Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missed out again

All those tax breaks in the Unicorn Riders political reward scheme don't affect me at all.
Just like the one under Bush, and all the other tax 'fixes'.

Because I am NOT a first time home buyer. (I wonder just how many of them there are, really)

I am NOT wealthy enough to worry about the Alternative minimum tax.

My last tax write-off turned 18 a week ago.

I don't commute, so miss out on that slop.

I don't own a profitable business (yet)

I'm still employed (until I hit another questionably marked gas line), so can't claim the first $2400 of unemployment either.

Oh, I DO get an extra $13 a week in the Messiah's benevolence- which is $200 LESS than that greedy Bush and his tax cutting commercial recovery thing. AND $100 less than even the stingy first promise in the pork bill.

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