Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He swings- and misses by a mile

Yes, our dictaphile just went with his gut feeling on a Constitutional issue in Honduras- and slammed the legitimate authorities use of legal force.

In other words- Obama went with his gut and denounced the entire democratic government in Honduras.
...And Hilary honey? Their Constitution defines the processes that the ex-President broke- therefore, it was 'not' a coup. I'm not the smartest woman in the White House and even I know that.

But then, y'all have this knee jerk reaction to protect oppressors of their people- but are strangely extremely reluctant to stand behind a population trying to free itself from a totalitarian state.
I guess it works that the 'enlightened' Legacy media is fascinated by plastic shiny spangly hopienss- and can't see the forest for the trees until they're forced to cut them down for letting the Dear Leader down, somehow.

Lastly, it looks like our slide into comlete socialism is greased with the Minnesota Supreme court validating the Libs newest member of the U.S. Senate to an unassailable majority.

Monday, June 29, 2009

No. Shit.

It has come to the editors attention that the death of a certain mutant pedophile has spawned a rash of bogus personal items and concert tickets are, or will be showing up soon.
If you are still stuck in your tweens enough to want those items- go ahead and buy them- because you deserve what you're getting.

As for the swooning Legacy media- who have editors and fact checkers and stuff.
While you spent the entire week-end gobbling about some crotch-grabbing bubblegum music star...the entire U.S. economy got hit with the most massive and job-killing tax in history.

.......AND......... Michael Jackson is still dead.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How ironic

I came home from work yeasterday to a letter from the Tresury Dept.
It was saying that Timmy Geitners (Tax Cheat) IRS determined that I took too much for the last dependants deduction and/or I missed subtracting $103 in Mary Kays pyramid scam and they want another $992 from me under the revisions to the tax code made in January 2009. Hmmmmmmmmmm...2009 huh?

It wasn't even signed by our head tax cheat either.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Michael- all the time...

Too bad those pre-teen minded adults can't muster enough concern about that massive tax bill the House just passed as they do about a freakish pedephile who just died.

Hummmmm........maybe I should "question the timeing"?

Anyway, lets see if we can kidnap Olympia Snowe and the other guarenteed Lib votes when it comes up in the Senate. You know- let the Dems completely own this stinking pile of cr@p for the next election.



I just got home from work and I have to say, it sure would be nice to have a lot more CDs or to just not hear about 'the King of Pop' on every station I have programmedon the radio.

So as an ear wash....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your daily dose of fact

This first occured to me as I was listening to a hot conservative babe read the table of contents to Henry Waxman (D-nostrils) and his energy bill/Cap and Trade/ Tax you to death for your living bill....

First- The ENTIRE authorization bill for the Federal Interstate Highway system was twenty four pages long.

Secondly- In reference to the bills futuristic battery technology- the ONLY time a battery will ever meet it's performance stats is the first time it's charged. Every following charge and recharge cycle it degrades. It can also build a memory that only lets it work for as long as it's used to working. I wonder where it's mentioned, what will happen to those hazardous chemicals that make up those batteries when it's time to drop $10,000 to change them out?

Monday, June 22, 2009

It was almost 100 today

I'm not saying that to brag, or anything, just stating a fact.

Since it was so hot, there were a lot of women from the Air Force base wearing very little clothing.
As the guy in the bucket truck stringing wire in the parking lot of the Schertz H.E.B. I want to say THANK YOU for that.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


That our Teleprompter Messiah just cut all funding for pro-democracy programs in Iran.
Not that it would send any messages about how the Empty Suit up in D.C. stands behind those anti-dictatorial protesters.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm trying to get some.
I need to change my rotors on the S-10.
  • And fix that hinge bushing that keeps breaking on the drivers door.
  • And get back to work on the bookcase.
  • And buy a new commode because one just decided it was going to drain it's self into the bowl -even with new guts.
  • And work on window treatments for the house. Don't laugh or I'll sik Rosey Greer on you.
  • And decide if we're having cabbage roll or beef tips tonight.It was beef tips
  • And get back to work on my PVC bender/mandril.
  • Now, listening to the washer, wonder what's wrong with the water pump.

How embarrassing to be an American right now

First we have the French standing up to condemn their erstwhile companions in Iran.
And all Obama had to say was meaningless platitudes,,,,again.

Now we have the Canadians, those oh-so-polite hosers who took in all of our Pansy-assed draft dodgers voicing condemnations against the crooked and violent government in Iran.
And Obama still mouths meaningless platitudes.

I guess he really can't say too much to vilify election fraud when his own administration is actively working to allow a hate organization to intimidate voters and allow a socialist group to conduct massive voter fraud in the 2010 election, not to mention the nationwide Gerrymandering of democrat fiefdoms.

Addendum: Here's another reason to get off my butt and change banks...

“Acorn also has received generous grants from top recipients of federal bailout money. Bank of America (almost $3 million), Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase made big grants to Acorn Housing Corp., one of Acorn's many affiliated organizations.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mottoes and taglines

I had a short e-mail conversation with Eric a while ago. It's been in the back of my mind, but I've been working OT and haven't had time to post.

As we were talking about Marine Boot camp for my newly minted son-in-law, he ended with the kick-ass and well earned "Semper Fi'.

I didn't feel any of my Navy slogans were half up to a reply by that and ended up with a weak 'Bravo Zulu" back.

I mean how can something like "Construmus Batumius" be a come back to "Semper Fi"?
Even if we do go ashore with them in the second wave?

My Battalion motto of The 'Roo "Can Do' is even worse.
If you want to know what we were like in the '80 scroll down to the middle of the page - Naval Station Overhead Electrical Distribution Project was my baby, as I was assistant crewleader on it.

But still, not even "Semper Paratus" meets that Jarhead saying- especially coming from a crew of Puddle Pirates.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I realy hate to say it

But in this Iranian ,,,um,,,uprising.
(For lack of a word that the Left hasn't usurped for disguising terrorists.)

That I admire the stand the French have taken as opposed to President Peace-in-our-Time and his squishy I-don't-wanna-make-them-hate-me generalizations of hopieness in the non-interference on a sovereign nation thing.
(as opposed to his invading our Pakistani 'allies')

Yeah Michelle, I think I can start relating to your being ashamed to be an American.
At least not proud like I used to be.

Chit, the French are showing more macho than the U.S. in the Iranian peoples revolution.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gas prices and you

Gasoline is on the average of $2.47 here- as of last week.
Crude oil is on the way down again.

Petroleum experts are saying that the only reason the gas prices are going up is that speculators are driving it up.
So, given The Unicorn Riders well known aversion to financial manipulation against 'the little guy',
where is the threat to use his tame MSM against those greedy speculators.

I'd bet we won't hear much since they're the ones driving the price up to halfway where he wants them to be.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Body mass index

You've heard about it forever.

But how does it relate to your love life?
Specifically, how do YOU like your best female pal?

Bob over at The drawn cutlass wants to know: which bodystyle are you most attracted to. Ever since the that poll in OZ said normal women are more attractive than Playboy girls.

Real, not silicone.

I chose Voluptuous, btw.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fall protection and you

OSHA requires fall protection with body harness and shock absorbing lanyards when working over certain heights.

The way the shock absorbing lanyards work is that basically they are woven so as to gradually reduce the shock by tearing themselves apart.
The problem with those lanyards is that they're basically ineffective with a fall of less than 15' because of the tearing action that slows you down and protects your spine.

This is all well and good, it's required in bucket trucks, too. In case something happens to the bucket that you're standing in. and as common bucket trucks have a 55' height, the 15' limit is pretty moot.
I wore mine for about four hours this morning rerunning wires in poles (we used Blue instead of brown, and I got called off the job before I could tell the helpers that they needed to brown tape the insulation).

Anyway, a bucket truck is a good place to use that safety lanyard.
Except it won't do a lot of good when you're in and out and forget to attatch the end to the top boom.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Watching Tv as I surf

We have on Robert Duvall in "Broken trail" with Tomas Hayden Church and Susan Sarandon.

Basically, the guys are trailing horses up to Canada where they end up with five Chinese women who were sold into prostitution.

Then they end up with Susan.

She's a whore, too.

Just thought it was kinda fitting.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This David Carradine thing

The authorities say it wasn't suicide, so that leaves two possibilities in my mind.

First, he was getting his freak on when something wrong happened, or..
Two, does anyone know where Beatrix Kiddo was that day? Hmmmm?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The irony is heavy here

After they got so much heat from the same people who were instrumental in the levee failures in N'awlins because of their 'feel good' opposition to upgrading the levees, the Corps of Engineers are trying to *do something* to protect them.

They are going to (try to) cut down every tree growing on or near any levee. I understand in theory that having a large branchy object that turns into a large draggy object that is attached to increasingly sloppy ground would be a concern to people who don't want huge chunks of levee torn away when the tree goes.

BUT- the Libs are leaning on others to stop the indiscriminate killing of defenseless trees unneeded removal of something that hasn't been a problem before.....just to be 'doing something' in response to their accusations.

"The corps' new edict was regarded as a major change in policy," said Ronald Stork, senior policy expert with California Friends of the River in Sacramento. "Something that is cheap and inexpensive is a chain saw. It was something to do that didn't cost a lot of money that made you feel better."

Kinda like most Liberal policies we see quite often- except that this doesn't cost out the @ss like most Liberal feel good policies.

We don't know how long the trees have been here, but they've never caused any problem up until now," said Hugh Youngblood, 61, whose ancestors came to Breston in the 1800s.

On a recent afternoon, his son, who is also named Breston, was upset as he walked the levee, pointing to a heap of limbs.

"They didn't even find a buyer for the wood or the pulp," the son said.

But what about providing habitat for the poor forest creatures?

Just curious here...

We keep hearing about how the Narcissist in Chief "inherited" this depression.

Who wants to try and answer some quick questions?
  • Which branch is in charge of monetary policy- Constitutionally?
  • Who took charge of Congress in the 2006 elections?
  • Who was getting paid to sit in an Illinois Senators chair while he was running for president?
  • Which party was the one who shielded Fanny-mac from the EEevil Boosh and his reforms?
  • We have two parties in D.C. - which one do you think would protect your daughters savings account better?------AAANNNNKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 neither, they're politicians.
  • Why, is this depression that Barack Obama helped cause from his inaction's in the Senate Bushes fault?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Graduation day last night

Our local high schools graduation of about 150 kids resembled a pep rally. Which is kind of appropriate, I guess since it was held at the football stadium.

I know it's thinking way outside the envelope for the highly educated educational leaders of the San Antonio ISD system, who according to the local news is/are scrambling to fit all the graduations into a limited number of enclosed venues. I know it's not like it happens every year about the same time.

Anyway, before the thing broke down into several cheering sections, we went through the formalities, with the Pledge and the National Anthem as the AF ROTC posted the colors.
I was pleased to see almost the entire stadium stand, with their hands over their hearts- except for one guy with a bogus terrycloth sweatband and bearing a similar stance to a president who mouthed worthless platitudes that same day about 6000 miles away.

Anyway, as someone with common sense, I'd like to let the administration in on the hidden things about Senior Pranks.

''The problem is nowadays you don't know whether something is supposed to be a joke or is real,'' said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators. ''And there have been too many incidents where what appeared to be a prank was not. It's a pity, because we all remember our days as students and the pranks we pulled as a rite of passage.''

If you can't tell the difference between Seniors setting up a homeless camp in the courtyard or making a giant swing set on the roof, much less the ag guys offloading cows into the halls- and someone walking around with a gun, you need some assistance.
For a small fee, I'll let you know if filling the bathroom with crabs rises to the level of a lockdown.


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today, of all days

Was not the time nor the place for empty platitudes mouthed a socialist who hates the America that the D-Day army left as a legacy.

I didn't listen because I was working and I don't need to hear that arrogant voice to know that he praised them as little as he could get away with, while finding a way to downgrade their actions.

What did he apologise for today?


I guess I'm the only one in this house that has the necessary chromosome to be able to tie up a plastic bag and walk it less than 75 feet to a garbage can.

No matter how overflowing it is.

Also, the only way you're going to get peas and bell peppers to grow in south Texas is to use an air conditioned green house.

I *know* that 12 hours from now, when I ger home from work, that I'll have to put a bag in the trash can and fill the dogs food bowls, because I'm the only one int the house that notices these things.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anthropomorphic machinery vocalizations?

Our new (used) dangle-digger has it's own sound when using the auger (drill) motor.

I can't help but hearing Butters voice as it's digging.
Repeat this for about 25 minutes to get the idea of drilling an 8' deep hole with it.

Odd associations with machinery.