Friday, March 16, 2012

So... Who's paying for thrse trips?

Mrs. Obama will host an afternoon reception with 350 supporters in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center. The invitation for the event lists tickets starting at $250 to attend and up to $10,000 to mingle with Obama and take a photo with her.
Meanwhile, the president will start his day in Chicago, headlining reception at the Palmer House Hilton with more than 600 guests. Tickets for the event start at $2,500, a campaign official said. Obama will then head behind closed doors for an intimate roundtable discussion with 60 supporters who have each cut checks for $10,000.
Flying south to Atlanta, Obama will then hobnob with donors into the evening at three fundraisers tailored to the African-American community

Then he's on the way to meet black 1%-ers who'll pony up the average Americans salary for a chance to interact with the Arrogant One.

But, then again, he probably needs it to help him pay for Peggy Josephs gas and  mortgage:

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