Friday, February 17, 2012

My new phone is beeping again

It's a Blackberry flip that I got on E-bay for $125 unlocked so I can use my own prepaid card.

It's the third one I got.
The first one said it was unlocked, but wasn't- I guess that is just an advertising thing anymore.

The second one I got wouldn't charge for sh1it.
This one either has a battery that lasts for three days or the battery decides it only want to work for four hours.

I got this because on two user review sites it got 4 1/2 stars and very few complaints, and the ones it got -I don't care about.

I can't use it anywhere out of line-of-site to a cell tower (I live in the sticks), the 2.0MPEG camera is foggy (one of the reasons I got it), and it can't hold a charge longer than two hours off a USB charger (because the wall charger broke when I unplugged it for another outlet).

I will never get another Research In Motion product. -Unless someone else is paying for it.

When I start the new job, Ill be going to Verizon and their gzOne phones.
It worked well after they worked out their software problems, so I guess I have to bite the bullet for a good phone...


  1. Maybe the problem isn't with RIM but with the fact that you are buying phones of unknown provenance from a seller on eBay. I had a Blackberry for three years, never had a single problem with it.

  2. My CU500 lasted for years of good service until it took it's final bath in a diesel tank after a good four years of hard use.

    The Blackberry had better scores than the CU500.

  3. People buy mobile phones to have a means of communication in case of emergency. Your phone that cannot hold a charge longer than two hours is very inconvenient to use, in the sense that you have to charge it every two hours. I hope you get a better phone soon.