Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I just got done paying a snail-mail bill

Actually, I just wrote the check and put it into the envelope.

I put one of those "forever" stamps on the envelope and wondered...

Now that the USPS is in the red and never going to black again- how long before they rescind that "forever" part of the stamp and start requiring extra postage?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In a story headlined completely opposit of it's meaning

we have from Fox Business news- "Americas most corrupt states".
And you would be surprised which states were on that list.

No New Joisey
No California
No Illinois
No New Yawk

How about
Michigan? (well it has Detriot and Unions...)
N. Dakota
S. Carolina

Because they weren't looking for actual corruption, but what could cause corruption.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Here's to ya, Jerry

But I didn't think of it first:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where to start?

Well, lets start with this- the hugely inept and bumbling bureaucracy called the TSA- who I'd like to remind you has NEVER stopped a terrorist in the ten years they've been active- is now on the fast track to be some kind of information clearing house.

And yes, this did clear the Republican House.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the bill's sponsor, said the legislation is a "common sense approach" to fighting terrorism. The House passed the bill May 30 and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is now considering the bill.
In an interview with The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp, Speier said the bill creates "fusion centers," where TSA can provide intel to local law enforcement and emergency management officials. 

Fusion Centers!

"We have put in place through TSA a very elaborate system [in airports]. We all go through those metal detectors and those secondary searches. And we've put a lot of focus on the airlines for good reason. But we have neglected the mass transit components, generally speaking," she said.
Speier said 2 million people fly each day, compared with more than 5 million who ride the subway each day in New York City alone. She pointed out that the most recent terrorist attacks have been on mass transit. Also, when U.S. Special Forces raided Osama Bin Laden's compound last year, intelligence gathered revealed the next attack was intended for mass transit.

And when was the last time anyone tried to hijack a plane with the guns, knives and explosives the TSA let aboard airplanes?
When was the last time anyone tried to hijack or blow up an American subway?
Especially with everyone watching for something like that?

The TSA has already admitted that it's not effective and is a danger to the traveling public and the economy because of their ill-trained workers.

The guy who drove this truck

The E-bay ad says he was a Ford mechanic-

Must not have been a very good one judging from his battery connections........

1000 words

The difference between the Air Force and all other services:

Because no one else needs reminders...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Equal rights

Well Rep. Ackerman, it looks like your work is done

You can retire with the knowledge that your 30 years worth of "fixing" education has given you the results you wanted.

As far as this record partisanship wedge you're complaining about, how much did you have to  stand aside to let it happen through the likes of SanFran Nan, and the rest of the communist hacks in your party?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm sure glad to live in a "Right to work" state

That way I don't have to worry about coming up with an additional $778 per year just to keep my job.

Because Texas has a problem with that whole "Union" thang....

But- hay.... unions are for the little people.............right after they spend money to support the Democrats ant their Union Bosses (who can't even remember how to do the job they used to do).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Actually, I think the right term is cobbles, or potatoes, or river rock...South San Antonio has them between 3-4' deep wherever you dig.

This is less than 1000 YDs of trench:
...The silver ones, not the brand new painted ones....
We're using those on the outside teeth instead of Tiger Teeth becaus we need the 25.5" the .GOV specs call for.

I'll make a deal with you lady

I'll start being concerned with AGW and everything else you are trying to put out when YOU start acting like it's a real problem-K?

Not when you give an interview that tells all first world economies that they need to become existence foragers to protect Gaia...or something...right before the G-20 meets (in person) in Rio.
Those people...with the hundreds of planes and tens of thousands of tons worth of carbon footprint.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How's that democracy Egypt?

One person, one vote, one time.
Because you just threw away any chance you had to be anything but a third world shithole, just like all the other Islamathocracy.

And you thought sexual assault was bad before...
And, sorry Christians- the muslim in the White House isn't going to even THINK about giving you asylum.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Fathers Day...

So where is the Clint Eastwood marathon?

In which the author prooves how mean he is

So I'm reading this feelgood article about some Gaia worshiping Libs up in Somerville, (MA -I guess) who are having a 'de-paving' party.

The article doesn't really go into much detail about the actual work, except that it's to help improve the drainage- or something.

...And to show that manual labor isn't demeaning- unless you're getting paid to do it:
I’m excited to do this and to show my 7-year-old (son, James) how to do some manual labor. He’s very good at it,” said Margaret Kurth, 27, of Somerville, a Tufts graduate student studying water resource management, who saw a flier about yesterday’s event.

Then we have the "everything old is new again" train of thought-
 It’s exciting to see people doing something direct about the environment,” said Olivia Becker, 22, of Scituate, who arrived with apples and tortillas after reading about the party online. “A lot more could be accomplished if more social situations were turned into constructive projects.
...Because no one ever thought to have barn-raisings and cabin-raisings before the .GOV  came along to the frontier and took over the private roads, bridges and ferries the settlers had already made....with their neighbors.

Now to get to the practical questions-
  • Where did they put the old asphalt, and how did they haul it off?
  • How much CO2 did all those panting Libs cause? Would it have been offset by two hours work with a skid-steer?
  • What is he going to repave his driveway with? Around here we get maybe a weeks worth of rain a year and calichie works well- but we don't get feet of snow that has to be removed and when it's saturated, calichie is like driving on freshly poured cement. AND water runs off of that too.

In more news that's not

In the Friday afternoon news dump we find out that Barack H. Patton has put our troops back in Somalia..........because it worked so well the last time a Democrat put them there.

As you read this, King Putt will most likely be playing his 100th game of golf since he took the throne in 2009.

Now, lets see what we accomplished this week, shall we?

Monday, June 11, 2012:
 9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Participates in interviews with local TV anchors from Roanoke, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; Greenville, South Carolina; Sioux City, Iowa; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Reno, Nevada; and Fresno, California; Cabinet Room
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden; Private Dining Room
4:00 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
4:30 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Panetta                            ...............(Busy day!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:45 am || Departs the White House
1:20 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser; private residence, Owings Mills, Maryland
2:35 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, Maryland
3:45 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, Maryland
4:45 pm || Departs Baltimore
5:20 pm || Arrives Philadelphia
6:10 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
7:45 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
9:05 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
10:20 pm || Departs Philadelphia
11:20 pm || Arrives White House                                                      

Wednesday, June 13, 2012:
3:20 pm || Meets with Israeli President Shimon Peres
4:40 pm || Attends a fundraiser; W Hotel, Washington
7:10 pm || Awards Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a dinner at the White House; East Room
8:30 pm || Attends reception with Peres; East Room

Thursday, June 14, 2012
 10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:40 am || Departs White House
1:05 pm || Arrives Cleveland
1:45 pm || Delivers remarks on the economy at a campaign event; Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland
3:25 pm || Departs Cleveland
4:35 pm || Arrives New York City
5:15 pm || Visits the World Trade Center site and receives a briefing on construction progress  ...(So YOU can pay for the trip!)
6:45 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker
9:55 pm || Speaks at a second fundraiser; The Plaza Hotel
11:35 pm || Departs New York City
12:45 am || Arrives White House

Friday, June 15, 2012
 Noon || Lunch with winners of campaign raffle; Washington
5:10 pm || Hosts reception honoring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month
6:00 pm || Departs White House
7:00 pm CT || Arrives Chicago

In the real world....I got about 300 feet of 60'"deep trench open, filled with (2-6",2-3" and 1-2")PVC conduit, cemented in and back-filled and tamped.
Too bad we didn't get as much done as Prezzy Shnezzy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not to be getting all retro-and stuff

But there was something I saw on TeeWee ...chit... about ten years ago that I caught a couple episodes to but never saw again.

I liked the idea of a lighter *Night Stalker* kind of thing.
This one was called *the Dresden Files*, but naturally, it had only a one season run-- just like most thought provoking cerebral non-Big Brother type Tee Wee shows in the top ten today.

Someday Brawndo will be the big thing for the rest of 0bama's America...

Ahead of their time

About thirty years ahead.
I wonder if they knew 0bama back then???

Really, what did they know and what did he tell them?

Got nothing

So how about a little R.Lee?

Friday, June 15, 2012

So, now it's racist...

To assume a long winded egoist has finished speaking and ask him a question?

That's the way the Left is spinning it, because if He wasn't black- then everyone would have the utmost respect and adoration for him


Because every other white Prezzy never had to put up with disrespect.

But this was hilarious! Remember?

How's that arab spring working for you?

Alternate title- 0bamas smart diplomacy strikes again.

So, on the verge of Egypt electing a 75% majority of the Muslim Brotherhood to parliament and the Presidency, we have the Army disbanding the government and reinstating the rule of the mob.

Because your average Egyptian- no matter how bloodthirsty- still is afraid of the RoP in charge of them.

But then again it's Muslims against Muslims. As long as they're killing each other, they're leaving us alone.

Dinner with the 1%-ers

For the low price of an average American salary, you ultra rich Liberals can breath the same air as your Chicago Jeezus.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hold mah beer, I'm going in

So for the last several days I noticed the main computer hanging up, so I cleaned and scanned and updated.
Then both Avast and Microsqush decided I needed important updates, so I did, then the trouble started.
-As in 'oops, we seem to have lost some script that'll let us actually START your computer'.

The only way I can get it to run is in Safe Mode...with internet- SO in theory I can send my files by mail to myself, right?
Since I can't write anything to a CD...


Lets try restore to factory settings and see what kind of options I have there?

Lets try the one that'll back up files!

June 15

Looks like the mini-nuke worked, now I just have to try finding the backups that I can't figure out how to find....
Since it didn't ask me to insert a CD to download.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess where I am now

Still doing business with bank of America?

After all those new fees and payments they're soaking you with?

Guess what Bunky, between the old $20 billion and their newest $50 billion climat change scam, they could have let you bank for free all these years.

If you add in the $45 billion they got from TARP, they should be paying you to bank there.
Instead, you're paying through the nose for them to kick you in the nards every time you think about making a purchas or deposit.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Where to go with this one?

She must be a Democrat.
Why yes she is, she's the Bexar County Elections administrator (of the heavily Democrat and hispanic influenced controlling party) who poo-poos the need for photo IDs.

  “When you register you have to give us either a DPS number, or the last four digits of your Social Security Number,” she said.

  Callanan says that immediately starts running its way through various state and federal data bases.

  “It’s run through the Social Security database, it’s run through the DPS database,” she said.

  Illegal immigrants are not allowed to have Social Security numbers, and the DPS database includes records of convicted felons who are been denied the right to vote.
 Except that illegals can buy a SSN at any Flea Market for $25 (see below) .

She says the process continues when the registration card is mailed out, to make sure the voter really lives at the address he or she put down on the form.

  “Here in Bexar County if we mail out 850,000 cards, we are going to get back about 130,000 of them, because that card cannot be forwarded,” she said.

  Then letters which can be forwarded are mailed out to voters who were not living at the address listed on the registration card, informing them that if their address is changed, they have to re-register at their new precinct.
 When we moved from Maxwell to our present location, I got a new Medina Co. registration in the mail-WITHOUT re-registering. Don't think I had to register in Maxwell after my move either.

She says officials work diligently to make sure the dead are removed from the voter rolls, she is asking survivors to notify her office when voters die, and she points out that some times voter registration cards mailed to people who have died are not returned to her because survivors hold onto them as a ‘keepsake.’
 Another 'keepsake' that Democrats embrace is the "last vote" option that the deceased would have wanted to keep in office....

They say these precautions are actually far more complete and effective than relaying on a ‘government issued photo i.d.’ which can be obtained at a flea market for about $25.   But conservatives say voter fraud is rampant, and point to undercover videos made by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe which show people voting illegally in several places, including one person who cast a ballot in the Washington DC primary by giving voting officials the name of Eric Holder, the Attorney General and opponent of photo i.d.
Remember that $25 Flea Market SSN?
What about people who ‘find a registration card lying on the street,’ the unlikely scenario presented by conservatives as a main reason why photo i.d. is needed.

  “When you sign the poll book, the officials, while they are not playing CSI, are looking closely at those signatures,” she said.
I forgot to sign my new registration when I voted in the primaries a month ago. 
The registrar looked at it and said I had to sign it before I signed the logbook- so I did- in front of him without cracking my wallet.

  Callanan says there are very few if any people in Bexar County who are voting illegally in Bexar County, due to the variety of precautions that are taken.
Yeahright....OK then....

I don't know why they'd bother with missiles

China has announced that they'd decimate the American fleet with barrages of ant-ship missiles if we ever came to blows.

Wouldn't it be easier and more cost effective to just actuate the *assassin* circuit they have in every computer the US military buys from a third party supplier?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I would really like to buy this guy a beer

Atlas Shrugged-

-The movie.

Do you think anyone in DeeCee is getting ideas for new legislation from the movie (since they'd never read the book)?

Spellcheck is your friend

Especially when you going to put indelibly on your body for public display:

I hope it wasn't a manager that wrote that sign...

Actually "Obama Girl", it IS peoples business

Because YOU are the one who made that fan-gyrl crush video that helped get your Chicago Jeezus elected.

This time, however, Ettinger won’t say if she still supports Obama.
“At this point I’m keeping that to myself,” she told TheDC. “If I’m not making videos, I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business who I’m voting for this time around.”

We know you and all the other disenchanted Liberals aren't going to vote for a Republican, so you have two choices right?

Stay home.
Vote for more of the same.

It was only a matter of time

Then the dam broke loose on the hidden scourge of---


Saturday, June 09, 2012

So, what did we accomplish this week?

Monday 06-04:  9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:25 pm || Departs White House
4:35 pm|| Arrives New York City
5:20 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser, private residence
8:25 pm|| Speaks at a fundraiser; Waldorf Astoria
9:35 pm|| Speaks at a fundraiser; New Amsterdam Theater
11:20 pm || Departs New York City
12:30 am || Arrives White House

Tuesday 06-05:  10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with senior advisers    (Yes, SRSLY- that's why he deserves a second chance!)

Wednesday 06-06:  9:20 am ET || Departs the White House
11:45 am PT || Arrives San Francisco
12:20 pm PT || Attends a fundraiser; Landmark Tower, San Francisco
2:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco, San Francisco
3:15 pm PT || Departs San Francisco
4:20 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
7:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Beverly Hills, California
8:55 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; private residence; Beverly Hills, California
No, you didn't miss the D-Day message- there wasn't one.

Thursday: 06-07: 10:20 am PT || Makes remarks at a fundraiser; private residence, Los Angeles
11:20 am PT || Departs Los Angeles
12:20 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas
12:50 pm PT || Delivers remarks on college loans; University of Las Vegas
2:00 pm PT || Departs Las Vegas
9:25 pm ET || Arrives White House

Friday 06-08: 12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden; Private Dining Room
2:00 pm || Bilateral meeting with President Aquino of the Philippines
2:50 pm || Honors the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants; South Lawn
5:10 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Jefferson Hotel, Washington

Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday fail

I knew it was going to be a crappy day at 5:45 AM, when the biggest dog decided that he didn't want to go out to let karen sleep in.
I had to chase the f*cker around the house until I made a noose out of a leash to drag him out....

So naturally I was running late and in traffic that i usually miss, and almost got sideswipped by Texting Dude and almost rear-ended by Green Camero guy (twice- once on HWY 90 and then on base after I went to a less used gate father away and got in front of asshole at a major intersection).

Then, since there's no overtime for this job, we let out at 11:30 and waited for the checks (because the company changed banks and Wells-Fargo, or the company can't get it right) to be delivered.
So I went home and came back to Lackland at 2:30PM- to find out the plane was late.

And we waited because I'm NOT making another 60 MI round find out that the Fed-Ex plane landed close to the UNIONs shift change and no-one wanted to get neat that plane until they had their UNION sanctioned pre-work break and their mandatory circle jerk before they would even get close to the plane with my check on it.

At 5:30 I finally got to the bank.

How was your Friday?

...And they'll be wearing those $1000 shoes at the next OWS protest

Since they only have something against SOME 1%-ers but not Kayne West and his $250 shoes that are jacked up by an evil rich b@stard- because they are willing to pay that much.

NBC is completely lost when it comes to Military commitments

Because, since NBC bought out the Weather Channel (which proves the reason of TWC going all in for AGW)
they have been harassing an Air Force Reserve Officer- because she *CAN'T* get their approval to reject military orders.

So they fired her.

H/T to Mr. G

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The difference is

in America- before 0bamakare *fixed* everything, this would have been take care of by the parents PRIVATE health insurance.
Which their employer used to pay the majority of...

But this is .GOV healthcare in the place that used to be Great Briton....

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I'm probably going to be called a racist for this post

Because anything said in a not positive and reinforcing defacto racism any more...Right MSM?

Ophra is interviewing Micheal Jackson's daughter ...sometime.

And she looks like she might have his nose, if you try hard enough.
EXCEPT that Rhinoplasty doesn't affect genes.

I'd like to remind everyone what Micheal Jackson looked like before he had all his 'enhancements':
So the kids won life's lottery- good for them!

It just makes you wonder who the donator for the genetic material was....

You've got it wrong you whiny Liberal dooshnozzle

Democracy didn't "DIE" last night in Wisconsin- It proved to be alive and well.

The will of the people, and all...

Not the will of whiny, socialists-that-want-to-force-people-to-live-they-way-they-want-to force-them-to-live kind of democracy they used to have in the USSR, East Germany and still have in N. Korea.

Here's the link to the Breitbart video (that has an unavoidable ad in it) That I can't turn off auto-play.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

But,,,,,George Wallace was a Democrat

So why is the race hustler Jesse Jackson comparing Scott Walker to a Democrat hero?

 Yes, that’s Schultz paraphrasing Jackson as saying, “He called this election one of the biggest moments in the history of our democracy. He compared it to Emmett Till’s Lynching and Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat.” And of course he then played the audio of Jackson comparing Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.

Monday, June 04, 2012



Which channel did it used to be on, and how did I miss it?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lets see how long this lasts

I now have an official THINGAMAJIG for sale at E-bay!

First world problems

Or this is what bothers whiny GenNexters...

Including toothpaste, cookies (the edible kind), fat hands and pencils.

I have to agree with #21.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

So, did Hillary! get to water ski up the Northwest passage?

You know, like we were told would happen THIRTY YEARS AGO.

When they realized that global freezing wasn't working and they decided that "AGW" was much scarier.

So why did Hillary! have to be escorted to the north Pole in a Norwegian icebreaker to see the frolicking Polar bears (that are increasing in numbers---just like the Caribou along the Alaskan pipeline) just so she could increase her carbon footprint for a photo-op?

Isn't it a little ironic

That Rod Stewart, who made top ten countdown with this-

is on his fourth of his ever younger wives?

Lets get all Shirley Temple retro, shall we?

There goes the Navy f*cking with "tradition" again.

First it was beards *for safety*
Then it was the two beer lunch.
Then it was pretty much all facial hair.

Then sometime they started getting a ribbon for just graduating boot camp
...And got to wear special covers when they graduated...or something.

Then -at least they went *back* to traditional jumpers from that stupid `80's ice cream truck uniform.
Then they changed from the water-survivable dungarees and boon-dockers to that stupid blue cammie BDUs they have to wear today.

Now they're changing the dress uniform to the Shirley Temple mode.

-Oh wait, I was wrong.
Even Shirley Temple used the right uniform:
So where have I seen that new look before? Oh- Yeah!

H/T to Bob.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Two comments about this video

First- Maybe someone should think about changing the angle of the flaps
Second- we have a doosh hoping to get a million dollar airplane crash on video so he can be cool for a day instead of working.