Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In a blow to the Obama re-election committee

Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi followed by Newt and Mr. Establishment.
Which means that Mr. Inevitable- isn't.

Why Does American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico have delegates to decide our president?
They're all protectorates, not states and Guam (and probably A.S.) are more tuned to the Asian continent than the American one.
Puerto Rico is nothing but a third world country sucking our tax Dollars away.

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  1. They are allowed to participate because they all contribute reliable democratic votes, 100%, just like DC.

    But at least they are American. The millions of illegal aliens living in California are counted in the census for apportionment as if they are citizens and get representation in congress as if they are citizens. Those representatives then become electors in the electoral college. In effect, we grant as much as 15% of the votes to non-US citizens, even if those people themselves do not attempt to vote.

    Counting them in the census is enough.


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