Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have the TeeWee on as background noise

It's about the only reason I still have cable.

I just changed the channel from reruns of  'The Walking Dead" to SciFi SyFy and the 2012 adaptation of  Jules Verns  'The Mysterious Island'.

What I've seen so far is a reporter from the New York Times being an annoying asshole, and a Southern boy who's the Hollywood idea of a Southern racist (I guess they got the verbiage from their buddies when they know blacks aren't around I'll be watching a rerun-

Thanks for ruining a good book Hollywood.


  1. I felt the same about the recent remake of "Cheaper by the Dozen".

    The "SyFy" channel hasn't been about science fiction for quite a while - it's got to be a meme with cable channels, like the "History Channel" doing a ton of stuff on UFOs, Bigfoot, and conspiracy theories.

    Jules Verne has been mangled too many times. The Disney treatment of '20,000 Leagues" was the best I've seen, and I had read the book before seeing the movie the first time. The musical number in there still irritates me.

    Thanks for the confirmation. I had that feeling from seeing a teaser.

  2. No one has ever done a decent job of "Mysterious Island", and it has been done many times.