Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something else Blogger sux at

is uploading videos.
I don't even know why they have a video uploader button, I spent over an hour trying to upload the storm that came through last nite, and watched that little circle spin, and spin, and spin- until I decided to upload it to U-Toob.


  1. Oh yeah, much easier to load to YouTube and use the embed link. I haven't even bothered to try Blogger for a long time, but they had a size limit as well that was just stupid small.

  2. Hmm. Says my earlier comment published, but I sure don't see it. At any rate:

    Yeah, I learned that lesson long ago - use YouTube. Plus, Blogger had stupid small size restrictions at one time - I've not even bothered for quite a while.

  3. It was caught in spam, but it says there are three comments (before mine)...


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