Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$900 Million

Guess where the Unicorn Rider is sending that money we don't have.

It's not like he's wasting it on political rewards this time, unlike the $790 Billion Porkulous bill he rushed through congress.

Nope, this will be to reward the terrorists who live in the Gaza part of 'Palistine' - the country that never was.

Well actually, he'll be giving it to the U.N. where we all know it'll be used with the utmost care and selectivity to make sure that only the deserving are ........oh Gawd even I can't spew that Barbra Steisand like the teleprompter Messiah....

Yeah, it's almost like that number is small by comparison to the last money dump by our new Commissars standards of fiscal responsibility.

Hey, the dow is now what it was the last time we had a Liberal Dem in office, next time anyone in His administration opens his mouth we'll be back in the Carter era.

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