Saturday, February 14, 2009

The dyslexia of reality

And the Liberal mindset'

I don't know if anyone outside of Texas (or the other border states) have heard that the Pentagon has basically said that next to Pakistan, Mexico is the next country fixing to fail as a functioning state. If not a total breakdown, then the northern part anyway, and the results will cross our border.

Not that it'll be readily apparent because of all the illegals we have now....

In additional dysfunctional reality realization, we have the Democrat congress critters (last paragraph)along with the Texas border coalition STILL trying to stop the fence. I can't find the pull quote I heard on the radio, but it went something like this:
'That fence is now costing almost $7 million per mile, it's time President Obama cut the waste and put the money to good use elsewhere...' or words to that effect.

OK. Just look at it as a Bush pre-stimulus package! Hey, it does everything the Obama stimulus package does- wastes money on something you don't like, rewards political supporters and does absolutely nothing for the average taxpayer.

Look, America wants that fence and will need it soon. If you don't want it impeding your interaction with your cunyous (coonyows?) across the border, we'll build it behind you.

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