Saturday, March 03, 2012

I hope Rush has back-ups for his online back-up

Because after his calling a slut a slut- the Liberals in charge of Carbonite are pulling their ads on his show.

Not that there won't be a buttload of new advertisers Monday...

I found this message from the guy who had no problem continuing to pay the ad prices (which, I'm sure were much lower)on the Special Ed. show after he called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut.

Sorry, but SondraK had it in JPEG...

Ok, guy- David Friend.
How old are your daughters? Are they the 23 that was originally put out, or the 30 that the slut Sandra Fluke really is?

Like I said, I hope Rush has additional back-up and that he didn't have much sensitive information backed-up on the Liberal David Friends Carbonite- because whatever he had is going to be ...'accidentally' made public by some kind of 'disgruntled' or ...'sloppy' employee that without management knowledge- downloaded it to wikileaks.

The Perfesser has contact info if you want to remind David about his "tolerance" to the ongoing disrespect showed to conservative women on the Liberal shows he pays for.  -OR to tell him WHY you're cancelling his services.

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  1. Really, he acts like his daughter is still underage. Typical liberal bullshit.


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