Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't even have to say what's going to happen the first time a Republican mentions the girls

According to the WaPo, the first slimebag is going to be using his two tween girls in his next scorched earth campaign.

The value of the family is enormous,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “The more you know this family and the more you think of Barack Obama in these terms, the harder it is to vilify him.”
During his presidency, Obama’s children have rarely been featured in such an overtly political way. He has been pointed about leaving family members, especially his children, out of politics. But with the first lady enjoying high popularity, his family may become an important factor this year.
Really? Maybe where you are, but not with the people who actually have to work for the things they buy, and can't afford to jet off to Aspen with her 1% pals.

Michelle Obama has said she is “all in” for her husband’s reelection and plans to campaign about three days a week once the general election starts.
Oh, great- even MORE Air Force Two expenses we'll have to pick up.

She recently indicated that her daughters are up to the rigors of the campaign too, telling reporters who traveled with her last week that Malia and Sasha enjoy campaigning.
“When they were younger, when we were first running, what was campaigning? Campaigning was you fly into a city with a bunch of young campaign workers who love kids, and they took them for ice cream,” she said. “I mean, one day I counted it — this was before ‘Let’s Move!’ We were back on the plane and I found out exactly what they were doing when I was on the stage. They had had ice cream four times that day. So Sasha is like, ‘I love campaigning!’ They’re ready to go.”
So, the First Scold is going to let them eat all that unhealthy crap she's telling the commoners not to eat?
--------->this is my shocked face. <------

Obama has from time to time used selective stories about his daughters to illustrate how they keep him in the real world. The first lady mentioned recently that the president has been coaching Sasha’s basketball team.
“He hasn’t missed a game,” she said.
So- no matter where in the world he is, he jets back to watch the sprogs play ball?
Good thing they don't play on a golf week-end...

Anyway, the first time anyone says anything not praiseworthy about about the newest campaign candy, you know the MSM will be allover them worse than they were about Nixon.

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