Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GMAFB MEchelle

Nobody recognized you at your Target photo-op.

Because nobody there had the sense to wonder "why" the place was crawling with Secret Service guys and others snapping pictures of some fat-ass broad in shades and a gimmie cap?

But I'm sure Letterman and his audience ate it up.


  1. Sure Letterman did. He spends the better part of his day licking boots and kissing ass.

  2. What a crock. Like the Secret Service would let anyone just walk up to her.
    And the sheeple gobble this bullshit down like candy.

  3. I like watching Dave, however, I cannot stomach his politics. So when Alec Baldwin or any other loony leftists are on, I cannot stand it. So, I'll watch Jay, who I find smarmy, even though I like his taste in cars. When did Jay grow a 'stache????