Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mottoes and taglines

I had a short e-mail conversation with Eric a while ago. It's been in the back of my mind, but I've been working OT and haven't had time to post.

As we were talking about Marine Boot camp for my newly minted son-in-law, he ended with the kick-ass and well earned "Semper Fi'.

I didn't feel any of my Navy slogans were half up to a reply by that and ended up with a weak 'Bravo Zulu" back.

I mean how can something like "Construmus Batumius" be a come back to "Semper Fi"?
Even if we do go ashore with them in the second wave?

My Battalion motto of The 'Roo "Can Do' is even worse.
If you want to know what we were like in the '80 scroll down to the middle of the page - Naval Station Overhead Electrical Distribution Project was my baby, as I was assistant crewleader on it.

But still, not even "Semper Paratus" meets that Jarhead saying- especially coming from a crew of Puddle Pirates.

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