Thursday, March 15, 2012

In which the author swings from Godwin to grudging support

I saw this interview and immediately thought of something that Bill Maher would never see in himself.
...Maher, that kind of sounds Jewish.....

Anyway- GMA @Yahoo had a bit of an interview with Bill about the Rush dust-up. In which he was asked about the Sarah Palin C*nt thing...

TAPPER: How do you know when you've gone too far?
MAHER:  I let the audience be the guide. The bit I did about Palin using the word c-, one of the biggest laughs in my act, I did it all over the country, not one person ever registered disapproval, and believe me, audiences are not afraid to let you know.  Because it was a routine where that word came in at just the right moment. Context is very important, and it's also important to remember that stand-up comedy is the final frontier of free speech.

Yeah Bill, someone else had then rolling in the aisles and nobody raised any complaints either
(I'll give you the redacted version):
BUT, at least he's adult enough to understand  what that First Amendment really means:

MAHER: Of course if you take out of context over 10 years snippets inside comedy bits you can make anyone look bad - and sometimes, I have been!
 And through it all, I have defended Rush's right to stay on the air! Not what he said, that was disgusting - but the right to not disappear because people who don't even listen to you don't like what  you said. That really bothers me. I never hear Rush Limbaugh unless a guy in the next truck at a stop light has it on; it would be arrogant for me to say "he has to disappear" and deprive the people who do listen to him of what they like. We all have different tastes and different opinions, that's America.

Personally I think he's a POS- but at least we could talk.

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  1. In Maher's case, I'd suggest it's more of a "no atheists in foxholes" thing. It's easy - and oh so wise - to get righteous about the other guy's "first amendment rights" when people start giving you the same look you've praised them for giving him.

    Maher would rather have Limbaugh alive than Maher dead beside him.


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