Monday, February 13, 2012

I've seen these girls before

And recently. Last time they were getting topless for (or against) some kind of hockey thing...

Now they're getting topless in the snow for something about gasprom-

Gee- imagine that- something happened to the feed from a protest in Russia- good thng the #Occupy crowd wasn't there or they'd know what a *real* police state was like.

Try this?

(They're called FEMEN, I guess they're like paid #Occutards who doff their tops for money.)
Yes, I told you they were topless- and cold as you can see.

Are they some kind of Ukrainian #Occutards?

H/T KisP


  1. You see what you did? You made rude comments about them, and now my browser can't find the video. Why do you hate me so much?

  2. It's right there in front of me-
    ...or not...

    try this all in Russian..or Hungarian, or Czeck,,,,

  3. Excellent. All we get in the USA are 50-year old lesbians taking their tops off.