Sunday, March 04, 2012

Has the Slutty Sandra kerfluffle gone on long enough?

The Left got the distraction it wanted with the Congressional hearing that starred the 23 30 year old Democrat activist who picked Georgetown BECAUSE it didn't cover contraception.

It got everyone stirred up and forgetting whet the whole thing was about to begin with.

Lets remember the whole f*ck your conscience, you will supply FREE contraceptives thing that got side tracked by that round-heeled Sandra Fluke and her Democrat spokesflacks.


  1. It never has been about contraception. If it was, there would have been a big push to remove condom machines from restrooms, which have been around for a long, long time.

    Contraception, and abortion are two things that the Catholic faith do not allow. Whether right, wrong or indifferent, it's what it is and the demand that they pay for either through government mandate is unconscionable and illegal.

  2. And it's not about women's access to healthcare either. Women have always had access to healthcare in the 21st century America.

    They just had to pay for the privilege just like a guy.


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