Saturday, March 10, 2012

So...Carbonite, Proflowers,Legal Zoom...

How's the post Rush business going?

Making up all those lost customers from the ones who never used you before, but had to scream loud enough that you took a stand "on principles"?

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  1. Carbonite's 2011 Annual Report published at shows that this dot-com disaster has vaporized $100 million since 2005 and continues to lose $2 million each and every month.

    Carbonite pays its Leftist CEO David Friend $500,000 per year to manage the loss of $500,000 per week. This is insane! (Except perhaps here in Washington, DC.)

    Carbonite is not being managed as a "going concern" ... it is on track to run out of money and be shut down or liquidated by acquisition.

    Limbaugh is doing consumers a service by NOT promoting Carbonite's service -- which is destined to implode when the corporate piggy bank is empty.