Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is cruel...but you'll LYAO

"What's in my mouth?"

I think the girl is going to be a You-tube star..

Join the US Air Force!

We take our off time seriously- and expect you to, too!

I just got this in my e-mail box:

I've been expecting this

I even told you it was going to happen back in mid January (I think).

Boy is mom going to be pissed.

But at least you're out of her basement.
And it's going to be coming soon to a basement near you- America :-)

Because Anonymous is finding out that nothing is anonymous when you can't help but leave digital fingerprints wherever you've been.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1000 words

The country that brought you "The Road Warrior"

and 'Crocodile Dundee' has THIS for a national anthem?

So much for our ideas from "Quigley" huh?

But at least we know about your bum who stole a kangaroo- or something....

And now it's time,,,to sing a song..

to all our companeee...eM-I-c-KAy-E-Why...m-o-u-s-eeeeeee....

You know, Jimmy was probably getting good money for being there.
But do you think he was going after Annette, or any of the other Minnies?

If we expected to hear the cries of racism here-

We'd be waiting a long time for race hucksters like Al Sharpton to call John P. Holdren on it.

If anyone besides a Liberal- who is one of the Chocolate Jeezus advisers- said the kids from big families were stupid, the Lamestream media would be peeing themselves in outrage.

Because who do you think of when you hear of a modern huge family and questionable intellect?
Bitter clingers or 'urban' welfare queens?

I guess I'll go listen to the crickets.

I stand corrected. He wasn't talking about *Urban kids* being stupid.
He was talking about Rick Santorums family.
Silly me. I missed THAT codeword dog whistle, didn't I?

Nothing right now- content later

Just in case anyone was wondering a Mooney 3" pilot operated regulator runs around $5400 delivered. But, HEY- it's the air Force.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The 'Peter Principle'

I think I'm already there.

Not really, I've just been out of the natural gas thing for a while and I'm making things too complicated because we're working on an AFB.
Plus the company is just getting an office down here again, so we need to set up all our accounts and find out who has what.

But on the other hand I'm getting good money right now for sitting in front of the computer and shuffling e-mails and answering questions.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suprisingly enough I don't have much to say about "Walking"

Shane is/was a cop and he is/was a firearms instructor.
Why is he carrying Mexican? Surely there are enough holsters around that he doesn't have to take a chance of damaging  his tackle for Andrea when they leave.

I now know that this show is based on a comic book graphic novel *eyeroll*, but seriously...
Taking "Hell on Wheels" off for  "Comicbook Men"????

To steal an acronym from 0bama- WTF?

Is it me, or does Andrea suddenly seem to look a lot older this season?

Your feelgood video of the day

I kind of feel bad about this

I got 80% on this test.
But, on the other hand college educated respondents got 55%.

I misread the Federal on and missed another answer.

More Islamic riots in Pakistan?

Because there are Korans in a sewer trench?

Somehow I doubt it, but that won't stop the White House from apologizing anyway.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking at my blogroll

I noticed Chris over at Day by Day has another post up for Sunday.
Which is cool, because I like to read a week at a time.

Not that any of that matters, it just reminded me of an ad I'm hearing on my 1200WOAI talk radio station of a new sports bar that opened on the north side of San Antonio.
It's called the Tilted Kilt.

I guess the owner is one of those bitter clingers, huh?

Shooting yourself in the foot?

So I was somewhere and ended up on a site that mentioned online anonymity, and hiding your info from hugely intrusive search engines with their sneaky data gathering bots.

So do I need to send this snip over the the Failblog?
Because no-one who had the technology would trace you on a private search engine, would they?

So,,,, when is Big Sister going to declare it to be an act of domestic terrorism to anonomise your surfing?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama is taking credit for the oil boom?

I shouldn't be surprised at him taking credit for something he had nothing to do with, just like taking credit for Bush's plans to get out of Iraq in 2011.

Anyway, I was getting my Poly pipe fusion certs back up and was talking to some of the guys (and gals) who were there from the (BOOMING) s. Texas oil patch.
They're putting in miles of 18-24" Poly gathering lines for that Eagleford development.

The only thing the FED.GOV has to do with the whole thing is to enforce regulations.
Regulations that come from PRIVATE companies drilling on PRIVATE land which are then transported by PRIVATE companies on roads build by PRIVATE citizens paying taxes.

Those miles of plastic pipe, BTW- are made from the OIL that we have to import.

Lets see if I have this right....

Enron was cooking the books and lost it's investors millions, so the chief CEO and other higher-ups got thrown in prison.

But whenever a Democrat gets caught doing something illegal that costs their investors millions in losses- it's chalked up to 'being sloppy.' Right N.J. Gov. John Corzine (D)?

Steal historical documents from the Library of Congress,,,Hey, Sandy Burgler didn't mean to put them down his pants, he's just sloppy.

We ran Global Crossing into the ground and lost investors millions,,, hey, we were sloppy with our books.

So Uncle linked to a picture

He said it was possibly the best picture on the internet.

This makes me wonder, does Barry know MEech has a two headed war Unicorn?

That's good news- in a way

I guess.
They're going to destroy the sex tape of John Edwards and the woman he was cheating with- Rielle (however you say that name) Hunter.

Seriously, unless you're some kind of freakaziod, why would you want to see John nekkid anyway?
Then add the whole hand mirror stopping in the middle to fix his hair thing.....
Just EWwwww.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeding time

I refill the dogs bowls- I have to give the cats a taste.
I refill the cats bowls- I have to give the dogs a taste.
I refill the iguanas bowl and the littlest dog wants a piece of collard green....

About that second Amendment

Starbucks range bag, anyone?

The wife just got herself a shiny new job.

Now she has a crapload of green barrista aprons as extras that they don't want back.
So is anyone up for a green Starbucks range bag?

Something's missing

In this latest pic of MEchelle slumming...

Look at her left hand.

Well, that was helpful

I wrote to the main company and asked about suppliers of gas regulators that they make.
This is the reply I got from Barrys friends.


We have one sales channel of manufacturing representatives. We ask you go through your local representative.

John S.

 Global Product Manager, Regulators
GE Energy Services

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On leadership

Daddybear links to a story on a Marine accused of hazing a slacker who he found asleep on watch- in the 'Stan.
He tells one of those stories that anyone should recognize if they had a good upbringing somewhere along the line.

Here's my story.

I was a booter, just out of CE A-school and the battalion was getting ready to leave Camp Covington in Guam.
The Butler huts we were living in were going to get rehabbed for the next battalion as our Advanced party left and we consolidated quarters.

SO---there being empty barracks and brand new melamine walls (Drywall doesn't last very long @ 100% humidity) and some free spray paint...and cheep beer some of us went to town on the hallway walls.
We didn't think anything of it 'till morning quarters were over and the guilty were called into Chief Hogans office.
He didn't use one foul word, but that lecture on being an adult and self control has lasted me until now.
CE-C Hogan, I thank you.

...And we had to paint the walls as extra duty that night.

Not to get all Godwins on you, but

You know who was the first to make a policy of using abortions and sterilizations on the unfit, right?

Fun with cameras

and guns:

Yeah, that should help

I don't have the stats to prove it, but I seem to be hearing a lot more about people going the wrong way on divided highways lately. Lately as like the last two or three years.

Which kind of co-insides with the increase of traffic and the accidents that increase when you mix all the different crappy driving styles from all the blue states mixing where the economy is still working.

Now TxDOT is going to fix the problem.
They're going to instal flashing lights at every off ramp in the city and radar ...somewhere.

Maybe they could stop more by writing those "exit only" signs in Spanish.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It took a Democrat schemer to make me see the truth

This guy is the Washington Insider that Ulsterman interviews for insight into the behind the scenes political machinations and what we can expect.

He knows what's behind the scene behind the curtain, and he's convinced me that, yeah- I'll vote for whoever the Machine puts up.

He also explains why each Republican candidate has taken the lead to be hammered in turn...ecxept for Rick Perry.
UM:  The RedState story?  On Santorum’s big government – his less than conservative record?
Insider:  Yeah – that stupid sh-t your put up on the blog. Knock that sh-t off.  Like right now.  No more of it.  I don’t wanna see no more of it.  Obama is the target.  Go after Obama and stay the f-ck outta messin’ with the other…the primary stories.  At least don’t go pittin’ one candidate against the others – media doin’ enough of that.  Don’t need you and everyone else like you falling right in line and doin’ the same like a bunch a braindead liberal bloggin’ fool soldiers.  Focus everything – and I mean everything, on messin’ with Obama.  The other stuff…the Republican primary…they are running a classic pump and dump. Been doin’ it against them for months.  I warned you about it – sh-t…how long ago now?  Were you not listening to me?
UM:  Pump and dump?  I don’t recall hearing that term.
Insider:  I told you about that…pretty sure I did.  Maybe it was someone else?  Don’t matter…so long as you don’t keep fallin’ for it.  You and everyone else who pretends they are paying attention to this stuff.
UM:  What is…what is a “pump and dump”?
Insider:  It’s old school politics.  A political tactic.  Been around since Jesus was a kid.  It’s – now you remember the “McCain the Campaign” thing, right?  How he was done then shot up in the polls outta nowhere.  Money started pouring in.  I know you gotta remember that.  A political pump and dump is a version of that…it’s the version.  The McCain thing was a bit of a variation but the principle is exactly the same.
UM:  And what is the principle?  The purpose?
Insider:  Chaos.  Uncertainty.  Infighting.  Repress the vote.  You notice the stories about low voter turnout?  You see that happening?  That’s gotta be makin’ the Obama people very-very happy.  Godd–mn Republicans are losing this thing.  Idiots gonna lose this if they don’t get their sh-t together right quick now.


I’ve read the comments by people sayin’ they are conservative.  If Romney gets the nomination…or if Gingrich gets the nomination…or if Santorum gets the nomination…whoever gets the f-cking nomination – they are sayin’ they won’t voter for them because “they’re just like Obama.”  Really?  Is that right?  BULLSH-T.  There ain’t nobody “just like Obama” people.  Believe me.  You ain’t got a f-cking clue if that’s what you really think.  This country ain’t seen anybody reach the White House like Obama.  Or more importantly – the people around Obama.  The ones supporting and pushing Obama.  Giving him the agenda, the words, the whole f-cking plan.  So shut the hell up about not voting for the Republican because they are “just like Obama.”  That kind of talk is comin’ from somebody who either is dumb as f-ck or is working for the campaign.  The Obama campaign.  And they are crawling all over your stupid Facebook thing.  And leaving comments on your stories.  I warned you about that.  There’s gonna be more of it.  A lot more.  You hear somebody saying they won’t support the Republican because they are ”just like Obama” – you ignore that sh-t.  It  ain’t worth your time.
Any of these Republicans – ANY OF THEM, are a hell of an improvement over Barack Obama.  If it’s Santorum, or Romney, or Gingrich, or Paul…you fall in line and you support that candidate and you vote Obama the f-ck out.  That’s the goal.  That’s your motivation.  PERIOD.  Because if you don’t do that…if you give this administration four more years…I’ve already said enough on that, right?  It’s never going back…the country…this version of America is finished and I got no real idea as to how different it’s gonna be.  We won’t recognize it – I know that.  I was talking to a fella last week about the Senate…plans to take the Senate.  Republicans.  As a stop-gap, right?  You know what he told me?  Looked me straight in the eye and said – “It won’t matter.  He has pushed executive authority so far already…it won’t matter.  Give him a couple more Supreme Court nominees…it won’t matter.  If he gets the White House again…IT WON’T MATTER.”
Gave me chills to hear that.  This guy don’t talk like that.  He’s seen and done more than me with this stuff…and he sounded downright defeated.  And we’re not even in March yet.  So yeah - you Republicans better fall in line when that nominee is chosen.  No more of this political purity I want the perfect candidate nonsense. Grow the f-ck up and vote out Obama.

I'm not sure if this is the same WH insider as I've been reading because his language isn't as refined/educated as it usually is. So that tells me that he's really trying to get things done to oust Obama, or he's a different insider- but I doubt it.

RTWT and lets fight that socialist.

The new Obama election slogan

There, I fixed it!

Sounds like some Private is in deep sh1t

There's riots over at Bagram right now because somehow some fairy tails Korans ended up either getting burned, or almost getting burned. Because they ended up in the trash that was going to get burned.
You know who takes out the garbage in the military, right?

OR  they were going to be ceremoniously destroyed for having extremist inscriptions in them.
Of COURSE they did- it the Islamic Holy book. It tells them how to act.

But, hey. At least the entire hierarchy of the entire Obama administration is kicking ass to apologize to islam.

Hey, has anyone told Barry about all those Christians being killed and beaten over in Muzzi-land?

People are acting like this is surprising news

That a Liberal with an agenda would lie.

I mean ...if you knew someone was a Liberal would you expect anything but twisting thing so that it comes out 180 off of what is meant?
Or to LIE about yourself, your credentials or your identity.

(In his blog on the HuffPo) Gleick publicly confessed to deceitful tactics that he described as a serious ethical slip.
 “In a serious lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics, I solicited and received additional materials directly from the Heartland Institute under someone else’s name,” Gleick wrote.

Dude, you're a LIBERAL- you don't have any ethics.
BUT- understand that I *HAD* to do it because of those Climate Heretics...
“My judgment was blinded by my frustration with the ongoing efforts — often anonymous, well-funded, and coordinated — to attack climate science and scientists and prevent this debate … nevertheless I deeply regret my own actions in this case.

Al Bore seen off to the side looking confused at the kerfluffle about lies and disinformation...

Situational awareness

Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't even have to say what's going to happen the first time a Republican mentions the girls

According to the WaPo, the first slimebag is going to be using his two tween girls in his next scorched earth campaign.

The value of the family is enormous,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “The more you know this family and the more you think of Barack Obama in these terms, the harder it is to vilify him.”
During his presidency, Obama’s children have rarely been featured in such an overtly political way. He has been pointed about leaving family members, especially his children, out of politics. But with the first lady enjoying high popularity, his family may become an important factor this year.
Really? Maybe where you are, but not with the people who actually have to work for the things they buy, and can't afford to jet off to Aspen with her 1% pals.

Michelle Obama has said she is “all in” for her husband’s reelection and plans to campaign about three days a week once the general election starts.
Oh, great- even MORE Air Force Two expenses we'll have to pick up.

She recently indicated that her daughters are up to the rigors of the campaign too, telling reporters who traveled with her last week that Malia and Sasha enjoy campaigning.
“When they were younger, when we were first running, what was campaigning? Campaigning was you fly into a city with a bunch of young campaign workers who love kids, and they took them for ice cream,” she said. “I mean, one day I counted it — this was before ‘Let’s Move!’ We were back on the plane and I found out exactly what they were doing when I was on the stage. They had had ice cream four times that day. So Sasha is like, ‘I love campaigning!’ They’re ready to go.”
So, the First Scold is going to let them eat all that unhealthy crap she's telling the commoners not to eat?
--------->this is my shocked face. <------

Obama has from time to time used selective stories about his daughters to illustrate how they keep him in the real world. The first lady mentioned recently that the president has been coaching Sasha’s basketball team.
“He hasn’t missed a game,” she said.
So- no matter where in the world he is, he jets back to watch the sprogs play ball?
Good thing they don't play on a golf week-end...

Anyway, the first time anyone says anything not praiseworthy about about the newest campaign candy, you know the MSM will be allover them worse than they were about Nixon.

I'm glad to see them dropping the charges

Against Trey Attwater who was arrested for bringing explosives on board a domestic commercial flight.
... for the second time

...Because the TSA experts at the N.C. airport where he left from didn't find them in his carry-on when he went through them the FIRST TIME.

Democrats on the march

How many future Democrat congressmen do you see?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Superhuman strength

Lori just getting out of a rollover and braining a zombie with a lightweight plastic hubcap?

Rick yanking the kids leg off a broadhead shaped fence picket? That's a good three inches in width?
Yea, ok.

A jealous friend?
Looking at you Shane.

Unimaginable marksmanship from a .357 - one handed, but that's how Rick rolls.

In the catagory if misleading headlines...

Swedish supermodel sheds clothes for naked....

You already clicked didn't you?
Well, there's no good nekkie pics of him.

Texting, if it doesn't kill you...

It'll make you look like a fool.

The guys left shoulder about halfway through-

Looking out for the 99%

The super rich 1%-er Bruce Springsteeen is dedicating his next tour to the #OWS tards.

Speaking to a group of journalists at the Theatre Marigny in Paris, Springsteen described how the financial crisis, income inequality, and other hot-button political issues informed Wrecking Ball, which paints a picture of an America that has failed the working class.
"My work has always been about judging the distance between American reality and the American Dream--how far is that at any given moment," Springsteen said. Judging by the album's tenor, he believes the gap has only become wider in recent years.
You too can help support the ones being used by the 1% by attending his concerts this summer.
Tickets start at $135 for the cheap seats and skyrocket from there.

Now, you all go out and buy his tickets and albums so he can maybe buy a mansion next to the other hero of the 99%- the wealthy Micheal Moore.

So, who is ESPN going to fire for this?

Because we all know ESPN makes a habit of firing people who make un-PC statements at the drop of a hat.

But- since it was about a race that's not a PC protected class and he's one of 'those' fundi Christians, we'll let it slide with just a halfhearted apology.
It's not like they made fun of the thinnest skinned president America has ever had, is it?

It's not that I really give a sh1t about millionaires playing a kids game, but just wanted to point out (again) the hypocrisy of the Left.

An un-named employee of the very PC  ESPN did get themselves fired from the stern believers of diversity and zero tolerance.

Good morning

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Like an old boss used to say..

It ain't no fun to be one if you don't act like one.

Right Bobby Brown?

That's all I have to say about Whitney's funeral.

This is my stepdaughters cat

He's in Camp Pendelton right now.

Just STFU and siddown- Cooter

As an ex-Representative from Georgia, and a Democrat- you don't have any say in the way YOU people were busy censoring free speech.
No matter how much you want to dig on that old "it's history" line, YOU people are the ones responsible for the "General Lee" not being a NASCAR pace car.

Because YOU made it wrong, you and your fellow Liberals in the NAACP are the ones that tied it directly to the clan and slavery. And all this Barbara Streisand you're spouting now about the glorious history and proud Red-necks.

While it is true that the Confederate Battle Flag has been used by extremist groups like the KKK, these groups also display the American Flag and the Christian cross in their rituals. However, the vast majority of the display of the St. Andrews Cross Flag is in a benign spirit of remembrance and reverence.
I am a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement, a Life Member of the NAACP, and a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  As a cast member of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and the owner of several "General Lees", I can attest that the car and our show reflect the very best of American values, and that Hazzard County was a place where racism was not tolerated.

And you don't see any hypocrisy between your banning something you don't want anfd now wanting the same thing given to you...because you want it.

 H/T Brock

Read more here:

Found on my facebook page

An intraservice language translator.

The only thing I'm going to say about that last column is this-
When I was in, we couldn't wear our greens (BDU'S) off base unless we were heading straight home, but we'd see the Air Force pukes members walking around the malls in their greens with unbloused pants and untucked shits and scuffed boots.

The newest meme about the elections is SCOTUS

Or I've been seeing it a little more anyway.
I saw it on a blog that I can't remember the other day where he quoted someone as saying we *HAVE* to support Willard because otherwise Obama will fill the Supreme Court with Liberal Judges.

I mentioned in my comments that I doubted he would do much better than Himself that way, but we need to check his record.
I just did after something else nudged me.

When Mittens was the Governor of Mass., he appointed Liberals and Democrats to the Bench.

Legal analysts say candidate Romney is different from Gov. Romney.
Liberty Counsel Action Vice President Matt Barber said Romney’s appointments were constitutional “living document” poster children.
“Many of Romney’s appointments were not only liberal, not only Democrats, but were radical counter-constitutionalists. How on earth can we expect that, as president, he would be any different?” Barber asked rhetorically.
“Actions speak louder than words, and Mitt Romney’s actions as governor scream from the rooftops that he cannot be trusted with this most important of presidential responsibilities.”
Barber cites two specific examples of Romney’s radical appointments.
“As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney not only failed in this regard, he appointed a number of very liberal, if not radical, ‘living, breathing’-minded judges to the bench,” Barber said.
“Two that come to mind were extreme homosexualists Marianne C. Hinkle and Stephen Abany,” he said. “They both had a long history of pro-gay activism, yet Romney didn’t hesitate to put them on the bench.”
“These are people who outrageously believe the postmodern notion that newfangled ‘gay rights’ trump our constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights,” he said.

~But I'm sure he's had time to flop~

“Romney did focus on two criteria: their legal experience and whether they would be tough on crime. In other words, the nominee could be a gay activist or a pro-big government, pro-quota, pro-gun control Democrat Party hack who detests every judicial principle treasured by our founding fathers,” Baldwin said. “But if he happens to be tough on crime and have prosecutorial experience, he gets past the Romney filter. Many of Romney’s nominees fit that description.”
Baldwin added that Romney did have some ideological criteria for many of his nominees:
“It was criteria commonly used by the left. For starters, his nominees were mostly pro-abortion. Indeed, while campaigning for governor in 2002, Romney told the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) that his judicial nominees would more likely protect abortion rights than would those of a Democrat Governor, according to notes from a person attending this meeting.”
Another Romney criteria, Baldwin explained, was “diversity.”
“The other criteria consistently emphasized by Gov. Romney in deciding judicial selections was ‘diversity.’ This is the silly notion that judgeships should reflect the population in terms of race and gender and even sexual orientation, regardless of a person’s judicial philosophy,” he said. “Clearly, the use of diversity quotas demonstrates Romney’s lack of a coherent conservative worldview.”

So, tell me again how we just HAVE to vote for the lesser of two evils again?
...And when this country goes Greece - I want it to happen under a Democrat. This Democrat.
That way we can get it over with and restart the whole thing.
And we can use the Democrat Party as examples of why we're getting back to basics and dumping their PC bullshit.

Why am I getting mail spam from blogger now?

I keep getting mail from some Republican Biatch (no, you keep filling my mailbox with unwanted mail- you're NOT a woman) no matter how many times I mark her mail as spam.

Now I'm getting mail from some blog that I never heard of, and have no interest in reading.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My new phone is beeping again

It's a Blackberry flip that I got on E-bay for $125 unlocked so I can use my own prepaid card.

It's the third one I got.
The first one said it was unlocked, but wasn't- I guess that is just an advertising thing anymore.

The second one I got wouldn't charge for sh1it.
This one either has a battery that lasts for three days or the battery decides it only want to work for four hours.

I got this because on two user review sites it got 4 1/2 stars and very few complaints, and the ones it got -I don't care about.

I can't use it anywhere out of line-of-site to a cell tower (I live in the sticks), the 2.0MPEG camera is foggy (one of the reasons I got it), and it can't hold a charge longer than two hours off a USB charger (because the wall charger broke when I unplugged it for another outlet).

I will never get another Research In Motion product. -Unless someone else is paying for it.

When I start the new job, Ill be going to Verizon and their gzOne phones.
It worked well after they worked out their software problems, so I guess I have to bite the bullet for a good phone...

Hey Granpaw! What's fer supper?

Since I didn't get a chance to swing by Chesters Chicken, I'm making my own deep fried Gizzards.
And since the shortenings hot, I'll probably make some onion rings, too.

Are you better off than you were three years ago?

Are you one of the the 3.5 million new jobs that got created by the Stimulus Bill?

“What makes this recovery plan so important is not just that it will create or save three-and-a-half million jobs over the next two years. … It’s that we’re putting Americans to work doing the work that America needs done, work that will bring real and lasting change for generations to come.” – President Obama on Feb. 17, 2009

Yeah, well Happy Birthday there to the results of the Unicorn rider.

Because of you, all our roads got fixed and our bridges aren't falling do.....  OH WAIT.

That's what this NEW Stimulus bill will do, won't it?

In other news that's not

The Very Wealthy actor Skussoli is visiting his best friend in South America and dissing on Republicans.

"That would be the least amongst their weaknesses," Penn said. "It's never predictable what can happen in an American election, but we certainly believe at this point that it's becoming increasingly clear to the American people that the policies of the far right are the policies of the rich, and that they are to the exclusion of the middle class and the poor, and that no society has a future on that basis. "

Said the One Percenter who, along with his filthy rich buddies think nothing of shelling out more than the average American makes in a year for a plate of chicken at an Obama fundraiser.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So this means one of two things-

Either they have never seen RHPS-

or they have and want to scare the girls..who don't like blonde hunchbacks.

Ohhh,,,,,that kind of Riff Raff,  girls- the original Riff was usual.

Congrats to G.M. for your last quarter

Record profits huh?


When can we taxpayers see some kind of repayment?
We got stock?
Ok buy the f*ckers back at what you say they're worth.

Normally when a bureaucracy screws something up

You can usually chalk it up to incompetence or a glitch in the system.
But you really have to wonder why or how they ordered the local Constabulary to let an international fugitive go free.

A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers.
A day after pulling rank on Smith County, Texas, law enforcement officials, the State Department rescinded the order. But Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was gone by then.


Villarreal, the former secretary executive of the Tax Administration Service of Coahulia, Mexico, was arrested there in November on charges relating to an alleged scheme involving embezzling millions of dollars from the Mexican government. He posted $1 million cash bond, got himself a U.S. visa and then skipped town.

Villarreal surfaced in Tyler, Texas, on Feb. 1, when he, his wife Maria Teresita Botello and another man were pulled over for a routine stop. The couple's two children were also in the car and were turned over to child protective services.

"All we did was make a traffic stop; they didn't have a front license plate," Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith told

Police were given permission to search the vehicle and found $67,000 in cash and a shotgun, Smith said.

"When we ran the check on the shotgun, then all of a sudden everyone in federal government became interested -- ATF, (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration (and Customs Enforcement) all showed up," Smith said.

He said Homeland Security officials had told his department that Villarreal was a high-profile and wanted fugitive.

Hillary Clinton's State Department ordered he and his wife free because they were here with a Visa.

Gohmert (R-TX)said he had been told that State Department officials released Villarreal because he entered the country on a valid U.S. visa, even though as an international fugitive, he should have been deported. Gohmert said he also wants to know why Villarreal was granted a visa days after posting $1 million bond following his arrest in Mexico. The visa Villarreal was granted was an EB-5, which is given to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in a business venture.
Am entrepreneur visa they got after he posted a $1 million bond in Mexico and skipped bail.

Was that investment in 0bamas WTF  plan?
That's why the word came down to let them go until they were sure to not get caught again?

About that San Diego police stand-off the other day

-The one where they were holding an empty car at gunpoint:

I have some questions, like
  • The guy called his Parole Officer to tell him he had a car problem, and probably where- so WHY was it such a big deal that they get him "then"?
  • Nobody looked into the front windshield?
  • Dropping a BRANCH onto the rear window? Seriously? a BRANCH?
  • Then sending a dog in to be sure there wasn't anyone hiding before you used a battering ram(srsly?) to open the trunk?
  • Why did Chief Inspector Clouseau think that if a gun battle DID start that no one on the road would have been hit? Because of the fine marksmanship we always hear about when 150 shots were fired and three hit the subject? How do you know Mr. Criminal mastermind wouldn't target cars?
  • The guy already was in for some serious bux for his engine repair- who's going to pay for the bodywork now?
Yeah, don't worry Citizen- we know what we're doing- We're professionals!

Unreleased footage of Romney prepping for an appearance

At a conservative gathering:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I wonder what the First Food-Nazi had to do with this?

When are we going to find out the TRUTH! as to why M&M's/Mars decided to do away with all but bite-sized bars?
What I figure is that one of two things (maybe both) are going on and they both are a result of the Smartest Negros in the World.

MEchell is leaning on candy companies to only make 250 calorie bars, or
The cost of everything is going up because of her husband- so they're selling the machines that make different sizes. You know, make everything the same size and sell the other machines..and put the people that worked on them out the door.

I'm glad I learned how to make my own chocolate candy- and I can make them as big as I want!

You can too-
Get a $2.75 chunk of white chocolate bark, a jar of Dry Roasted peanuts and some coarse Sea salt.

On very low heat- break up the chocolate (I like white chocolate- your mileage may vary, but try it) and melt till is molten- don't let it get too hot (if you can't hold the pan in your hand - it's too hot)
Add the whole jar of peanuts.
Stir well.
On a cookie sheet (or two- depending on how big you make them) lay wax paper down.
Make room in the `fridge.

Drop a spoonfull until you run out of room or chocolate-
Sprinkle Sea Salt on top (really it adds POP!)
Then into the `fridge for about half an hour.

Remove from the reefer and peel them off the wax paper, then drop them in a 1 lb a large empty cofee can- or two. It'll fill one up.
Try that with  $5 of your .75c bite-size Mars Bars.
- Want my recipe for a Mounds Bar?

It's Wednesday and no one has mentioned The Walking Dead

Did everyone miss the new episode?

The only thing I took away from it is that Hollywood writers think Georgia farms are stuck in the `50's and don't have heavy equipment (except for an old tractor) to dig graves for ex-people.

And then we have the abused wife who got out of a bad relationship when her husband died in the first season falling for Shane in this last episode and perpetrating the whole abused woman falling for the same type of guy idea.

Stay tuned for them to run off together.

The digital divide

At least I'm on the right side of it.

Doing MTO's on a gasline replacement at home from PDF files. Now, if we only had a screen that I could mark off what I've already taken care of...
You know, like paper prints and pencils.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breaking news in the Starbucks wars

Karen got home from work (at Starbucks, in gun tot'n San Antonio) and reported no running gun battles in the linen aisle and no blood spattered walls in the coffee shop.

I guess the caffeine didn't kick in till they got out in the parking lot...

To put this in context

Watch these newsies getting all righteous and and picking on the poor woman here:

Then remember Billy Ray:

"I can see!"

The useless tool, Sean Penn

Is in Argentina right now making nice to their hot president babe.

He's telling the Brits that they have to return the Falkland islands back to Argentina- because it was theirs first- or something.

Tell you what Skuzzoli, you make an example by giving YOUR land back to it's original owners. I'm sure you can find them on a decrepit reservation somewhere.

But you wouldn't even think about that because your a typical Liberal hypocrite.


If you're going to give money to help animals, give to the local.
They use it for more than just making more money.

So, "infrastructure" is the new bussword of the day?

Not only is King Putt using it as another excuse for a stimulus, but the RINO Boehner is going to use it too.

This time they're going to fix the highways- like they were going to "fix" the infrastructure with the money they wasted in the last two "Stimuli" that went to ,,,,ummm not bridges, because all of ours are all of  sudden falling down.
Highways? That's a state thing, Transportation? Well the UAW does make cars....

So now we have people on both sides of the aisle talking about needing to fix infrastructure, just like fat stupid kids are a threat to our national security- right MEchelle?

Monday, February 13, 2012

I've seen these girls before

And recently. Last time they were getting topless for (or against) some kind of hockey thing...

Now they're getting topless in the snow for something about gasprom-

Gee- imagine that- something happened to the feed from a protest in Russia- good thng the #Occupy crowd wasn't there or they'd know what a *real* police state was like.

Try this?

(They're called FEMEN, I guess they're like paid #Occutards who doff their tops for money.)
Yes, I told you they were topless- and cold as you can see.

Are they some kind of Ukrainian #Occutards?

H/T KisP

I would so love to jump on this...

But unfortunately no matter how pretty, I have bills to pay.

 Add a peep sight on the tang...

Le sigh...

One more reasom soccer doesn't work in America

Because this is what I took away from this article on a soccer star that makes a goal and someone famous dies.

He's a star and has only made FOUR goals since we offed OBL!
A soccer star.

If we had a Field Goal kicker that only made four goals in a year, he'd be off the team.

I'm speechless

I am in absolute awe at the stupidity.

We're broke. Why are we doing this?

That's a bit strange...

No mention of any involvement in the Tea Party.

Because anyone who's going to try killing the Governor of Utah MUST be involved in some of those conservative crackpot protests.

Whoever Nicki Minaj is

I guess she is some kind of performer because she took the time last night to sing a song supposedly mocking the catholic Church...
Well, that's two and a half minutes I'll never get back.
I don't know what was so bad about it, except for the whole act, but it would be bad even if it wasn't a take-off on the Church.

Ok,  Nicki Minaj- or Roman or whatever, lets see how cutting edge you are and do something to insult Islam.

Ten months from now?

Yeah, no problem.
The catholic Church will get over that contraceptive mandate and be eating out of 0bamas hand agin.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You look for it, I try to deliver

I hope this was the Magenta you were looking for:

What a story of survival.

Go over to Jeffros and read the whole story of a cat called Lucky.

I wonder how the PETArds will take it?

Dear #Occupy

Look this up online:
Romans 13:13 & 14
Then try to explain it your buddies, the union thugs.

Also, as long as I'm there. You godless atheists should really have your speechwriters  look at the context before you start spouting biblical snips that sound good.

But then again, only bitter clingers would get the whole "Brothers keeper" carry on Chocolate Warrior.

I'm not an engineer

But I do understand basic physics and the laws of motion.
So I don't understand how this-
Changes to the rules this year have forced engineers to lower the front of the cars in an effort to improve safety. The regulations are intended to keep one vehicle from intruding upon the cockpit area of another in the event of a T-bone-type collision.
Would make designers choose this to accomplish that idea
Unless they made the weak spot right in front of the tires, because otherwise I can see the first thing to break off would be those vertical pylons under that sharp nose.

Guess where

I'm going to take out the names and places, guess who and where they're talking about.

XXXXXXX-- Xxxx election observers say that presidential hopefuls running against Xxxx-Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx face "biased" reports by Xxxx-controlled media and constant government pressure.

Tiny Cox, who heads the Council of Zzzzz mission to Xxxxx, said Saturday that all four candidates complain that Xxxxx's government is using its "administrative resources" to influence voters, while Xxxxx television extensively covers Xxxx's activities.

Link will be in comments later today.

All of you on the bandwagon for Willard

The ones who are now crowing about his two wins yesterday in The YANKEE state of Main (barely edging out Libertarian RP)- and the win at CPAC.

I'd like to remind you of what you said about the Santorum wins...It doesn't mean anything, you didn't get delegates from Maine.
 “In the long term [Santorum’s wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado\] it doesn’t matter,” said GOP strategist Dan Hazelwood told the Daily News, noting Santorum has simply found a niche in low-turnout, intensely conservatives caucuses.
As for CPAC- I'm glad you won, because the last winner in an election year was RON Paul- and we know ho well that went over.
It looks like the didn't have a CPAC voet in `04, or any for the previous four years of the LAST TIME they got it right in 2000 with Bush- or before.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


What's that white stuff?

I have the TeeWee on as background noise

It's about the only reason I still have cable.

I just changed the channel from reruns of  'The Walking Dead" to SciFi SyFy and the 2012 adaptation of  Jules Verns  'The Mysterious Island'.

What I've seen so far is a reporter from the New York Times being an annoying asshole, and a Southern boy who's the Hollywood idea of a Southern racist (I guess they got the verbiage from their buddies when they know blacks aren't around I'll be watching a rerun-

Thanks for ruining a good book Hollywood.

If was a betting man

I'd lay money down that Nohl Rosen is an Obama loving Liberal.

Who is Nohl Rosen you ask?
He's a guy who saw that Doritos commercial about the Great Dane burying a cat collar.
This one:

And why do you think he's a dark blue Liberal, Kurt?
Because he's got about ten cats and has started a petition to get that Doritos commercial off-air.
-And he's boycotting Frito-Lay and Pepsi until they censor themselves for him...and the other PETArds who want to sign his petition.

You can got to Murphy s place to get the whole story because he deserves the hits and not cat-boy.

Kind of sad in a way

But it does kind of show the hand of chance.
94 years ago an Allied shell landed on a German underground shelter on the Western Front. 21 Germans were buried alive and only recently were discovered.

This makes Planed Parenthood sad :-(

I found this chart from a blog I can't remember now (sorry) that has this chart showing how young adults are coping with the 0bameny.
But HEY! at least they got Komen to cave!

Friday, February 10, 2012

That reminds me

I was on FB and one of the ads I noticed was this one:

and I wondered what's Laurie Dhue doing now?

Oh, I never thought of that!

I've only seen them used for two other things...

But now that you mention it...

Answering PISSED

AND for the guy from Hungary looking for "caroline wozniacki p---y", sorry wrong kind of shaved angry cat.

This new birth control mandate of the Constitutional Scholar

The one that mandates the Catholic Church to provide free contraceptive medicine for their employees, in spite of the First Amendments "separation" clause.

I've been trying to get a take on this in regards to how Liberals would feel if the State forced them to do something ...distasteful with what they look upon as a religion when I came upon this video of Joyless Behar and her take on the Texas law that requires a woman to listen to an ultrasound of her 'unviable tissue mass' before having an abortion.

No, you don't have to listen to the igrn't biatch- I'm just putting it up for perspective.
But she's saying that it's totalitarian in nature and shouldn't be forced,,,yadda, yadda, yadda....

Anyway, the same people who have no problem forcing a branch of the Christian Church to go against their core beliefs has a problem with anything that may slow down the abortion industry.

But then, I wouldn't expect anyone on the Left to see those subtle similarities...because it's not nuanced enough...

One MORE reason the Central Casting guy will never be elected

How can he defend himself against this?

He can explain all day,,,and buy himself full page ads-
But the fact is that Bo-bama rides in his OWN plane. So he can be in Hawaii and then jet back for a photo-op at PetSmart.

So, here I am at the computer

Just got done reading mail and was halfway through Mr. Johnson's post about 'Nam (yea, he posted twice in a month!) When I heard something in the wifes computer/craft room.
I looked in and one of the dogs was eating the cat food.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Boy, dad's pissed

And I can imagine why having had two teen girls myself

And having the self-centered lazy one living here again-

What we need is commonsense TeeWee safety laws

To protect innocent children from the deadly effects of falling TeeWees.

CHICAGO – The deaths of four Chicago-area children since late October after TVs toppled on them are prompting calls for more safety measures and increased awareness.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission says 169 children 8 and younger died between 2000 and 2010 from falling TVs. In all, 245 children died in that period after being crushed by TVs, furniture or appliances. More than 22,000 were treated for tip-over injuries each year from 2008 to 2010.

"This is not as uncommon as people might think, sadly," says John Drengenberg, consumer safety director at Underwriters Laboratories, which sets safety standards for TVs and other products. It puts TVs on a 10-degree incline and tests stability

Because we've been told continuously from the Left that  inanimate objects can take on a life of their own just to kill or main unsuspecting person.

So what does a good Liberal demand?

Gary Smith, a pediatric emergency physician in Columbus, Ohio, and president of the Child Injury Prevention Alliance, says requiring retailers to sell safety straps or mounting brackets with TVs would reduce the problem.

"We wouldn't purchase a car without seat belts," he says. "We shouldn't sell TVs without appropriate safety equipment.
Why yes- make a law to force people to be more safety conscious!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

On personal self defense and leftists

I saw a picture on a tangentially related post about Rick Santorum just a while ago.

Can't remember the blog, but it was a pic of a Trotskyite being dragged out after glitterbombing him.
What do you think the reaction of the MSM would be if Rick or Newt cold-cocked the guy as he was tossing that glitter?

I'm sure the Left would be howling on anger about excessive violence and the Right would have a new hero.

Mitt Romney would be over in the corner explaining that his butler -Jeeves was the one designated to do the protecting in his house.

Amazing, isn't it?

That even Russian Commies in Siberia have video phones nowadays.
This is supposed to be a Mammoth crossing a river somewhere in the steppes.

But what's even more amazing is the detail that even my first gen videocam had that's lacking here.

Call me a skeptic, but it sure looks like a blurry elephant to me.

But what do I know? I think that AGW is made-up, and there could be enough Mammoth 'experts' around to come to a consensus and settle it with cooked computer mapping.

ZOmygawd- He's got a gun!

In school!

Why yes, back in 1956 they knew it was a good idea for kids to learn about fire arms.

I get search hits from .EDU domains

And except for the ones I know coming from bloggers, they're usually coming from a search engine looking for "shaved cats".

Then they must be shocked by the lack of awe I have for their Chocolate Jeezus and click out as soon as they see my header- them after composing themselves open that page again to see that shaved cat...I can almost guarantee will do it every time.

Dear Chrysler

or should I say FIAT, since they own you now-

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy birthday Liz

I forgot yesterday-

(Don't try to understand the woman- you can't. I think she's talking Scots.)

But we did the screaming guitar anthem first (too).

Listen to the first ten seconds of this-
You know if Jimmi tried that at #OWS, they'd run him out- right?

It must be that fine sense of nuance you get as you move up the Army Hierarchy

Because NOT allowing your Catholic Chaplains to read something that their Archbishop asked them to read to the troops isn't *really* censorship.

The Army said Tuesday that a request for chaplains not to read a letter in Sunday Mass that expressed disapproval of a new regulation in the Obama administration's health care law was not an attempt to "censor," but rather a cautionary move to preserve "military order and discipline."

Because we're afraid those bible-thumping Mackerel-snappers will mutiny (or whatever the Army calls it) over one line in a letter critical of the Chicago Jeezus and his policy of forcing the Church to go against it's beliefs.

"The Chief of Chaplains was concerned that one line in the 456-word letter could be misinterpreted as a call to civil disobedience within our nation's military ranks," the statement said.

A senior Army official separately confirmed that the offending line stated: "We cannot -- we will not -- comply with this unjust law." The official confirmed that "there was a worry that would be a call for civil obedience."

The Army statement went on to say that the chief of chaplains was not rendering a judgment on the letter's message, but acted only out of "concern that a single line might run counter to proper military order and discipline."
"Any suggestion that he or the Army were attempting to censor the clergy is not supported by the facts," the Army said.

Because one sentence in a church missive would upset 240 years of Army discipline.

You've got a lot of faith in your men there Chief Chaplain Rutherford.

A pre-buttle to November 7th and the Establishment party

Now that you're looking to blame all the voters that didn't swarm the polls to vote for the soggy piece of white toast you put in front of us -AGAIN.
You really need to look at WHY no-one showed up for the guy who bought his way into the race, and your usual status quo "it's his turn" ideas of no losing too badly.

You had good solid candidates at the beginning that I would have gladly voted for, but you and the rest of the so-called conservative punditry latched on to the only guy who would lose the election, because after losing to McCain- it was his turn to lose this election.

I don't know what the House and Senate look like, but I hope for the sake of out future that we have an unvetoable majority of conservatives so that there are some limits put on the wannabe dictator.

And for you people- GFY, I'm looking for a new party.

So, is Anonymous "hearting" Facebook right now?

Because I just played and won two games of Free Cell while it was trying to load- on both F/F and Exploder.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The harder I try, the worse I do

On this game of space filling.
I've got to level seven once, but have to start over every time.

BUT- on the better side of things, I've been awarded the "Liebster Award" from both Guffaw and Pissed.

Thank you both gentlemen.
And the rules are to pass it on to worthy blogs of 200 followers or less, so we'll be updating this as we go blogsurfing tonight.

In no particular order (or the order they ended up on the blogroll).
  • We'll start out with Flares into Darkness for his eccentric posts and letting our future overlords do some mind bending for our own good. 
  • Then we have the wonderful Jennifer, who will go down in intratuubz history for her answer to things like the drunken Harry Potter and his views of American politics- and people who wear Carhartt chore jackets.
  • Lastly on the revolving blogroll is Free0352 and his soldiers take on life, liberty and liberals.

And now,

For something completely different:

So, just how much did Clint Eastwood get of my tax money?

For that 0bama re-election commercial they paid $3million per 30 second spot.
You know- this Detroit-as-a-separate country promotion.

Because nothing is made in Detroit anymore- except Muslim hotspots and Liberals.

Alright- call me a racist

Because when I saw this picture I was of two ideas.

And neither was sympathetic to anyone in that pic:
"So, when is Gods other Son going to get here?"
"Who is this white guy and why isn't he telling us God dayum America?"

Because- really? You think you're going to be able to drag the 97% of blacks who voted for that Chicago Jeezus to vote for some white guy who they've never heard of before?
And he's talking about respect for women and responsibility???


Sunday, February 05, 2012

The last I heard, Zurich was in Switzerland, right?

So why are these NSFW topless chicks from the Ukraine protesting there?

And I admit that I'm spoiled and all, but that guy on the far right in the second pic really needs some "help"...IYKWIMAIKYD.

"Slaves" playing hockey?
... AND they look cold. Poor girls need some hands to warm them up.......

Miit Romney and Donald Trump explain the budget

And how they are going to fix the train wreck that is the Federal Budget:

H/T to Sam.

A personal message to Ann Coulter

And I mean this with all the reconcilable love you're showing to us who aren't getting something for compromising my ideal for ,,,what- we don't know yet.

Maybe a fellow Yankee RINO for veep?

Just go f*ck yourself.
AND the RINO you're endorsing.
AND the Scorched Earth negative ads hes got a two election cycle history of using.

I just hope we get an un-vetoable majority in Congress so when he loses to the Democrat, we can still have something left of this country in 2016.

A new twist to "getting medieval on someone"

I'll probably watch the first couple episodes of the new History Channel show.
Full Metal Jousting.

Of course they need fill, so it'll turn into a soap opera with metal girdles.

And now, a civics lesson from Captain Kirk

Wow- it's been 45+ years since it wasn't hateful to show the Constitution in a good light?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

That's it

The Liberals have won:

And one for Da Cajun- who may notice he almost can't spell his own name.

Stolen from Mike.

Because it's not worth it's own post.
Speaking of people filling space, I've only been able to get to level 6 on this space filler.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Ok, so who has heard of this scam?

Wife checked into her Hotmail account and she can't get in because they said she sent out some hugely bogus amounts of spam..or something.
NOW...Hotmail-is asking for her cell phone #...a different e-mail address...AND her credit card #.

Is Anonymous now taking over private e-mail accounts?

She's back, had to restore her (VISTA) computer to the middle of Jan. and get a new password- AND uninstall F/F and reinstall it.

I see our national temper tantrum is over

And that the Komen Foundation has caved to liberal baby killers.

They'll continue to fund Planned Parenthood so they can take the money and shove poor women to publicly funded (your tax money) health clinics. That way they don't have to waste abortion resources on something like preventative medicine for poor women.

Somewhere in the last two weeks or so

Someone had a blog post about how W-40 killing primers.
That cops used to spray down CCW weapons so the bullets wouldn't work- if I remember right.

Anyway- I asked how WD-40 could kill a primer by being sprayed on a sealed bullet.
According to the Box-O-truth- the only way oil kills a primer is if the primer is open to the oil.

Keep throwing money at them

Because the Teachers Unions deserve your tax money and free bennies for this:

But- hey, they only have so much time to teach sex-ed, gender equality and estoric poetry that they don't have time in the 8 months they teach to do those other petty things like math, history and geology.

Guys, there's been plenty of books and movies about this

I mean, don't we all know what happens when we disturb the slumber of the Ancients?

And now the Russians have drilled into Lake Vostok which hasn't seen natural light or air in millions of years.

A group of Russian scientists plumbing the frozen Antarctic in search of a lake buried in ice for tens of millions of years have failed to respond to increasingly anxious U.S. colleagues -- and as the days creep by, the fate of the team remains unknown.

"No word from the ice for 5 days," Dr. John Priscu professor of Ecology at Montana State University, told via email.

The team from Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) have been drilling for weeks in an effort to reach isolated Lake Vostok, a vast, dark body of water hidden 13,000 ft.  below the ice sheet's surface. The lake hasn't been exposed to air in more than 20 million year.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

More examples of the pussification of American males

Alternate title- How could she do that to the poor boy?

So we have a 36year old cougar (34 when she did him) who 'ruined the 16 (14 at the time) year-olds life.
because she 'forced' him to have relations -and now his life is hell because:
  1. H.S. girls are wanting to go out with him (for his experience)
  2. Guys are asking him for advice.
I feel his pain.
I guess I should be glad my life was never ruined like that. Too bed I never got the chance to find out.

Apparently we now have some video of the dark side of the moon

Funny, I thought we'd have already done that-
Like 40 years ago:

So the big news today

Is that 'The Donald" endorsed the rich guy from central casting?
Umm, ok.
We've gone through the 'moderates' wanna-bee's, false conservatives and fellow super rich guys- who's next on the establishment train?

So the GOP is starting to worry about infighting

They know we the conservatives are looking for a fighter.
Someone who can take on both the Democrat smear machine and the MSM (but I repeat myself).

So they say both leading candidates have shown they can dish it out.
Republicans at the beginning wanted to “sniff out who would be a fighter and take it to the president,” said Cardenas, who previously was chairman of Florida’s Republican Party. “So there has been leeway in the electorate. But I think they’ve seen enough rounds to figure out they’re all tough enough to do it. We’ve seen enough; let’s turn back to the issues.

Really? So far all Willard has been able to do is get others to do his dirty work for him- letting the girl do his smears for him.

And just to show how cluelees the Establishment GOP is:
All three of the mainstream candidates – Romney, Gingrich, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum – appear to be aware of the danger of going too far.
The lies and sending Ann Coulter out to ruin her conservative creds with lies against Newt isn't going too far?

I tell you what Mr. Establishment- Americans are a pretty independent and cantankerous bunch who are usually smart enough to see Barbara Streisand when we see it- M'Kay.  So when we see obvious lies hitting one candidate from the SAME candidate who went nuclear against the guy he LOST to in the last election - we kind of go for the one being unfairly attacked.

And yes, we'll remember Nov. 6th.