Saturday, March 31, 2012

So, the @sshole on the rice-rocket

did something that pissed the woman off (as usual), and then he got an attitude when she reacted.

Yeah, Dick- you're the one on a bike that screams "I'M AN ASSHOLE!", and you get involved with pissing off someone in a cage...???
Then she does what I- as a rider wanted to do to assholes like you...who gave regular drivers an attitude against me- because of what YOU did.

No sympathy for dickwad here.

I shouldn't be H8ing on SWIFT drivers

But there is a reason they have other names use for their company...
See What I F*cked up Today,,,, Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck...

But to be fair, not all SWIFT drivers are bad, it's just that they have a lot of new drivers- like Werner...

And THIS is why experienced drivers never like to back up onto their blind side:

This is how a good driver does it. That GOAL on the bottom of his mirror is reminding him to Get Out And Look- so he doesn't end up like our friend right above this.

About that $540 million lotto prize

Hope you have a nice day :-)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Leftist `tard writes a check his ass can't cover

This one's name is John Carnduff Stewart- who sent threatening e-mails to the Sheriff's Dept. telling them that he was going to assassinate the Chief and his family, because he didn't like the fact that justice was overpowering a lynch mob.

In the mail, he also boasted of owning (probably illegal [for a criminal]) more guns than the Sheriffs had.

"You and your family deserve to be hunted down and shot like a dog, just like Trayvon Martin," deputies said Stewart wrote. He called the Sanford Police Department "bigoted" and "unprofessional."
"I have more weapons than your entire police department and I would love to use some of them to take you down," the email says. Stewart ended his message, deputies say, with his home address.
"I dare you to visit my home or send one of your officers and find out exactly how long you or other police officers would last," says the short email, which was released Friday afternoon.
Investigators took Stewart up on his dare Friday morning, searching his home and finding "additional threatening emails" on his computer. He confessed to sending Lee the email, deputies say.
"I know what this is about," Stewart told investigators, according to his arrest report. "I sent the emails, and I wanted to piss them off."

Well guy, you did that- too bad you didn't have the backbone to stand behind your words.

...But then again, you're probably a Communications Union Thug who retired to FLA so you could vote for the Dem twice- once in NYC and FLA...

All or nothing?

If that's the only choice  SCOTUS has, then lets go with nothing.

No one really had problems paying for health insurance untill the .GOV started getting involved in the `80's, then as they got more involved in solving the "problem" of health access- the cost went through the roof, and hasn't stopped.

The more involved the .GOV gets, the more it'll be managed like the Post Office or any DOT office you've been to.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Since everyone else is doing it-

-Mom is trademarking Trayvonn's name.
People -including the Most Racial President- are hawking hoodies.

How can I get in on this Trayvon feeding frenzy?

Sell Trayvon branded lynching rope?


Trayvon (in a happier time)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

They told me-

When Florida got the right to defend themselves, that it would be like the old west.

I guess they're right.
 Except that it's not gunfights in the streets, it's wanted posters and vigilante justice.

...and posse's gotta have dat posse.


Just a thought, if Obama had another son, he could have looked like this:

Monday, March 26, 2012

So, I was at the un-named military base today

Waiting on a dumpster and my pipe (which never showed up......because the guy was calling the house phone -30 mi. away).

I was waiting and the booters Trainees were doing their padded stick combat.
I don't know what they were yelling- probably the AF version of urRAH!, but it sounded more like BOOM-BOOM!

Every time I heard it I couldn't help but say "out go the lights."

So here's your earworm for the day:

Chicago-on-the-Patomac must be worried

King Putts numbers are in the tank and he must already be losing to Romney in most inside polls.

That's why they're not waiting until the Establishment Candidate assumes his rightful position before they blindside him with Romneykare.

Now we have someone who anyone with the slightest bit of constitutional understanding has to vote for- since Santorum showed that he has no understanding of the term "innocent until proven guilty."

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How about some old war p()rn?

From the last time we made a difference:

It's a game--DICK

The NFL is taking care of that bounty thing all by themselves.
You don't need to waste (even more of) my money by calling Congressional hearings on it.

If you want to "Do Something!"- then how about that budget that you Democrats in the Senate haven't bothered with for almost FOUR YEARS.
You know, the one that the Constitution requires you to do and not sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cat fight!

And they're nekkid as the day they were born!
Claws out and all!
You'll be amazed at the agility of the two contestants!

Link fixed- They hid it a little, so you have to scroll down some.

One last thing one that Trayvon Martin lynch mob

I hope the racists who are trying to lynch an Hispanic man for defending himself are happy, be cause your most racial president just told you that his racebaiters in his Justice Department are going to be all Waco on Zimmerman.

And- to put this outrage into perspective, I'd like to remind you about the outpouring of indignation from the MSM and the usual race pimps over this story two weeks before...

You remember, the 13 year old WHITE boy who forced those two 16 year old Black boys to pour gasoline over him and light it?
And why is it allegedly for the blacks and set in stone for Zimmerman?

I need some Air Force help here

Because I'm wondering about some things I've seen on base, and their 'military' traditions- as they are...

  1. Do you people 'DO' morning colors? I was in front of a grinder by one of your booter baracks dorms when I heard what I took to be the five minute warning..except it was eight O'clock and no-one even broke stride.
  2. What do you call your DI's and how do I ask for directions to their 'goat locker'?
  3. What was it Friday, at noon when we heard over the loudspeaker, all five military anthems?
  4. If I'm making a turn and there are troops with traffic guards crossing the road straight in front of me, can I turn right?
Thanks for the help...and snark.

When I meet someone, I generally start making a mental list

- or if you want, I start trying to put them in categories.
Basically it comes down to "Can I trust you?" and "Can I get along with you?"

I think after meeting this guy, my impression would be that "You're a dick."
When I first saw the title, I thought he was making people pay a tool to use the road- but no -he's just being a dick about the whole thing.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The only thing I have to say about this Travon/ Zimmerman thing

is that if- somehow I got involved in that ridiculous 'million hoodie march' last night- I bet I could have had them all shouting something like "LYNCH WHITIE!" before the night was over.

And no-one on the Left would have a problem with it.


Just so everyone can pass around the word about this wonderful day.

Today is the second anniversary of Barry signing HIS signature Legacy.
Make sure everyone remembers this day!

Doesn't it look like Nancy (the EX-speaker) is having a Barry-gasm?

Don't worry Mr. Obamakare, we'll thank you this November!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Put me on that jury

I would so love to be on that EPA jury that is taking up the Sackett case.

There would be another term besides 'Jury Nullification"., since I'd be insisting on them being compensated for Obamas EPA running roughshod over the Fourth Amendment* and the Eighth Amendment**.
Since being unable to use your property and being forced to put money into turning it into some bureaucrats idea of wilderness is an unjust taking of property.

And then some kind of injunction to stop all other EPA over-reaches.

*The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, ...

**Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Play stupid games...

So, I went to work this morning, and Karen went to work this afternoon- the dogs were alone for about three hours...
If you look close enough, you can see fur caught on the barbwire.

OH? why is that black co-axial cable wired into that switch?

You mean THIS black co-ax?

Win stupid prizes.
Feel froggy now you little black beitch?

Someone is "really" looking to get shot- that used to be a futon mattress.

AND I had to buy a weed-eater because the fuel system on the old on rotted away, and then spent two and a half hours clearing around that bare wire- all the way around an acre of yard.

This is how I woke up Sunday morning

And she was still at it after breakfast.

Both the pasta box and the pizza round was on the shelf when karen got home from her night shift:

I usually leave a handful in the box because the dogs think they're treats.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something else Blogger sux at

is uploading videos.
I don't even know why they have a video uploader button, I spent over an hour trying to upload the storm that came through last nite, and watched that little circle spin, and spin, and spin- until I decided to upload it to U-Toob.

And here we've been told since 2001-

That doing things 'unilaterally' is wrong, and the UN is the ONLY body that can dictate policies to countries.
Even if the UN and many other countries agreed--it was still unilateral, because BUSH did it.

So, on the other hand it's not unilateral when the Obama administration slaps sanctions on European countries for using Iranian oil... right?
...And now that the EU has fallen into line, Hillary! s going to loosen the reigns on the Euro-wienies and drop Obamas (un)-unilateral sanctions that no-one else voted on--or something that makes sense to Liberals.

GMAFB MEchelle

Nobody recognized you at your Target photo-op.

Because nobody there had the sense to wonder "why" the place was crawling with Secret Service guys and others snapping pictures of some fat-ass broad in shades and a gimmie cap?

But I'm sure Letterman and his audience ate it up.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A new powder actuated tool from Milwaukee tools

It's a powder actuated tack driver that doesn't require a license to operate.
(Sorry Hilti)

A little something from Tesla


Via- I wish I could remember...


We just got the Notice to proceed from the Air Force!

Now we can start getting our laydown yard ready and start marking for the dig-safe permits.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

So Matt Drudge

Tell me when that third world country S.E. of FLA became a state?
Because it's my 25 year old opinion that Puerto Ricans don't really LIKE America.

But I guess if you're bought and paid for you can write any headlines you want.

I mean the Puerto Ricans don't like us, but the people who made their living on the bombing range of Vieques Island loved us....until the Liberals forced us to stop using their island, and forced the entire population onto welfare...

But hey!
Romney wants us to make them a state, so why worry about making a third world shithole (who hate America) an equal member of this greatest county in the world.
It's only money we'll be shovelling into it forever- just like Detroit.

Mike Suckabee wants to take over talk radio?

His barely-on-the-radar I guess (I've never heard of them) Cumulus Media sent out a bunch of e-mails to Rush's affiliates telling them that he'd be a better host than Rush.

Because he'd be less divisive- or something-
"They are positioning Huckabee as the safe, non-dangerous alternative to Rush and saying to station owners, 'If you are looking for conservative content, we want you to consider our guy instead of theirs.'"

Yeah, Mike. The guy who lost to the the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama is going to take over talk radio.

 Huckabee presented Cumulus with its best chance ever to grow into a national competitor to Clear Channel in the radio syndication market even before Limbaugh on February 29 ignited his latest controversy by calling birth-control activist Sandra Fluke "a slut.

That the April 9 launch of "The Mike Huckabee Show" comes amid an exodus of advertisers from Limbaugh's program and an Internet-driven boycott is simply serendipity for Cumulus.

In an interview with Reuters on Friday, Cumulus co-Chief Operating Officer John Dickey described the Huckabee emails as "standard operating procedure" and said the company was "proud to offer up our content to the industry at large."

Well, good luck there Mike- if I have Foxnews on and I see you're mug I change it to anything else.

I know I have Ron Paul backers who read this blog

I admit that I like a lot of what he says- BUT  his foreign policy views turn a lot of people off.

Then add in what most people think of when they see R. P. supporters with their in-your-face single mindedness that to me puts him in Ross Perot territory.

I was going to make this another post, but Willard isn't worth it.
 I don't know how many or if I have any Mittens supporters here because I'm sure Ann Coulter or Matt Drudge don't come here, and I don't pay them to root for anyone.

This is why the Establishment Republican candidate will lose in November.
Because the only people who like a bully is Liberals, and only if he's on their side. 

The Soviet Union had a constitution

It had all the rights and government framework as ours.
The citizens were guaranteed rights under it.

BUT unless the government follows both the written law and the spirit of the constitution- then it's nothing but meaningless words ignored buy those in power.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are the AP and CBS rooting for Bashir Assad to prevail?

Does anything jump out at you like it did to me in this little blurb?

(CBS/AP) BEIRUT, Lebanon — Two "terrorist explosions" struck security targets in the Syrian capital Saturday morning, killing at least 27 people and wounding 140, the state-run news agency said.

SANA said many of the dead were civilians, including children and senior citizens.

When was the last time you remember the AP or cBS calling anyone a terrorist?
Even if the original story said that?

Then we have this graphic (well less glossed over than the results of PLO bombs...)description of the results of 'freedom fighters'-
SANA posted gruesome photographs of the scene, with mangled and charred corpses, bloodstains on the streets and twisted steel.

"All our windows and doors are blown out," said Majed Seibiyah, 29, who lives in the area. "I was sleeping when I heard a sound like an earthquake. I didn't grasp what was happening until I hear screaming in the street.

BUT- all is not lost in the peace process. Koffi Anan is there showing the same kind of leadership that that made the UN the epitome of useless pandering.  ...And both sides have the same opinion of him :-D

Diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis have so far brought no result. But U.N. envoy Kofi Annan told the Security Council in a briefing Friday that he would return to Damascus even though his recent talks with Assad saw no progress in attempts to cobble together peace negotiations between the two sides.
After the confidential briefing via videolink, Annan told reporters in Geneva that he urged the council "to speak with one voice as we try to resolve the crisis in Syria." Russia and China have blocked U.N. action against Assad's regime.
"The first objective is for all of us to end the violence and human rights abuses and the killings and get unimpeded access for humanitarian access to the needy, and of course the all-important issue of political process that will lead to a democratic Syria," Annan said.

Looks like someone's going to need to ramp-up his fundraising

If he's going to have the first Billion Dollar campaign war chest.
As of  the January reports, his war chest was some $864 Million short of that goal.

Other interesting findings are that the while others show the little guys contributions (yeah, there's a reason that Obama wants those $3 donations) at somewhere in the high 40's percentage-wise, the Establishment Candidate has..........10% of the peons money verses all the rest from Big money establishment.

Leon, I know they don't mean cr@p to you

And the Democrats you hang with, but they DO contribute more than being photo-ops.

So you want lesbians, huh?

Friday, March 16, 2012


The same president who had to call the slut democrat activist and law School student Sandra Fluke (which rimes with suck) because he didn't want his daughters to feel bad about their status,,,or their sexuality...or something...didn't have a problem with that guy who sang "f*ck you!"...srsly?

And then got interrupted by someones cell phone belting out some misgynecological rant by Ludicris???
At an earlier fundraiser today, the president was interrupted by a “Ludacris” song when someone’s phone started ringing.
“Woah. Got some ‘Luda’ on there?” the president asked of the person’s ring tone, eliciting some hearty laughter from the crowd. “I hope it’s the clean version.”

Because the First Scold is all about protecting his daughters...

...from the evil influences of American values.

Someone doesn't know what they're talking about

OHHhh- it's the NYT!

And the reporter is talking about huge substation transformers.
Transformers are about the size of a one-car garage and usually painted some drab industrial color, but without them, intersecting power lines would be like elevated highways with no interchanges. 
 Ordinary transformers are often too big and heavy to travel by road, and they require special rail cars. But because the transformers typically last 50 years, only a few dozen are shipped each year, so even the appropriate rail cars are in short supply. Ratcheting up the degree of difficulty, many of the places where a replacement transformer might have to go are no longer served by rail.

Not the kind that power your neighborhood, schools or malls.
If those are ordinary transformers, I wonder what he call the square green one sitting in your back yard or on the pole in front of your house?

Cake or Death?

Some Izzy Izzard for your Friday:

So... Who's paying for thrse trips?

Mrs. Obama will host an afternoon reception with 350 supporters in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center. The invitation for the event lists tickets starting at $250 to attend and up to $10,000 to mingle with Obama and take a photo with her.
Meanwhile, the president will start his day in Chicago, headlining reception at the Palmer House Hilton with more than 600 guests. Tickets for the event start at $2,500, a campaign official said. Obama will then head behind closed doors for an intimate roundtable discussion with 60 supporters who have each cut checks for $10,000.
Flying south to Atlanta, Obama will then hobnob with donors into the evening at three fundraisers tailored to the African-American community

Then he's on the way to meet black 1%-ers who'll pony up the average Americans salary for a chance to interact with the Arrogant One.

But, then again, he probably needs it to help him pay for Peggy Josephs gas and  mortgage:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knowing how complicit the Catholic Church was

in getting Obamakare passed- I have a hard time feeling their pain.

Even though I know the Chicago Jeezus is trampling all over the First Amendment, with his birth control mandate.

In which the author swings from Godwin to grudging support

I saw this interview and immediately thought of something that Bill Maher would never see in himself.
...Maher, that kind of sounds Jewish.....

Anyway- GMA @Yahoo had a bit of an interview with Bill about the Rush dust-up. In which he was asked about the Sarah Palin C*nt thing...

TAPPER: How do you know when you've gone too far?
MAHER:  I let the audience be the guide. The bit I did about Palin using the word c-, one of the biggest laughs in my act, I did it all over the country, not one person ever registered disapproval, and believe me, audiences are not afraid to let you know.  Because it was a routine where that word came in at just the right moment. Context is very important, and it's also important to remember that stand-up comedy is the final frontier of free speech.

Yeah Bill, someone else had then rolling in the aisles and nobody raised any complaints either
(I'll give you the redacted version):
BUT, at least he's adult enough to understand  what that First Amendment really means:

MAHER: Of course if you take out of context over 10 years snippets inside comedy bits you can make anyone look bad - and sometimes, I have been!
 And through it all, I have defended Rush's right to stay on the air! Not what he said, that was disgusting - but the right to not disappear because people who don't even listen to you don't like what  you said. That really bothers me. I never hear Rush Limbaugh unless a guy in the next truck at a stop light has it on; it would be arrogant for me to say "he has to disappear" and deprive the people who do listen to him of what they like. We all have different tastes and different opinions, that's America.

Personally I think he's a POS- but at least we could talk.

You heard it here first

And I got it straight from the Unicorn Riders mouth (via Newsmax)...

Yes-  we will be trying to control gas prices with the strategic reserve.
I know this because because the Chicago Jeezus just denied it.

The only question is when and how much?

Because Unicorn farts aren't worth what they once were...

To paraphrase an old saying

Give a bum a laptop, he'll watch pr()n for a day, give him a mobile WIFI and the Liberals will throw shit like monkeys.

So, the way I understand it is that this company- BBH Labs paid some homeless guys $20 a day to be mobile hotspots in Austin.
They got to keep the Wireless fee and any tips they got.

Which the Liberals HATE.    They H8 it because - somehow it's exploiting the 'downtrodden and helpless.'
Lets call it an eight hour day they work- that translates into $2.50/hr. The same rate as small town non-union waitresses--who rely on tips for the rest of their take-home pay.

I guess the only service workers those Liberals know belong to the overpaid SEIU .

So, being a waitress making $20+ tips is good and noble- no matter how much gas costs, but a Homeless guy getting the same- or better (free housing and no car) is demeaning to all who use that service.

Ya know, if I didn't have a mortgage, insurance, two cars, paying for A/C and heat, credit cards and good food- I could easily live on $20 a day.

On this auspicious day

I'm just wondering if Caesar Obama will be leaving the White House?
...And if he does, will he disarm his praetorian guard?

Just curious- because sometimes history does repeat itself....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I found out not long ago

That the Marine Son-in-Law who is in Afghanistan only heard about those 16 deaths when our daughter told him today.

No one in the ranks -Who were out patrolling - knew the natives were after them.
No one bothered to tell them the Indians were on the warpath and to be extra careful.

Because the political animals that are the officer corps (that's 'core'- Barry) didn't want to ...I dunno..cause something.

1000 words of truth

AND we must make sure that the cops get home unharmed.

...No matter what.

In a blow to the Obama re-election committee

Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi followed by Newt and Mr. Establishment.
Which means that Mr. Inevitable- isn't.

Why Does American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico have delegates to decide our president?
They're all protectorates, not states and Guam (and probably A.S.) are more tuned to the Asian continent than the American one.
Puerto Rico is nothing but a third world country sucking our tax Dollars away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And now for something completely chauvinistic

I found it last night looking for PISSED's sweater puppies.

Now for your nightly, or daily earworm- depending on when you see this-

Did I need to mention it's probably NSFW if your boss is a dooshnozzle, or you work with a Liberal.

Talking truth to power

This is worth six minutes. He kind of stumbles there toward the end, but recovers pretty well.
This needs to get viral.

Something else the smartest negro in the world doesn't understand

Or probably care about in his war on oil.

Out of every 42 gallon barrel of oil, less than half (19.5 gal.) is turned into gas.
Here are some things that are made with the rest that he might have some appreciation for-
Golf Balls

Golf Bags

Golf cart bodies

Battery cases for the golf cart 


And something for MEchelle

Ski boots


Credit cards

Winter coats (not that she needs one)




Monday, March 12, 2012

PISSED gave you some puppy pics

Over here.

Let me put them into sweaters for you!

Can we stop tiptoeing around calling them Communists now?

“He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country,” said President Obama. The reason, Obama told a Teamsters union rally in 2004, “is because he shares our values.”
 At that time—just eight years ago—>Congressman Danny Davis was continuing his efforts to help move then-State Senator Obama up the Chicago political food chain. And not that long ago—in fact, just two weeks—that Congressman Davis was honored by People’s World, a news website, at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.”

I'm really hoping we're no so far down the road to Idiocracy  that being a Communist still means bad things- and that somehow the Liberals have overstepped for the final time.

But I doubt it.

So, the Godless aithiest Bill Maher is talking about Genesis?

Well actually no.
He's misrepresenting the story of Satan and Eve.

You know picking things out of context because it sounds good- no matter what the real meaning is...right Barry?

Anyway the ignorant atheist- Bill Maher pulled out a gem about "the fruit of the tree of knowledge between good and evil".
Except that being the ignorant slut that he is, doesn't know or care about being true to the Bible, or anything else.

He just calls it the apple of knowlege and went on a typical Liberal lie about home schoolers- made even worse because Santorum and family are religious.

Completely anathema to Bill Maher, the rest of his audience and  most Liberals are people who have faith in their God in Heaven, and not in DeeCee.

Fuck off Bill. I'd cancel HBO, but I never wasted my money on it anyway.

Who here recognises the smell of natural gas?

Well- in truth hardly anyone, but you do recognize the Mercaptain that is use to make it smell like it does.

Because Natural gas is usually colorless and odorless (unless it's really rich with other hydrocarbons that kind of make it smell like paint thinner), and undetectable without specific instruments.

That changed March 18, 1937 in a Texas school in New London when undetected gas exploded and killed 293 teachers and students.
It's now a Federal law that all natural gas be odorized with that distinctive skunk piss.

Here are some facts about natural gas that you may or may not know-
Remember the fire triangle you learned about in school? Add another leg to it and call it a pyramid.
Now you have oxygen, fuel, ignition and then gas concentration.
Natural gas will only burn (or explode) when the concentration is from 4.5- 14.5% gas-in-air. If it's above or below that, you can light matches all day long with nothing happening.

Of course if there is any air movement at all, you don't know *where* that pocket of flammability is which is why the authorities use excessive caution with a gas break.

An electric spark is right in that flammability sweet-spot. That is why, if you smell gas- you don't turn anything on or off.

AND Carbon Monoxide...that's even more flammable.

My, what an intellectual puff-piece about the electric Edsel

Pity the Chevy Volt. Ever since it became known that the plug-in hybrid car’s batteries had burst into flames after government crash tests, the Volt has become the whipping boy of Republican politicians.
Conservatives have equated General Motors Co. (GM)’s Volt with everything from government bailouts to radical left-wing environmentalism.

We shouldn't???

Politics aside, Volt sales have been a source of disappointment for GM. The Environmental Protection Agency gave it a 95 mpg rating for city driving, less than half the 230 mpg rating GM had anticipated in 2009. After the battery fires became public in November, 2011 sales fell short of Akerson’s goal and following slow sales in January and February, GM decided to stop making the cars for five weeks.

Actually, guy- it's closer to one third of the rating...but you're on a financial news site- don't worry about the math.

While the government’s investigation found the Volt to be as safe as other vehicles, they are complicated and expensive for a small car at nearly $40,000 before a federal tax credit. Nissan Motor Co. (7201)’s Leaf electric car missed its sales targets last year, too, raising questions about the size of the market for technology-laden fuel-efficient vehicle.

This is the same .GOV that found problems with Toyota when there was no brake problems? But then there wasn't after it hurt sales...right?

Republicans buy Silverado pickups and other Chevrolets in greater numbers than Democrats do, said Art Spinella, who studies new-vehicle buyers as president of CNW Marketing Research in Bandon, OR.

Buyers from the political center to the right, “will not buy a car that has anything at all that they perceive being associated with the administration,” Spinella said.

Right...I'm still waiting for my TEEshirt that says "GM got $50 Billion of my money and not only did I NOT get a truck--I didn't even get a shirt that says I didn't get a truck".

After President George W. Bush extended emergency loans to GM’s predecessor, Obama’s administration managed its $50 billion bailout. The U.S. still holds 32 percent of the GM shares, which have gained 26 percent this year after falling 45 percent in 2011.

Obama has embraced the Volt’s fuel-saving technology and said it’s his choice for a new car once he’s no longer president.

“It was nice,” he told a United Auto Workers audience on Feb. 28 about sitting in one. “I’ll bet it drives real good. And five years from now when I’m not president anymore, I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

Yeah, Barry- sandwiched in between a convoy of Secret Service SUVs that get 8MPG.

This song's for you Mr. President-

Sunday, March 11, 2012

They're not as strong as they want you to think they are-

In an award ceremony that had more Liberals than conservatives...
One woman with the (balls) intestinal fortitude to say "NO, I won't show up if your anti-woman 'comedian' decides to keep his misogynistical rants keeps them up."

And Louis C.K. has decided that this wasn't his venue...

Gawd...what a sexy underbite..

So- am I being too picky here?

Dale's RV is an old one. So old it has points, and he told Glenn that sometimes points needed to be resurfaced.
Ok, so those writers know about old time ignition- sort of.

I've never been able to file points while they were still on the truck, much less from an eight-by-eighteen opening in the front of any engine.
Much less have it run if I didn't gap the points.

They should have left Shane in the school bus, but he'd end up getting away.

There's got to be a hardware store in town- why don't they have safety glasses?
I'd hate to turn into a zombie because I got some gore in my eye....

Charlie Sheen hangs out ion Turkish bath-houses? Not exactly WINNING! is it?

Does being zombiefied turn your bones (especially the skull)into peanut brittle?
A K-Bar can slice through the frontal lobe?? SRSLY? I can see an axe, or machette, but a down strike and follow-through???

You know, I thought Shane would be sure to let the kid be bleeding when he went back to his camp.

Death by cop, huh?
And I thought I saw him cut himself in the bus with a contaminated knife....


The Brownshirts are coming out of the woodwork now...

Not only are the howling moth breathers of the Left going after Rush, they're going after any advertizes that support free speech.

Because it's only bad when the Right does it...isn't that right Bill Mahr?

They’ve specifically asked that you schedule their commercials in dayparts or programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity). Those are defined as environments likely to stir negative sentiment from a very small percentage of the listening public.

So the Leftist Brownshirts are ok with Conservative women being called sluts, whores and cunts by their side, and have hijacked and are about halfway through the Balkanization of our country.

Looks like I won't be buying a new truck from Ford-either...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm not going to go there

No matter how tempting it is because
I'm not a Liberal
and Obama isn't Bush

If you know what I mean and IKYD.

So...Carbonite, Proflowers,Legal Zoom...

How's the post Rush business going?

Making up all those lost customers from the ones who never used you before, but had to scream loud enough that you took a stand "on principles"?

This is a perfect example of how we got where we are

With Liberals running the show.
With anti-American Liberals telling you how to live- that you didn't even get a chance to vote on.

Kalifornia is now forcing Coke and Pepsi to change their soda-pop recipes. Because the way they make the caramel coloring has cause cancer in some lab rats...who ingested the equivalent of some 1,000 cans per day.

So, do the two giant soft drink manufacturers pull their products from the shelves and tell Sacramento to pound sand?
NOoooo, they ask how much time they have to obey some BS health law that doesn't affect anyone at all.

Just like every other manufacturer does.
HEY! If you stop selling to them when they make these laws- the people will make them stop doing that- because they WANT your crap!

H/T IOtW (who has good stuff to steal)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Well, it's not like it was their money

The car company that got a $55 billion bail-out just gave Peugeot a bailout of $400 million for their junk stocks.

Btw- GM still owes us taxpayers some $25 Billion that we'll probably never see...just like the billions of unpaid income taxes from Federal workers.

This has got to be a photoshop

Really, who in their right mind would go out of their way to antagonize half the population?
Especially the half that would actually read what you wrote.

Just given that the maker isn't mentioned brings up questions to me, and the fact that Karen wasn't even shocked! or upset, or angered by it says it missed it's mark.

Obamas real message to the troops

You know that war you're fighting and I'm trying to lose?

Yeah about that- I need to take nine supply planes away from you because I need them to ferry my re-election flacks to all 57 states of the U.S.

I know you'll understand, or at least not say anything bad to the press.

Oh, don't worry about supplies....we'll be getting that Paki supply rout open any month now!

H/T zipwire

So I was over at Drudge this morning

I took him off my bookmarks when he went all in for Romney.
As I was scanning the headlines, I remembered why it didn't matter to me if I read him anymore or not because he's not got new news, and the refresher it timed too fast.

Then I read last night ...somewhere that he kept taking anything critical of Obama off during the last election and won't allow any tributes to the guy who helped get him where he is today- Andrew Breitbart.

I guess I'll keep him of the second string of newsies. If I go there every three days, maybe the content will change.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The $3 presidential suite- please...

So, the Boy King lowered himself (and drug Mooch along) to dine with some of the lucky ones who were brain damaged enough lucky enough to be chosen to hear the Arrogant One sound off on Himself all night.

Which brings up some questions I had, since I have to watch my pennies.

How did these lucky people get there from all over? Did they have to pay their own way? Did the DNC pay? Did our tax Dollars somehow get hijacked to get them here?

Why did they end up in a dive in the slums restaurant in a newly vibrant part of DeeCee instead of the White House? Dried up chicken from a steam table??? Yeah, well at $3 you're not going to get Wagoo Beef, or apparently any booze to make the evening go more smoothly.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I hope that wasn't an irreplaceable original

Book of Esther that Bibi gave Obama for some historical reading- Because it probably made it's way into the first round file he passed.

Sometimes it's better to not say anything

Especially it you're on a flight that just ready to take off and you find a utility knife in the overhead bin.

Because you know that you'll just cause a huge delay because of the TSA security clusterf*ck that will ensue, including putting everyone and their crap through security again and boarding another plane- if they can find one.

Well little Denny, she IS a Democrat

It looks like Dennis Kucinich doesn't like getting his ass kicked by a girl.

Kucinich was clearly not happy about his defeat.
"I would like to be able to congratulate Congresswoman Kaptur but I do have to say she ran a campaign in the Cleveland media market that was utterly lacking in integrity with false statements, half-truths, misrepresentations. I hope that is not the kind of representation she would provide to this community. And I don't think the people of Toledo have any idea of the kind of campaign that was run in the Cleveland area. And my own integrity requires me to just say this: That's not all right."

The 'Notice To Proceed'

We can't even put paint on the ground until the Air Force gives us one.

We were supposed to start Feb. 13th.
I have all the accounts set up, got my Poly gas pipe fusion certs, sent off a Material take-off.
 I'm almost done with our schedule and procedures.

THEN- after we get the NTP, we can't start digging for two weeks while they do line locates.

But at least I'll be able to start fusing the mile of 6" poly pipe together.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I'd like some clarification please

Is it the mindset of someone using the word slut the only thing that matters?
Or is it to whom the remark is aimed at?

Liberals can use it with impunity when they talk about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingrham, Anne Coulter...

Liberals have parades where they proudly call themselves sluts.
But when a prominent conservative radio host calls the lying Liberal activist Sandra Fluke a slut- The Left and it's propagandists of the MSM go berserk in shifting the focus from Obamas war on religion to semantics.

Yes, Sandra Fluke DOES meet the requirements for being called a slut.
Unless she was lying. Like she did for the majority of her 'testimony' in front of a Democrat media circus.

Embrace your people Barry

Show the entire world what those Occupy and SEIU protesters are all about.
Don't run away with the G-8 to the protected Camp Davis where your people can't express their First Amendment rights.
Remember, YOU are the one who told them to get in their faces.
You're the one who said 'take it to the streets.

Are you afraid of your own people?

OR, could it be that in a more private setting- you want to try leaning on the other 7 without distractions or media coverage (as fawning as it is)?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Because I'm not a saint

satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

And because it couldn't happen to more deserving people :-)

All those script kiddies who downloaded the software to help Anonymous knock some of "The Mans" sites offline for a couple hours just gave Anonymous all their personal information! :-D
Isn't Karma a motherf*cker?

Stolen from Daddybear.

Hooray for Putin

He brought back Femen- those topless protesters!

I can't say I'd really want to see anti, or pro-Obama protesters.

I might even go watch this movie

From the preview, it looks good.
What I saw in the preview makes it look like both sides of the gun issuew could have their own take- Gungrabbers will say "Oh- looks at those eeeevile gunnies...we told you this would happen!!!one!!"

While Gunnies would say "Cool! I know some people who need that treatment".

It's been 30 years?

March 5 1982 Rota, Spain NMCB133 showing the deepest reverence for Bluto.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Remember when Daryls brothers ghost came back?

In the previous series, when he stabbed himself with his own bolt?
Bro was harassing him about living with n1ggers and ch1nks?

And how it was all Liberals and Democrats fault this all happened...

Now fast-forward to this episode and the Daryl's' bike where we saw a nice double lightning strike on the tank...

Yeah--- lets not put any messages out there Hollywood.

Well, the group conscience has died. Would have anyway because of the way Dale was opened up by a Zombie.

WTF? TWO more episodes? We get to watch eight weeks of Zombie and then they kick back for eight months of trying to hide messages in the script?

Has the Slutty Sandra kerfluffle gone on long enough?

The Left got the distraction it wanted with the Congressional hearing that starred the 23 30 year old Democrat activist who picked Georgetown BECAUSE it didn't cover contraception.

It got everyone stirred up and forgetting whet the whole thing was about to begin with.

Lets remember the whole f*ck your conscience, you will supply FREE contraceptives thing that got side tracked by that round-heeled Sandra Fluke and her Democrat spokesflacks.

Good morning

Is it cold enough for ya?

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I hope Rush has back-ups for his online back-up

Because after his calling a slut a slut- the Liberals in charge of Carbonite are pulling their ads on his show.

Not that there won't be a buttload of new advertisers Monday...

I found this message from the guy who had no problem continuing to pay the ad prices (which, I'm sure were much lower)on the Special Ed. show after he called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut.

Sorry, but SondraK had it in JPEG...

Ok, guy- David Friend.
How old are your daughters? Are they the 23 that was originally put out, or the 30 that the slut Sandra Fluke really is?

Like I said, I hope Rush has additional back-up and that he didn't have much sensitive information backed-up on the Liberal David Friends Carbonite- because whatever he had is going to be ...'accidentally' made public by some kind of 'disgruntled' or ...'sloppy' employee that without management knowledge- downloaded it to wikileaks.

The Perfesser has contact info if you want to remind David about his "tolerance" to the ongoing disrespect showed to conservative women on the Liberal shows he pays for.  -OR to tell him WHY you're cancelling his services.

On one of the facebook pages I go to

A Liberal got made a member.

The first time I had anything to do with him was something that had nothing to do with the Chicago Jeezus' race- until he came in shouting "RACISM!!!"
And we had a ...discussion.
This happened on other posts where things were tangentially touching on his "gawd" and he'd jump in with both shit covered boots and start throwing Liberal talking points and twisting the previous posts.

You know- typical Liberal.

Now, two of the sites (notice the spelling Dwain -if you ever find this) are ratcheting down on anything that could possibly be political.
Which pretty much ends up like a party with the C.O. and the S.P.s watching the festivities.

This Liberal did what they usually do. Raise shit until the authorities clamp down and disappear.

Now we're censored and Lib-boy isn't on the member-list anymore.

Just out of curiosity

Can't the House do anything to stop President Trotsky?

He keeps taking more and more unlawful authority, and no-one is even raising a voice in protest.
The House controls the purse strings, can't they (if they had the stones) to shut down Obamas illegal mandates?

Death match 2012

Srsly- it's not what you think...

Bad news for president Anti-Midas

Looks like GovtMotors is going to stop making the Trabant.

Well, Romney does need an attack dog

Because HE won't dirty his manicured hands to do effective campaigning against "Hte WON". He's already said that in his comments about Santorum.
The one where he forgot the mudslide of negative ads his people put out about Newt and was telling people he had no used for mud against the president..or something.

You know -just like McCain.

So the Establishment candidate is going to need someone to throw punches while Mittens poo-poos the need for dirty work.

As far as I can see, it's going to be Christi or Rand Paul as Veep material- right ANN COULTER?

Happy winter!

If you're not too worn out from shoveling, or if you're snowed in go here for more winter fun.

You might want to mute the sound because of the LOUD annoying ad that autoplays.

Friday, March 02, 2012

So, is Sandra Fluke really a slut?

If nothing else she's apparently very health conscious and NOT on the parents health insurance.
How old is she? (oh, she's 30) If she doesn't have health insurance in that over priced school she's going to, somethings wrong. (Oh...she picked that school BECAUSE they didn't cover contraceptives....)
Maybe Big Education should look to helping the poor students instead of enriching the 1% who call themselves professors?

$1,000 a year for contraception, huh?

Maybe this fits better 
Maybe she's worn out the back seat in this car

Psalm 133 v.1

Because it's our birthday today.

I don't think this idea will fly

Sorry, couldn't help it, but after seeing pictures of the newest flying car- I have doubts about it being a big hit.

Aside from the $279,000 price tag, it's got HUGE blind spots, and kind of looks longer than a pick-up.

Not to mention that that dooch who was tailgating you and then cut you off will want one.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

So,,,What is it with Mormons and baptisms?

The post-mortemesly baptized Anne Frank, and now they're doing Danial Pearl.
So, what does it do? They're dead and had been before this death baptism,,,or whatever they call it.
Do they automatically get PCS orders from their Heaven to the Mormon Version?

"Sorry Anne- just got these PCS orders for you to go over there. Don't ask, it helps to just do whatever stupid chit they want- it's no big deal, put up with it and enjoy a ham sandwich."

Do the Mormons get extra credit when the world finally stops because they spiritually converted them to a religion they may never have heard about?

What a waste of an evening, huh MEEchelle?

Because slumming with those plates of aged Rib-eye for the peons who served in Iran didn't pony up the usual $35,000 for your presence.
Did you know it was bad luck to make a toast with water?
I hope so for your sake in November, Barry.

Liberals will be dancing in the street

Because Andrew Breitbart unexpectedly died last night.

Just Damn...

On this date -in 1861

On this day in 1861, the 2 1/2-year history of the Butterfield Overland Mail in Texas came to an end. The Butterfield line began operations on September 15, 1858. It carried passengers and mail between St. Louis, Memphis, and San Francisco, a distance of 2,795 miles. A government contract called for the company to carry letter mail twice weekly in both directions in four-horse coaches, or spring wagons suitable for carrying passengers. Each trip was to be completed in twenty-five days. The postage rate was ten cents per half ounce. Passenger fare was $200 each way. Stage service in Texas was terminated in March 1861, when an agreement was made to modify the contract and move the route northward out of the state.