces and dribs and drabs.
I have no interest in knowing all about it.
It's kind of like those beheading tubes; you know the results and how bad it is without actually needing to watch them.

They have three things(at least) completely unrelated to helping the economy.

First and second are to do with usurping the health care system and the repair and upgrades of targeted structures in D.C.

Both relate to this scandal that the Libs and their attack dogs in the lamestream media were trying to attack Bush over. In spite of the fact that the Democrat led Congress was the chief oversight body.
So,,,is there anything in this Democrat re-election spending bill that mentions Walter Reed?
AND, if the health care for our military is such a high concern- but they let this go.
How do you think YOUR health care is going to be when your one of the 350,000,000 instead of the 1,500,000 or so in the VA system?

Since Rahm Emanuel is going to be in charge of the census this time:
  1. How many white people are going to get 'lost' on the final tally sheet?
  2. Anyone want to bet that these 'lost' white people are going to be in conservative states?
  3. Who wants to wager that the Gerrymandering is going to be so bad that voters in Indiana will be voting for their senator in Illinois?
  4. That ACORN will get the bloated over priced no-bid contract to do the enumeration?
  5. AND since it's ACORN doing the census, there will be a fictional character category in the 'race' column.

I don't suppose that instead of voting for this example in partisan political electioneering, that they'd even think of just giving every person in America their $250,000 cut up from, would they?
I could buy a buttload of stocks in this market,,,,and they might even help in my retirement- since we still have to pay that IOU the Dems put in there back in the 80's.

Seeing this post reminded me of somethin else I haven't heard about in the energy section of this payback bill.

In that renuable energy secton amid all the unicorn farts and pixi dust, I don't remember seeing anything about nukes.

Wonder why? Because it actually WORKS? Or maybe even Libs don't want to admit that France is right?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why did I know that?

That he was a Lib, I mean.

Because the second half of the run-on sentence in the third paragraph told me?

...swapped lives with life coach and weight-loss hypnotherapist Renee Stephens who lives in a tony San Francisco neighborhood, spends $40,000 a year to send her two young children to a French bilingual private school, and, along with her husband, is die-hard about environmental issues and staying healthy.

This guy was the husband of one "Wife swap" show who showed his ass so badly that the few who watch the show were in revolt.

Guess what? Viewers didn't like it. They blasted Fowler on all kinds of web sites, message boards, and blogs. He's been labeled the worst husband in the world and someone even posted his home address on a reality TV site, prompting Fowler to threaten a lawsuit. Yet another angered viewer launched a blog called, which itemizes everyone Fowler insulted during the episode. (Overweight people and military members topped the list.)

A lot of class, that guy...
So back to that question of why this guy struck such a nerve with so many of us when we've surely seen similar or worse behavior on TV multiple times over. Maybe it's because his cruelty was so uncalled for. We reality viewers may be used to seeing people resort to bad behavior when, say, they're competing for a million-dollar prize or for the love of a big-haired '80s rocker, but just for the sheer joy of being as mean as possible and making someone feel horrible? Well, that's just taking it too far. In the end, it sounds like Stephen Fowler did indeed learn a few lessons, albeit after the cameras stopped rolling. He posted an apology on his wife's web site, she's asked him to seek professional help, and he's resigned from the boards of two environmental non-profits so, he says, his behavior won't reflect badly on them.

I wonder if in addition to apologising on his wife's website (which probably gave her hit meter a needed boost) did he have the maturity to say anything to the woman he treated like cr@p?

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Anybody recognize that number?
You engineers and scientist siddown. I mean anyone who hasn't used higher math since high school?

That's the number for PI, which is really useful for lots of things you depend on every day- from your tires to bridges to satellites for your cell phone.

This article telling about how Indiana almost redefined the number as 3, 3.2 or 4 using fuzzy logic. See the thing about PI is that it's pretty much infinite, and the more decimal places you use- the more accurate you make things.

Anyway, to make a longish story short. A guy with pull went to the Indy Leg. and told them he'd patented a new 'law' of mathematics, and would give them a cut (and free use of the patent) if they'd make the shorter PI a standard in Indy.
Being politicians seeing money, they threw some legislation together without knowing what it really meant and approved it.

Then someone who understood PI wrote an article about it, lambasting the Lege for redefining PI as they did and other papers picked it up.

Being your typical politicians, they snuck back to the capitol and redid the legislation and claimed that they "didn't read the bill" before passing it.

I fully expect to hear that............again............. when this democrat re-election bill sends the country even farther into the hole and even the Obamabots start asking questions.

I guess it's a good thing that they had about three liberal Republicans vote FOR the pork so they can point at the usual escape goats. Thanks Olympia, you didn't disappoint- again.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Poor kid

Living in filth and feces while freezing.

To make matters worse, mom could play a star roll in 'Little Britain'....
My gawd, that's child abuse right there.

Did no one get the "Little Britain" connection?
BTW- English wife *hates *'Little Britain' with a passion.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just wondering

Are there NO Democrats above Dog catcher that look at Federal, state and local laws as optional for them?
Can't the Annointed One find *anybody* that doesn't reek of corruption?

I wanted to do another post about driving instruction, but the fail out of 1600 Penna Ave. is keeping me awed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The most ethical administration 2.0

I guess it'll be known as tax cheat haven.
Now, at least Tom Daschle and his fellow tax cheat have both gotten too much scrutiny about their "honest mistakes" in their refusal to pay their lawfully required taxes.
Because, ya know it's not like the IRS is going to go after a big time Dem like they would you or me.
I guess living in the real world where our actions actually have personal consequences makes us different from our lifelong pampered betters who are so much smarter and honest than the commoners they lead.

Hey, didn't they have to fill out a detailed questionnaire about any scandal that might make the Lightworker look like he was grabbing clowns off the street for his administration?
I guess tax fraud doesn't rise to the level of embarrassment when you make a habit of as many laws as you need to in order to get elected.

This guy

Needs to be something in upstate New York besides a leather flogger.

Tell us how you really feel about St. Hillary.