Sunday, March 11, 2012

So- am I being too picky here?

Dale's RV is an old one. So old it has points, and he told Glenn that sometimes points needed to be resurfaced.
Ok, so those writers know about old time ignition- sort of.

I've never been able to file points while they were still on the truck, much less from an eight-by-eighteen opening in the front of any engine.
Much less have it run if I didn't gap the points.

They should have left Shane in the school bus, but he'd end up getting away.

There's got to be a hardware store in town- why don't they have safety glasses?
I'd hate to turn into a zombie because I got some gore in my eye....

Charlie Sheen hangs out ion Turkish bath-houses? Not exactly WINNING! is it?

Does being zombiefied turn your bones (especially the skull)into peanut brittle?
A K-Bar can slice through the frontal lobe?? SRSLY? I can see an axe, or machette, but a down strike and follow-through???

You know, I thought Shane would be sure to let the kid be bleeding when he went back to his camp.

Death by cop, huh?
And I thought I saw him cut himself in the bus with a contaminated knife....



  1. Apparently I don't know how to raise a child since when there is danger around at every moment, I don't let him wander off three times a day.

    Carl spends 95% of his time in places where he should not be.

  2. ...And no one misses him...

  3. Tried filing points several times and only had success one time when one side had grown stalactites because of a bad condenser. The makers of point file were very nearly scam artists, although they did work on Model T coils. I have reset point gap alongside roads many times; also could clean the sediment bulb on my 1941 Willys Americar IN THE DARK. And it ran! I love new cars.

  4. Sam- he didn't even have a matchbook cover.
    I've used abrasive paper and files, but always had to gap the things.

    As a stop-gap measure, a cover on a book of matches was a goo start.

  5. In the future you just need to be blubbering when you file your points. Seemed to work for Glen.


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