Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lets get all Shirley Temple retro, shall we?

There goes the Navy f*cking with "tradition" again.

First it was beards *for safety*
Then it was the two beer lunch.
Then it was pretty much all facial hair.

Then sometime they started getting a ribbon for just graduating boot camp
...And got to wear special covers when they graduated...or something.

Then -at least they went *back* to traditional jumpers from that stupid `80's ice cream truck uniform.
Then they changed from the water-survivable dungarees and boon-dockers to that stupid blue cammie BDUs they have to wear today.

Now they're changing the dress uniform to the Shirley Temple mode.

-Oh wait, I was wrong.
Even Shirley Temple used the right uniform:
So where have I seen that new look before? Oh- Yeah!

H/T to Bob.


  1. Not sure where you get the Navy boot camp ribbon from. The air force had one when I was in but there is no such Navy ribbon that I am aware of.

  2. I think it's a new thing.
    SiL got one for going through Marine boot camp two years ago.