Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Play stupid games...

So, I went to work this morning, and Karen went to work this afternoon- the dogs were alone for about three hours...
If you look close enough, you can see fur caught on the barbwire.

OH? why is that black co-axial cable wired into that switch?

You mean THIS black co-ax?

Win stupid prizes.
Feel froggy now you little black beitch?

Someone is "really" looking to get shot- that used to be a futon mattress.

AND I had to buy a weed-eater because the fuel system on the old on rotted away, and then spent two and a half hours clearing around that bare wire- all the way around an acre of yard.


  1. I'd be interested in how you wired up the coax for an impromptu electric fence. It may come in handy here shortly.

  2. Tractor Supply Inc.

    Bare steel wire with (originally) yellow plastic standoff insulators for farm fence (the Black one learned that the farm-box stops and it doesn't hurt 'that' bad)- then they broke them after I turned the power off.
    Where I had to, I used PVC conduit with a slice to hold the wire.

    Now I'm using mostly pieces of #2 stranded THHN that's hanging off the fence, so I can get the mower under it without getting tangled up.

  3. I had a dog that was probably the dunce in dog school. She was a digger, and could find a way out of fence faster than most.

    My solution to keeping the dog in was a high voltage "weed clipping" fence charger, which I mounted to the chain link posts. I turned it on, went into the house and soon was back, when it sounded as though the dog was being tortured. My wife arrived first, tried to untangle the dog from the wire, and soon joined in the chorus. I had the charger unplugged within seconds, although it took a few hours before my wife would talk to me. The dog spent the next few days sitting at the perfect point at equal distance from the fence.

    I think they can smell the electricity.

  4. I hope to think the wife would be smart enough to turn it off first- but then she's about as fed up as I am with them and may not hurry as fast as she should to turn it off...

    I probably don't even need to plug it in now, they know what that wire is, and now I spent time clearing it out and swearing at them it's staring them right in the face.

  5. I guess I should have told my wife what I was up to. It was first on my list, but I didn't have time.

  6. So you wired it through a controller? Form what I saw I thought you just wired it direct without a controller.

  7. At first I did, then- after the black one realized that it stopped- I hooked it up direct to the switch.

    Just the inner wire of the RG-11 co-ax.
    You can use any wire, I just had that extra and it was designed to be weatherproof.


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