Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday fail

I knew it was going to be a crappy day at 5:45 AM, when the biggest dog decided that he didn't want to go out to let karen sleep in.
I had to chase the f*cker around the house until I made a noose out of a leash to drag him out....

So naturally I was running late and in traffic that i usually miss, and almost got sideswipped by Texting Dude and almost rear-ended by Green Camero guy (twice- once on HWY 90 and then on base after I went to a less used gate father away and got in front of asshole at a major intersection).

Then, since there's no overtime for this job, we let out at 11:30 and waited for the checks (because the company changed banks and Wells-Fargo, or the company can't get it right) to be delivered.
So I went home and came back to Lackland at 2:30PM- to find out the plane was late.

And we waited because I'm NOT making another 60 MI round find out that the Fed-Ex plane landed close to the UNIONs shift change and no-one wanted to get neat that plane until they had their UNION sanctioned pre-work break and their mandatory circle jerk before they would even get close to the plane with my check on it.

At 5:30 I finally got to the bank.

How was your Friday?

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  1. I detect some frustration in your post.....

    Be thankful. I passed one wreck on I-10 east of Houston that had traffic backed up 1 mile westbound, all five lanes. Then later a 3 car collision on I-45 northbound at Corsicana, again a mile backup and the wreck had just happened. Blessings were in place as it looked like no one had been injured in either.

    Be patient as there are those with greater troubles. And have a great weekend.