Thursday, March 15, 2012

To paraphrase an old saying

Give a bum a laptop, he'll watch pr()n for a day, give him a mobile WIFI and the Liberals will throw shit like monkeys.

So, the way I understand it is that this company- BBH Labs paid some homeless guys $20 a day to be mobile hotspots in Austin.
They got to keep the Wireless fee and any tips they got.

Which the Liberals HATE.    They H8 it because - somehow it's exploiting the 'downtrodden and helpless.'
Lets call it an eight hour day they work- that translates into $2.50/hr. The same rate as small town non-union waitresses--who rely on tips for the rest of their take-home pay.

I guess the only service workers those Liberals know belong to the overpaid SEIU .

So, being a waitress making $20+ tips is good and noble- no matter how much gas costs, but a Homeless guy getting the same- or better (free housing and no car) is demeaning to all who use that service.

Ya know, if I didn't have a mortgage, insurance, two cars, paying for A/C and heat, credit cards and good food- I could easily live on $20 a day.

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  1. I read the $20/day thing and thought, "OMG where do I sign?"


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