Sunday, June 07, 2009

Graduation day last night

Our local high schools graduation of about 150 kids resembled a pep rally. Which is kind of appropriate, I guess since it was held at the football stadium.

I know it's thinking way outside the envelope for the highly educated educational leaders of the San Antonio ISD system, who according to the local news is/are scrambling to fit all the graduations into a limited number of enclosed venues. I know it's not like it happens every year about the same time.

Anyway, before the thing broke down into several cheering sections, we went through the formalities, with the Pledge and the National Anthem as the AF ROTC posted the colors.
I was pleased to see almost the entire stadium stand, with their hands over their hearts- except for one guy with a bogus terrycloth sweatband and bearing a similar stance to a president who mouthed worthless platitudes that same day about 6000 miles away.

Anyway, as someone with common sense, I'd like to let the administration in on the hidden things about Senior Pranks.

''The problem is nowadays you don't know whether something is supposed to be a joke or is real,'' said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators. ''And there have been too many incidents where what appeared to be a prank was not. It's a pity, because we all remember our days as students and the pranks we pulled as a rite of passage.''

If you can't tell the difference between Seniors setting up a homeless camp in the courtyard or making a giant swing set on the roof, much less the ag guys offloading cows into the halls- and someone walking around with a gun, you need some assistance.
For a small fee, I'll let you know if filling the bathroom with crabs rises to the level of a lockdown.


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