Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Since everyone else is doing it-

-Mom is trademarking Trayvonn's name.
People -including the Most Racial President- are hawking hoodies.

How can I get in on this Trayvon feeding frenzy?

Sell Trayvon branded lynching rope?


Trayvon (in a happier time)


  1. One explanation I heard for the mom to trademark his name and likeness was not to cash in, but to restrict others from doing so. obviously, appealing to their better nature was never going to work.

  2. Umm.......sure Prof. that's the only reason she would do that.
    To be sure lawless thugs didn't sully her angels name.

  3. I'm just saying , I heard that explanation. Think about it. Even woith a trademark, she has a near zero chance of collecting any money from those people selling T-shirts.


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