Thursday, February 02, 2012

So the GOP is starting to worry about infighting

They know we the conservatives are looking for a fighter.
Someone who can take on both the Democrat smear machine and the MSM (but I repeat myself).

So they say both leading candidates have shown they can dish it out.
Republicans at the beginning wanted to “sniff out who would be a fighter and take it to the president,” said Cardenas, who previously was chairman of Florida’s Republican Party. “So there has been leeway in the electorate. But I think they’ve seen enough rounds to figure out they’re all tough enough to do it. We’ve seen enough; let’s turn back to the issues.

Really? So far all Willard has been able to do is get others to do his dirty work for him- letting the girl do his smears for him.

And just to show how cluelees the Establishment GOP is:
All three of the mainstream candidates – Romney, Gingrich, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum – appear to be aware of the danger of going too far.
The lies and sending Ann Coulter out to ruin her conservative creds with lies against Newt isn't going too far?

I tell you what Mr. Establishment- Americans are a pretty independent and cantankerous bunch who are usually smart enough to see Barbara Streisand when we see it- M'Kay.  So when we see obvious lies hitting one candidate from the SAME candidate who went nuclear against the guy he LOST to in the last election - we kind of go for the one being unfairly attacked.

And yes, we'll remember Nov. 6th.

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